hammerhead horse conformation

The heavy head, neck and shoulders help him in pulling.

The neck should tie into the horse’s body fairly high to provide good chest space. This horse is very nice and square. The more a horse collects, the more he steps under his center of gravity with his hind limbs.

A proportionate horse will be symmetrical on both sides of its body. The horse with a short neck may have a quick burst of speed, but because his stride is shorter, he must move his legs much faster than a longer striding horse, with more repetition of movement to make up the difference--adding stress on his legs and body. No reproduction without permission.

The head should meet the neck at an angle so the horse can flex at the pole and move in balance. University of Minnesota Extension discovers science-based solutions, delivers practical education, and engages Minnesotans to build a better future. (See Movement for deviations) The shoulder should be well-muscled without being heavy and coarse. Then see how your choices compare with our expert judge's. Are there any BYC horse experts out there who can criticize this young filly's conformation? Horse B's shoulder has a nice slope and overall angle, indicating he should have a decent stride.

http://www.horsekeeping.com/horse_conformation/components.htmQUESTION, Subj: Gait of FoxtrottersDate: 98-04-14 18:21:47EDT From: TRVNKNLS To: MFTHorses. best carried directly behind the withers. May be associated with bleeders (exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage- EIPH). Proportionately shorter lower limbs are associated with a choppy stride. When combined with his straight shoulder, he'll have a shorter stride and not as much "shock absorption" as a horse with more normally sloped pasterns. His conformation indicates he's an athlete that can handle a lot of work. Both defects can affect the chewing of the horse and the horse’s ability to clip grass. A horizontal croup, typical of gallopers, presupposes long ischio-tibial muscles with a consequently greater ability to contract, and thus an ample oscillation of the limbs. If they are abrupt, the neck is probably too short. It is harder for him to flatten out the lower curve for proper flexion. Such a combination indicates strength plus desirable length of stride. The incisors should meet evenly with no overhang of the upper incisors (parrot mouth) or jutting out of lower incisors. After selling some of the cow herd to her son and his family, her part time writing job has become more full time. Thus a short-necked horse with a short upright shoulder will have a short stride. Lack of symmetry will stress those points and may harm or limit the horse’s ability to perform with grace and ease.

A short, heavily muscled loin has great potential strength, power, and durability yet could lack the flexibility that a more moderately muscled loin may have. A serious fault is a steep croup (over 35°) since it means an insufficiently angulated posterior, caused by the shortening and weakening of the ischio-tibial muscles; the dog, to avoid fatigue, puts one bone radius over the other as vertically as possible with incorrect articulation of the coxo­femural and the knee.

conformation, poor hoof trimming practices or repetitive strenuous hard work. This type of neck is easily over-bent, with the chin touching the breast and the horse avoiding proper bit contact and control. User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The horse has less use of head and neck during athletic movements, and is more prone to clumsiness. The neck of a well-proportioned horse is well arched, with a flat, level area just behind the ears where the skull attaches to the first vertebra. Next, my eyes go to a horse's topline and shoulder.


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