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Allow at least four days to travel the 1,400 kilometre Gunbarrel Highway, which is considered one of Australia's most challenging roads. Text is available under [ Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0] images are available under [ various licenses], see each image for details. The view from Mt Beadell is well worth the climb and houses a replica of Len Beadell’s theodolite at the lookout. Fifteen kilometers past the intersection you pass the Kata Tjuta viewing area, and another 25 kilometers brings you to another intersection. If you don't make it, you can camp at Harry Johnston Water, 283 kilometers from Wiluna. (See the 'Prepare' section above.). Periodically flooded roads around the world, Privacy Policy | Advertise page | Terms and conditions of use | Cookie Policy | About us | Contact, The Road to Off Road (Top Locations, Vehicles, & Insurance Options), B6277 is said to be the highest B-road in Britain, Cam High Road, the highest road in England outside of the North Pennines, Black Hill, an epic road in the North Pennine, Moki Dugway, a graded dirt switchback road with breathtaking views, Interstate 70, a remote scenic drive in Utah, "The Dragon": America's Most Dangerous Road And A Racer's Paradise, Great Dun Fell, everything you need to know about this famed road. It services stations in the area and deteriorates gradually the further you leave Wiluna behind you. Not a Member? The GUNBARREL HIGHWAY is an isolated desert track in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. Nowadays the Gunbarrel "Highway"is the name given to the collection of tracks and roads that lead east from Wiluna and eventually end up at Uluru. 213 kilometers from Warburton a track joins the road from the left. The `highway' extends from Wiluna in Western Australia, east to Yulara in the Northern Territory. De Gunbarrel Highway is een afgelegen woestijnweg in West-Australië en het Noordelijk Territorium.De weg is 1400 kilometer lang en bestaat voor het grootste gedeelte uit zandwegen.

This is for experienced desert travellers and your vehicle needs to be tough. Don't forget to call the Wiluna police station to let them know you've safely arrived. If you want to visit Kata Tjuta (formerly known as The Olgas) at this moment, turn left 6 kilometers past the park border. We want your experiences too! The road is 1,350 km (840 mi) long and links the Carnegie Station (central Western Australia) with the Meteorological Station at Giles (west of the Northern Territory border). Join the ExplorOz community from just $49.95 (12 month Personal subscription) - CLICK HERE. A possible camping spot is Lasseters Cave, 38 kilometers further, situated on the eastern bank of the Hull River. The track varies from stony to sandy with corrugations, ruts, washaways and sometimes mud.

Artesian water is available at the Geraldton Historical Society Bore, 205 kilometers from Carnegie. With everything to suit all tastes and budgets, we've got your accommodation sorted. Full colour throughout. This last stretch is 332 kilometers long. The Gunbarrel Highway is without a doubt one of the most famous tracks in Australia.Linking Western Australia to the so-called Red Centre, it passes through some of the remotest areas in the country.The notion that it is "as straight as a gunbarrel" is false: although there are stretches that are pretty straight, other sections are not.

Supplies and services are limited and road conditions can vary, so plan ahead, stock up on food, water and fuel and contact the local visitor centre for up-to-date track information. To visit Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock) you have to turn right, while Yulara is 8 kilometers to the left. Plenty of birdlife about the Beekeepers scavenging moths around the camp and feeding a squawking ... Day 1 Sunday 17th October We left our Perth base at 10.00am and visited other Amesz motorhome owners near the Perth Hills before finally ‘cutting the cord’ with Perth.... From the Great Central Road and Warburton we headed north along the Gunbarrel Highway, or what is now called the Warburton North Road.

Gunbarrel Highway via Wiluna, Wiluna, 6646. It receives very little attention and in fact some sections have not been graded since the original days of construction. Het gebied waar de atoombom werd getest werd later Maralinga genoemd. Some sources incorrectly show the highway extending west to Wiluna. Travel the first of the "bomb roads" made by Len Beadell. This site is owned, operated, and maintained by MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. The Gunbarrel Highway leaves the Great Central Road 40 km west of Warburton going north-west to Wiluna. It lies 183 km. A plaque with distances to various points marks the spot. After 151 kilometers you arrive at the Eagle Highway crossroads, and shortly after that you have to cross the Mungilli Claypan. The `highway' extends from Wiluna in Western Australia, east to Yulara in the Northern Territory. The trip can be made in both directions, but we will travel from west to east.

Lasseter's gold reef was never found, and now it is one of the many legends circulating in outback Australia. In 1958 during survey for the Gunbarrel Highway as part of the Woomera rocket range project, Len Beadell visited Warburton and built a new road from Giles via the Rawlinson Range to Warburton. Only experienced four-wheel drivers with confidence in themselves and their vehicles should attempt this trip.

Wiluna is a small settlement with a hotel, a caravan park and a small supermarket. It was an existing road before Len Beadell started blazing the Gunbarrel east of Carnegie Station in 1955. Len Beadell’s Gunbarrel Construction Company grader is on display here. Creating Blogs is restricted to Members only. To purchase our maps for offline use, you will need to purchase an, Alternatively, if you already have another raster mapping software program (or an HN7 device) you can try downloading the route line data files via the Download Trek button shown below the map on this page (OR purchase. Aboriginal permits are required. Don't make this your first desert adventure. Find accommodation in Australia's Golden Outback. Low range and high ground clearance required. Deze route is bijna nooit gebruikt aangezien enkele stukken verlaten zijn of verboden voor toeristen. This is how it will be described in this article.

A sign with various distances points you in the right direction.

The tourist center of Yulara has everything you need with respect to accommodation, shopping, information, etc. Warburton Community, which is not far from the roadhouse is off-limits to travelers. Allow at least four days to travel the 1,400 kilometre Gunbarrel Highway, which is considered one of Australia's most challenging roads. The Gunbarrel starts as an asphalt road but becomes a maintained gravel road after a few kilometers. We'll follow the Heather Highway on the right. The name comes from Len Beadell's Gunbarrel Road Construction Party which opened up a big chunk of Australia's interior during the 1950s and 1960s. Sixteen kilometers further, you arrive at a T-junction. If you continue on this side track it will take you back to the Gunbarrel. Colour coded track information indicating dips, crests, creek crossings, floodways, sharp bends, grids, gates, bogs, homestead tracks, historic sites. The original Gunbarrel was built in the direction from Victory Downs just north of the Northern Territory/South Australia border to Carnegie Station in Western Australia. It is worth taking the time to climb to the top of Mount Beadell to appreciate the view and see the memorial erected in honour of Len Beadell. Travel to and from the Great Central Road is via the Heather Highway, which also requires a permit to transit. The track varies from stony to sandy with corrugations, ruts, washaways and sometimes mud. You can buy limited supplies and fuel. It is also recommended to travel in a convoy with other vehicles. De highway werd aangelegd onder leiding van de legendarische bushman Len Beadell, die ook verantwoordelijk was voor de aanleg van talrijke andere wegen naar afgelegen gebieden in de jaren '40 en '50. The first section from Warburton to Carnegie (490 km) is the most difficult part, and there is no fuel along the way. This is alongside the remanent nose cone from a Blue Streak rocket which is part of the rocket research program in the 1960s. Copyright © 2006-2020 Design Interaction | Site by ad creatives. Tourism WA suggests a trip along the Gunbarrel Highway should only be undertaken by experienced adventurers who genuinely enjoy the trials and tribulations of traversing extremely harsh and remote desert tracks. East of Carnegie the road gets rougher: it is not maintained and corrugations, stones and eroded sections are quite common on this stretch of 237 kilometers.

First on the agenda was the Wiluna local store to fill the jerry cans with unleaded and top up the food, then it was out to the back of town for the obligatory photo in front of the ‘Start of the Gunbarrel Highway’ sign. Eleven kilometers further the old Gunbarrel continues straight ahead, but from here on it is abandoned. Become a Lifetime Member of ExplorOz and you'll never have to renew your membership again! De Gunbarrel Highway was de eerste weg die aangelegd werd voor de rol van Australië in het militaire onderzoekscentrum Woomera. Linking Western Australia to the so-called Red Centre, it passes through some of the remotest areas in the country. The `highway' extends from Wiluna in Western Australia, east to Yulara in the Northern Territory.

What ever your reason, the Gibson desert is a unique environment that any serious traveller will just want to experience. Be totally self-sufficient with water, food and fuel (the longest distance between fuel outlets is 489 km., between Carnegie Station and Warburton.).

Warburton Roadhouse to Warakurna Roadhouse,, Heather Highway/Laverton-Warburton Road intersection, Gunbarrel Highway/Laverton-Warburton Road intersection, Western Australia/Northern Territory border, Petermann Aboriginal Land/Uluru-KataTjuta National Park border. For more information see the Department of Planning, Land and Heritage website for details.

At Jackie Junction 69 km (43 mi) north of Warburton, the Gunbarrel Highway branched from this road towards Carnegie Station further west. … The spot is marked by a plaque. ©2020 Australia's Golden Outback. This grader was the one used to level the ground to create the Gunbarrell Highway. Buy The Track Guide.

Carnegie station has fuel. Linking Western Australia to the so-called Red Centre, it passes through some of the remotest areas in the country. One of the unique experiences in the Gascoyne and Murchison is a station stay holiday which gives visitors insight on what it’s like to live in these magnificent and remote outback areas of the state. Turn left again and after another 41 kilometers you reach Warburton Roadhouse. All rights reserved. 135 kilometers past Lasseter's Cave you enter Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The area of land designated between Woomera and 80 Mile Beach near Port Hedland was chosen as the most suitable area in the world for a rocket range, but it was an uninhabited desert waste-land in the most remote part of Australia. De weg loopt van Wiluna in het westen naar Yulara (via Jackie Junction en Docker River) in het oosten. The Great Central Road has its origins in the early 1930s when Warburton was established as a missionary settlement, and supplies were delivered from Laverton via a rough bush track.. By the mid 1950s, the track from Laverton had become graded dirt. On particularly bad stretches, you often see tracks on one or both sides of the road which are marginally better.


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