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A couple of years ago, a guy I was recording came by with an old ( early-mid 1950s ) Philco Phonorama speaker cabinet ( for a radio or a console phonograph or a TV, I have no idea ) – he was like, ” Here, I found this in the trash, you should have it “, and he was right — I took one look at it and decided that I had to make it live again ( dig that metal handle! Among other instruments, Hawkes owns and plays a Talsma custom ukulele. Dann gibt es noch eine Buchhalterin. I tested the Mesa with a speaker cabinet I built from garbage. Hawkes also played with Ocasek as a solo artist, often playing both keyboards and bass guitar. The thing weighs 25 lbs., and I find the weight reassuring. They handed me a guitar and said, ” here, play on this “, which I did, not thinking much about it, but as soon as people started to hear the track, I got a lot of comments like, ” This is the first time you and Sean have played together since White Zombie — dude, that’s huge! Hawkes attended Atholton High School. The serial number was long gone, but it had trapezoid fret markers, full-size humbuckers, banjo tuners, extra-thin headstock, and it came with its original case – black tolex, white logo, purple velvet interior – so, a 1972-1979 Firebird V. At that time, electric guitars weren’t really collectible unless they were rare variants (I remember that there were certain Fenders which had a particular cachet ; custom colors with matching headstocks were desirable, as were Jazzmasters and Jazz Basses with block inlays and reverse maple necks. I got hooked. What kind of Software Plugins and VSTs does Greg Hawkes use? Mullti-talented musician Greg Hawkes was born on October 22 in 1952. This guitar, while it looked like it had been stored in a basement in Manila (or underwater, possibly), was within my meager budget, and it had that voodoo quality that you learn to recognize after you’ve been playing for a while : you can pick up a guitar, and by the heft and balance of it, the way it feels in your hands, the way the wood resonates when you tap it — you just know when you’ve got a good one. I earned this!! One thing many people want to know is if I still have my WZ guitars. Equipboard breaks down the gear, tools, and products used by artists, pros, and influencers in their craft. I  haven’t gotten around to making a back for the thing yet, so when I record with it I just put it on the floor, facing up at the ceiling. That guitar has NO EQ on it! Atom Ellis filled in at bass when Kasim was touring with Meat Loaf. How widespread was this practice? The only pedal I had out on stage was my Dunlop 535Q wah ( although later I replaced that with a Dunlop remote wah ), and my guitar tech actually operated the pedals in the drawer, and the big stereo delays from the Intellifex, and channel switching, by hand with the foot controller. I like looking inside old fuzz pedals. Next is my blue Robin Machete ( in the ” half-step down ” tuning, low to high, D#, G#, C#, F#, A#, D# ) – we recorded the La Sexorcisto LP in the standard EADGBE tuning ( entirely with the cheap but solid Charvel 6 [ often referred to by fans as the ‘666 guitar’ ] that you see on the cover of that album ) – we were, as far as I can remember, dimly aware of tuning down at that point but hadn’t messed with it yet – then, sometime during the long, long ( long ) tour for that album, we started tuning down half a step ( it’s amazing what that relatively minor change does to expand the width and breadth of a band’s sound ) and we recorded the ” tuned-up ” tracks on Astro-Creep ( Electric Head, Part 2, Etc. ) ( that sounds about right, right?) And now, this : here’s a 45rpm 12″ ( best fidelity! ) What kind of Guitars does Greg Hawkes use? "On Hold" heißt hingegen, dass eine feste Reservierung/Bestellung vorliegt. A Marshall 50W plexi clone in silver! I didn’t think so. A live album with three new studio tracks, It's Alive!, was released in June 2006. Here’s what he wrote.

I moved to New York at the end of 1987, sat out the following year (worked, took the bus, failed to meet anyone who wanted to start a band, wrote long letters to dispersed friends, went to CBGB by myself), and joined White Zombie in the beginning of 1989. I still buy CDs, occasionally, because I like to have a hard copy. The week after that, there was a feeding frenzy as all the labels descended on the Kenmore Square club the Rat, trying to be the ones to sign the band. Anyway, so, I wanted to use my MXR Phase 90 ( block logo, therefore manufactured sometime between 1977 and 1984 – I bought it for ten bucks from a kid in the building WZ lived in when we first moved to L.A. ), which I managed to set so that the rate and tone of the phase-sweep ( yes, I know the Phase 90 has only one knob, but there is an internal control as well ) accented the guitar riff in a cool way .. the trouble was, one guitar track wasn’t going to cut it, so the guitar needed to be doubled. I didn’t understand much about recording at this point, so I didn’t grasp that  the general practice when recording most sound sources, especially electric guitars, is to use EQ as little as possible so as to leave room for EQing if it needs to be done during mixdown .. and that it’s a point of pride with recording engineers to attain a desired sound by selecting the proper microphones and positioning them correctly, which is a big deal, because when a mic is jammed right up in an amp’s speaker cone, moving it just half an inch can change the sound drastically. What kind of Effects Pedals does Greg Hawkes use? Bei umfassenden Fragen/Beratungen aber gerne auch telefonisch.

pp. ( click-click for full size-size ) On to the rig. He was featured on "Motor of Love" from the Flowers in the Dirt album,[2] recorded at McCartney's own recording studio in a vintage windmill just south of London. There’s an article here that features some photos of this model as it came from the factory, and you can see that the body and neck aren’t modified in any way. viele Fragen zum Instrument bestehen. A month later, I flew to London to help record the first Cars album, and I was assistant engineer on all of their albums from that day on. ( oh, let me point something else out here : Don’t Tell Me Yackety Sax Is Actually 20BPM Slower, The Peavey Bandit, Launcher Of A Thousand Dreams, Guitars 1,2,& 3 / The Story Of The WZ Guitar / Chris’ Room.

However, I wouldn’t change a thing. I recently reconnected with Thom Moore, who was my guitar tech for a while back in the 90s. During a break I saw Ric at the bar. ”.

Install a better pickup, cover your guitar with stickers, get your strings good and stretched-out the night before the gig. Hawkes received a writing credit for "Service with a Smile" on Virginia-based progressive rock band Happy the Man's second album Crafty Hands in 1978. Ric Ocasek of the Cars on band's high-gear new wave sound in 1979 Rolling Stone cover story by Jon Pareles.

The console had an early MXR flanger and phase shifter, and I had an Echoplex for delays. Da ich nun aber auch noch aktiver Musiker-, und deswegen eben auch viel unterwegs bin, schreibe ich oftmals auf dem I-Phone zügig, aber auch recht kurz zurück. The subject of the article is, in fact, enjoying a robust second life at the studio, where it is handled by many players and has made it on to couple of tracks. An odd fact is that the previous LP, La Sexorcisto, is a actually a digital album – producer Andy Wallace had access to a Sony 48-track digital tape machine, which was a pretty big deal at that point [ 48 tracks! If it looks like it’s not going to catch fire, go ahead and play through it. I asked 2 different techs about it and they both said the same thing : buy decent tubes, turn the amp on, and watch it in the dark for a while. Gerne! Spezielle Fragen zum Equipment aus meinem Shop: What kind of Studio Equipment does Greg Hawkes use? As far as I know, there is no surviving photograph of that guitar, either in its original blue/black/chrome incarnation, or after Rob and Sean covered it in glittery/prismatic silver, red, and green flames. Also in the photo : my custom shop-made ICJ100WZ, and a selection of Ultraman toys given to me by kids in Japan. Well, yes, but it works. Good enough – back in the day, ‘bias’ was a voodoo word I didn’t know the meaning of, and taking your amp in for service was expensive and somewhat akin to having a child in the hospital. ” .. and it did sound really good, and I just smiled and thought, ” Well, who cares? ). Next, there’s the MXR Flanger/ Doubler. Terry’s assistant Ulrich Wild ( who is kind of a genius with things like this, which is one of the reasons he’s been able to go on to become a big-shot producer himself ) figured out that, while hitting the footswitch on the pedal started the phase at any random point in its sweep, physically plugging the guitar cord into the pedal’s input jack started the sweep from the exact same point every time — so what we had to do was, Terry operated the tape machine, .. ( oh, let me point something else out here : Astro-Creep is an analog album. Elektra got the nod, and The Cars were on their way. A live album with three new studio tracks, It's Alive!, was released in June 2006. So much email, so many questions. If I think a band can sell CDs ( which depends on the popularity of the artist, but also on the age group of the fans ), I will recommend that they make as short a run as possible ( disc manufacturers are falling all over themselves to stay in business, and making as few as 100 can now be slightly profitable, if you can shift them ) – if they sell, great, and if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world.

What kind of Microphones does Greg Hawkes use? Two Mesa-Boogie Triple Rectifiers, and two Randall Century 200s, each head feeding two Mesa standard Rectifier cabs, so that’s 4 stacks, two for each side of the stage, in stereo. The assembled guitar didn’t intonate correctly, and thus was never quite in tune, and my main guitar hardly ever broke strings (I mean, like, never) so I probably only played it once or twice on stage, although it did make an appearance in some early experiments with tuning down in 1992-93. It was because of this guy right here : .. And this other guy, seen here on the back cover of the first record I ever bought, might have had something to do with it too. The setup in the studio for Astro-Creep was a little different.

), but a lot of the time it was actually me signaling for a switch to be hit.

Today, in a widening of divergent paths, Chris, who I talk to occasionally, is a chemistry professor. Auch keine Gitarren in Zacken- Metal-, Streifen- oder in Bio-Selbstbau-Optik.... Akustikgitarren mache ich nur ab und zu mal, PRS auch nicht so gerne .. Schickt mir einfach eine Mail mit (wichtig:) Preisvorstellung.

Since I was 99.98% of the time playing loud, grinding heavy metal, such a thing might seem a little silly, but it’s a high-performance/ all-the-options feature that I like to have if I can. Add Greg Hawkes's Software Plugins and VSTs. As I remember it, the idea behind these amps was that there you wouldn’t have to bias them – in fact, there is no internal bias adjustment .. you would just buy sets of Mesa Boogie-brand tubes that were the pre-selected correct values to fit your amp and install them yourself.


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