green bee eater poem
The horsetail streaks of cirrus clouds 5 or 6 kilometers above looked white in reflected sunlight because the sun had not set on them yet. Thanks for your comment you are the most amazing person here ^__* .. hope you like it.. visit us agein. Since then it has stopped raining for an hour or two a few times. Tell us how the curriculum is working in your classroom and send us corrections or suggestions for improving it. Consider doing the same for other words in the poem, "Wandering through the Zoo" (from Lesson 7; one to display), "Wandering through the Zoo" (from Lesson 7; answers, for teacher reference), Green bee eater photograph (from Lesson 3; one to display), Language Standards Checklist (for teacher reference; see Assessment Overview and Resources), Birds Research notebook (from Lesson 2; page 7; one per student), Birds Research notebook (from Lesson 2; answers, for teacher reference), Sticky notes (one per student and one for teacher modeling), Classroom Discussion Norms anchor chart (begun in Module 1), Pinky Partners Protocol anchor chart (begun in Module 1), Working to Become Ethical People anchor chart (begun in Module 2).

To include their voice, consider asking ELLs why it is important to show empathy. For ELLs: (Supporting Revision) While circulating, support students as they work on their observational drawings by prompting them to reflect on their work. "), For ELLs: (Adding Visuals) Consider making a list of what they need to think about as they create their final draft. ), For students who may need additional support with planning: Invite students to create a checklist for the ways they will revise their first draft. ), "What is one thing you need to change from your first draft to your final draft?" As we ascended up, we realised that the place could have been a haven for bird watchers! The module concludes with a performance task at the end of Unit 3 to synthesize their understanding of what they accomplished through supported, standards-based writing. ), "How did it feel to share your drawing with partners?" The complex brains of birds began evolving when their bodies they became smaller than those of their saurian ancestors, but their brains did not change in size. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. This poem is meant to teach them a simple recipe that they can prepare themselves. The Opening and Work Time A both contain repeated routines from Lessons 3-7. Supports guided in part by CA ELD Standards 1.I.B.6, 1.II.A.1, 1.II.A.2, 1.I.C.10, 1.I.A.1, 1.I.A.3, 1.II.B.4, and 1.I.B.8, Key: Lesson-Specific Vocabulary (L); Text-Specific Vocabulary (T); Vocabulary Used in Writing (W). In my final draft I want to make sure my drawing fills the entire page and includes all of the body parts.".


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