glock 23 capacity

It is the top choice for professionals who work undercover. Glock 23 Gen4 40 S&W Police Trades with 3 Magazines and Original Box (Very Good Condition) $549.00; $479.99; Notify Me When Available; Style: 23GEN4 USED2; Department: Firearms > Used Gun Collection > Glock Police Trade-ins; Glock 23 40 S&W Police Trades with 3 Mags and Night Sights (Gen3) $449.00; $399.95; Style: 23 USED23; Department: Firearms > Used Gun Collection > Glock … The magazine catch of the Gen5 frame is reversible and enlarged towards the rear of the pistol. The modular optic system (MOS) configuration offers the possibilty to simplify the mounting of popular optical sights. GLOCK 23 Gen4 GLOCK’s compact 40 S&W, equivalent of the GLOCK 19 Gen4, puts controllable power into an ideally-sized package—substantial enough for police patrol, small enough for discreet and comfortable all-day concealed carry. Il armait aussi le maffieux Tony Soprano dans Les Soprano. In my example, the action is fast and light … This Product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other productive harm. For more information go to, Este producto puede exponerle a químicos incluyendo plomo, que es conocido por el Estado de California come causante de cáncer y defectos de nacimiento u otros daños reproductivos. GLOCK’s compact 40 S&W, equivalent of the GLOCK 19 Gen5, puts controllable power into an ideally-sized package - substantial enough for police patrol, small enough for discreet and comfortable all-day concealed carry.

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Find the best clothing and apparel for all seasons. Para mayor información, visite Some magazines might not be available in all countries due to legal regulations. The Glock 23 can be converted easily from.40 S&W to 9mm, but the Glock 19 not so much (it’s possible to convert it to.40 S&W but it’ll be way more difficult).

Comfortable grip to a wider range of consumers, regardless of their finger size. Having survived endurance tests and use by numerous Law Enforcement agencies, the G23 pistol has repeatedly demonstrated its world-class durability and reliability in the most adverse conditions. It was designed to enhance grip traction, without being too aggressive. The GLOCK 23 combines compact dimensions for both open and concealed carry, with minimum weight, despite its substantial magazine capacity in 40 S&W caliber., Catégorie Commons avec lien local identique sur Wikidata, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. 9mm Ammo.45 … There is nothing much to say about the two handgun’s different magazine capacity. The selection for Glock PMAGs is decent; there are 21, 17, 15, 12, 10 (Cali Compliant for G19), and high capacity extended 27-round magazines all available. In Stock Now; Ammo.

The Gen4 proven rough textured frame surface is present on the Gen5 frame as well. GLOCK's nDLC provides tougher, more durable protection than previously used finish. It is the top choice for professionals who work undercover.

The Glock 23 features the typical Glock double-action-only trigger. The enlarged front of the floor plate makes it easier to pull the magazine free of the pistol if it doesn't fall free during malfunction or reload.

Enfin, les joueurs peuvent le choisir dans les jeux vidéo Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Manhunt, Combat Arms ou Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror. Safety Equals Practice. Some options might not be available in all countries due to legal regulations. The durable and lightweight polymer frame absorbs recoil due to the dampening characteristics of the polymer.

Each GLOCK delivers on our promise of safety, reliability, and simplicity at an affordable price. There is only one trigger action to learn. Compte tenu de son calibre et de son encombrement réduit, le G23 est populaire : Mais aussi les enquêteurs, travaillant en civil, de ces 2 pays influencés par les choix de la police américaine : Dans ces pays, il est aussi très répandu chez les citoyens acquérant une arme de poing pour leur défense.


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