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AU’s may genderbend Tachibana Makoto (Free!) So, for the purposes of encouraging people to reach out, I thought I’d make this post. Once I started writing, however, a semblance of plot wormed its way into it and I felt as though I had to deal with their emotions too. Her crimson eyes held many things, the most overwhelming of all was fondness. Instead of leaning in though, she spoke, her gaze never leaving Natsuki's mouth. Posting a fic or rec? Stories must be fanfiction, not original fiction. Clad only in her underwear beneath the leathers, it didn't take Shizuru long to find the black lacy material and she cupped her hand over the swell of her right breast. Either way, the two of us made our way up to the library.

She instantly missed the contact. Her predicament is the catalyst for the year (though how, I'm keeping under wraps for the moment). What the heck is wrong with me? "Ookini, Natsuki." Use link bot! Of course–I’m always on the lookout for a good YGO fic (or good fics in general). "She is my guest." Nothing is needed in return.

What's wrong with me? Even if it takes more time then I planned, I won't give up.

Natsuki pulled at the armour and it slipped off, her fingers unintentionally dragging against the skin of the other woman's wrist and palm. Why was this stranger butting into her business? Altair is back. Natsume's Book of Friends, Season 5 (Natsume Yuujinchou Go) The burning heat in the biker's face flared up at that thought. Besides, she had come to meet someone, she was just a little earlier than expected. "If... if you're trying to... prove a point..." Natsuki struggled to form the sentence. Please use spoiler code in comments. "Just stop it." Like, seriously daunting. "I don't think you need my help for these." She grasped the hair in her hand tighter, attempting to wordlessly tell Shizuru that she wanted... needed more. Du kannst zum Beispiel eine Sponsoren­mitgliedschaft abschließen und direkt finanziell unter die Arme greifen. Her own hands were now grabbing fistfuls of the back of Shizuru's kimono shirt, tugging at it but not making much progress. Use our Weekly Fic Showcase. The darkness would surround me. "Natsuki is meant to be helping me." But curiosity and an early dinner and pushed her inside to see what exactly it was her friend did in here. Nervous flapping in her stomach made her feel a little dizzy and the blood was rushing to her cheeks at an alarming rate. The corner of Shizuru's lips twitched upwards as she spoke. Shizuru pulled back once more, her eyes darting down to where Natsuki's breasts now rose and fell quickly. Realisation hit her and she found herself knowing exactly what it was she saw there. The older woman reached up with a hand and grasped the white cloth bound around her upper left arm, her head slightly lowered and her eyes focused on something within the locker. She clenched her jaw to stop the moan that wanted to break from her throat. The fingertips twitched at the smooth skin under her leathers and she let out a whimper into the other woman's mouth. "Where's the fun in that?" She complained though her tone held no hint of agitation. "Please... don't do anything silly...for my sake." Perhaps she always had but hadn't been ready to accept it, she mused. ( Log Out /  She moved her hands up to the tie at the right shoulder. Natsuki gasped as Shizuru kissed her way across a cheek and down her jaw line. Her hands had fallen back to her sides, the arms rigid and fists clenching and unclenching as she started to lose control. The pace was almost erratic and painfully fast. Whether it’s the setting, the philosophical premise, or the characters themselves, fans want to see their canon in fan material. Du erhältst dafür keine Werbung mehr sowie ein paar

Didn't she feel ashamed of her own feelings? In a torturous routine, Shizuru's finger flicked over her clit and dipped, trailing the length of the groove there but not yet entering, instead sliding back up and over the bundle of nerves again. Natsuki couldn't help but glare as a blush filled the student's cheeks when Shizuru looked at her. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. (hey, it’s practically canon anyway) Why not have a vignette collection where Natsume Takeshi becomes a god among spirits? "Uh, no...why?" The questions burned at her but that fear remained, the terror of being hurt, of being abandoned. Unless you’re writing an atmospheric setting piece or a character drabble, chances are, your characters are going to talk at some point in your fic. Share lines from fic you liked, yours or other people's. She whimpered slightly at the needy touches and caresses of it, receiving another moan in response from Shizuru. But man, it is tedious to read a fic that start at the very beginning, giving us a half-hearted play by play of a story that we’re already familiar with, without adding something substantially new. She watched as those lips drew closer and closer before she let her eyelids fall. Das Problem wurde den Administratoren automatisch gemeldet. Her own eyes fluttered shut at the touch. follows a billion different characters and moves along a non-linear timeline doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a good idea for your fic, especially if it doesn’t need it. As someone who has read a sickeningly large amount of fanfiction, I can say with good authority that in 99.9% of cases, most fanfiction does not benefit from the use of author insertion/wish-fulfillment characters. All too soon, Shizuru pulled back and Natsuki opened her eyes, taking in the other woman's flushed cheeks, dilated pupils and heaving chest.

I follow these rules mostly in every fanfic yet no one reads them…why must life suck for me? Taking the chance to proofread and edit your piece before publishing it shows readers that you care and they’re more likely to reciprocate in kind if they see that your fic is a story worth telling. Her emerald gaze settled upon burning red, the emotions beneath them becoming all too clear to Natsuki. Yuri!!! Again, it’s not a hard and fast rule that multiple tense changes will condemn your fic to bad ficdom but multiple tense changes will confuse readers. Whatever walls the other woman had remaining came crashing down at that point and every emotion was laid bare in those ruddy deep pools. Take precautions when running unknown applications. Artemis had to help everyone except Tessie escape their simulations. Then she felt a hand slip into her hair, fingernails brushing against her scalp, causing her to shudder slightly. Shizuru smiled her first fully genuine smile since Natsuki had arrived.

She really wished she had the courage to speak these questions aloud.


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