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He then hold the flower out and says "it's okay". Great friends. lol. They had a Jumbo Gino which was like a Burger King Whopper. Hey Mike A! google_ad_height = 600; While I do remember Gino's going downhill late in the 70's, they had over 300 locations at the time and were bought out by I believe Marriot who changed the restaurant to their stinking Roy Rogers with the horse meat roast beef. Really loved the Gino's Giant until they came out with the Hero Burger. The ginos giant was much better the the big mac or the whopper in my opinion. next door to the on on DeKalb Pike in KOP ate more GINOS the my one food. or similar lol I found a picture with me , my brother and sister along side the Gino Giant,,who if my memory is correct, wa splayed by Dom Deluise. THANKS GINO love you man !!! Hardest part it trying to get the burgers that thin without falling apart. They are one of my favorite childhood memories. I worked at the Wrightstown, NJ Gino's in 1979. This was back in 1969. Gino's gives you freedom of choice Gino's gives you freedom of choice So come on, everybody, and let's rejoice Cuz Gino's gives you freedom of choice.

What a GREAT PLACE TO WORK! My best recollection is the Gino Giant and the Big Mac were pretty much the same. Came across several commercials, including a radio spot from WFIL (yep, the birthstone of "American Bandstand"), 1965. These buckets appeared on the market for special promotions. There was a Ginos's on Naylor rd. We cooked the chicken in real pots. I believe there was one on Nottingham way in Trenton NJ. On evening our phone rang and my young brother answered to find Gino Marchetti calling for our dad. I worked at the the on Frederick Road and 6333 Baltimore National Pike in Maryland. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I had the pleasure of working at the Towson, MD Ginos in the early seventies before I shipped off into the Coast Guard. Jan 24, 2012 price: gino;s giant, $5.59; bacon cheeseburger, $6.39; toppings, free; fries, $2.49 tomato, onion, and special sauce—or your choice of a single or double 12 ways to spice up your cheesy velveeta dipkraft recipes. One hippie says Gino's doesn't have roast beef. I worked at the Willow Grove Ginos (next to the Wintersport Skating Rink) in 73, and 74, then in the Ocean City Boardwalk store the summers of 74 and 75 and in the Flourtown PA store in 75. KFC was among the products shown, and Gino's may have been a direct sponsor of his syndicated kid show. Worked for ginos when Marriott bought them out love the business now own and operate 5 Bojangles restaurants in girginuw. We used to get a Giant,a cheeseburger, and a small french fry order for a dollar even then we were full the rest of the afternoon until dinner, great food and a cheap meal back then!!! I distinctively remember a burger that I think was called the Sirloiner (I'm not sure on the name). It was soooo good. ROAD TRIP TO KING OF PRUSSIA ON MY B DAY!!!! Went to the new Gino's in Towson, MD last night and couldn't wait to get my Gino Giant. I read most of the post here and haven't seen any mention of it. I worked at Gino's Roxborough (04-032) during the Summer of '69, Burgers were .20, ch burgers .25 Dinner $1.25, Thrift Box $2.45, Bucket $3.15 & Barrel @ $4.45. Worked with a great crew who all hung out together. Gino's was my first job!!!!! I found a complete set of plastic mini NFL helmets that I’ve had since the 70’s. Cindy you are correct. Available on Good luck to the new incarnation of Ginos.

Explore. I worked at the Gino's on the boardwalk in Wildwood New Jersey. I work at the Gino's at Wilkins avenue across from the laudonparkcemetery. The sauce was special.

He ended the commercial with "Square Fish???". What a great place to work, nice people, we were really a team. It was across from the Million Dollar Pier where Caesar's is now located. I'm sure it did!

. Steve J, did you work with my dad in oakland NJ???? Ginos in Hackensack NJ on Hackensack ave right next to Bergen Tech!!

ginos rockville pike in md was incredible!!

google_ad_client = "pub-1475700848612418"; McDonalds Big Mac doesn't even come close.

One of the parents said "This is like McDonald's." in Ridley Twp. Never let on how hard it was to lift those stupid pots, or how scared I was when I had to release the pressure valves and all that steam shot our of the pots. They are not spell checked or reviewed for accuracy. I want one now! There was a Ginos/KFC in Cinnaminson on Rt 130. Subbed at St Agnes Lane one twice. ate 2 times the week a street Rd good luck. Super gino;s giant. Individual sides of cole slaw, potato salad or mash and gravy were $.15.