gillies range bus crash 1987

I fucking got the message. I went with the W’s.. Mr & Mrs & Mark and Keith too..trip up there & swam ice-cold water (not many people looked at my leg – I wasn’t really embarrassed at all!) It’s 10:36 – hope I’m not too tired during the exam 2morrow. I’ll get Fi to read over it & tell me if it’d make him react wrongly (ie: MAD) [LOL, a ‘wrong reaction’?!] his Q’s) & he spoke into a tape. I remember only Jacque, Ms. Bowles and Kay being interested in the conversation…however not seeming (Ms. Bowles, anyway) too happy to recall the events she remembered. 10:45 Late nite must get more sleep. .

Wonder when he’ll ring? I’ll see him tomorrow lunchtime : I will be nonchalant to him – but get angry if I need to (ha, ha as if I could.) I think I’ll pass (just) because I managed to learn trapezoidal method before we went in .. & that happened to be the Q. It’s not fair. Yes, clearly I am still biased towards Guy, all these years later.] What a day! Thursday this week is officially International Wombat Day. [Privacy omission] left with Jay & I rang mum to say I was staying at Mark’s. We’ll do something tomorrow night (He & Keith are moving into David’s (Keith’s brother’s) house for 2 weeks while he’s away) → (has no phone on) we still need to talk a lot.

I need 90% next sem to get VHA overall for art. Well we had a parade this morning – Mr McKenzie received a certificate for the crash (or something) [I can’t recall this, but I am certain it would have been for his amazing conduct, leadership & compassion during and after the bus accident] and, Mark seemed O.K. I heard Guy could get “manslaughter”. Today was very busy. I’m not feeling overly happy. After, I tried to talk, but it was pointless.

[Well, clearly enough of a difference to be used against the driver…] This shithead owner reckons he could’ve made the trip down safely. But I’m so dead!! [Really, all that I gathered up was junk and ended up being binned at a later stage. G’night! Um. [That’s a tad confusing] God, it gets me right DOWN, Well, well, well. Hot weather – but still cool at nights & in early morning (to about 9:00) Don’t be angry Mark – I love you too much. Got to Fi’s by taxi .. too tired to watch the videos. But, anyway when I rang a taxi at 11:15, no answer… Mr & Mrs W came home after their dinner & suggested I stay.. It got to me today; Mark’s mood. We lost the Rugby Union Final. It was great! EMPTY!! Basically, thanks to a couple of large & very obvious hickies Mark had given me at different times throughout the year, I was presented with a can of Aeroguard insect repellant to protect myself  from big mosquitoes (like Mark) in the future. in my biol. I really felt like balling my eyes out this afternoon.

First, at inquest, we heard the addresses. Ruth McLeod whose twin sister Judith Frerichs died in the Gillies Range bus crash 30 years ago speaks publicly about the tragedy in a very raw and emotional interview. Mark was really stuffed.

On 23 May 2013, Guurrbi celebrated our 10th birthday! Crews work to save one of the survivors from the 1987 Cairns State High School bus crash. I was surprised he rang “for no reason” – just to talk.

I am so hurt. It’s one I still follow today and, to be honest, I usually won’t answer my phone if someone calls after those times too. Mark & Chris were drinking first – it was a mess – it was stupid – idiot K. was throwing furniture etc.

Also partly international. I can’t explain why I felt so miserable – I was ready to cry. I love him I know I do… I feel it all through me ..this wonderfully happy, relaxed feeling when I’m with him (ESPECIALLY when we’re alone & at night!) Similar restrictions were introduced on the Kuranda range earlier this year, however few appear to head the new speed limit. Given how much the DG of Queensland Health is p... Nearly a year has gone by in a blink. Mark & Keith were in there too (Cameron saw them before meeting me) We never ran into them. Decision?

Vengance? My appointment was another waste of time today – Mr Inskip hopeless. But I am purely speculating…] We were going to leave, but went back. Told me also that Mark was sick of my whingeing. On the scales this arvy (I expected them to break) I weighed only 61½kgs- I thought I’d be well over 64!

I was happy to see that sunk. gotten to bed earlier! [No surprises there] He left said “Bye.” Seigi talking to me she said “Do you hate Nicole?” SKINT [“how embarrassing to be confronted”] “No,” I reckon “why?” “lotsa people think you do” “who” “my friends, Nicole even.” Well, I went on about “well I am a bit pissed off with her sucking up to Mark” etc. It was the bus’s fault (and therefore the company’s) …not this man.] NO ONE agreed with his decision: the mechanics got off SCOT-FREE IT’S UNBELIEVABLE.

trying to get to sleep- but I always do! Brolga up en pointe - rite of springy joints.

Transgression & Reunion: the Final Week of School (16-22 November), Heartbreak Week: the Bus Crash Inquest & the Inevitable Break-Up (14-20 September), Thigh Numbness, Inquest Prep & A ‘Pissy’ Weekend (7-13 September), Mood Swings, Errant Incisors & The Jody Keen Memorial Trophy (31 August-6 September), Rocky Relations, Ambulance Chasers & the Red Letter Day (20-26 July), Performance Anxiety, Rum ‘n’ Coke & A Sore Bum (22-28 June), Sleep Struggles, Cramming & My First Monique Dream (15-21 June), The Scene of the Crime, A Family Gathering & An Innocent Sleepover (13-19 April), Clean Teeth, Therapy & the School’s Commemoration Service (6 February), Big Boobs, A Buried Hatchet & Relationship Chaos (18-24 January), A Drug Bust Hoax & An Extremely Intimate Embarrassment (11-17 January), A Photo Alive, A Bar On Fire & Revelation Devastation (4-10 January), Enter Eighty-Eight: Heaviness, Holes ‘n’ All… (1-3 January).


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