genesis the last domino tour setlist
If we had to do it the way we used to tour, I don't think I'd be doing it. Did they try to get him on board again this time, or did they figure it just wasn’t worth the hassle? QLD .

The English rock group is reuniting for the first time in 13 years for a U.K. tour later this year, it announced. ET). Collins is still incapable of drumming, but he could play very light percussion and help out on background vocals while Nic does the heavy lifting.

Evanescence • Spotify followers: 2.2 million • Facebook likes: 21.7 million • Best selling album: "Fallen", 34. If I had to guess, the setlist would be a lot of the first group and the third group, with a few songs mixed in from the second group. Black Sabbath • Spotify followers: 3.4 million • Facebook likes: 11.8 million • Best selling album: "Paranoid", 16. Tribute bands that do nothing but Gabriel-era tunes do very well on the road.

Read or Share this story: Will this lead to a new album? Disturbed • Spotify followers: 2.8 million • Facebook likes: 10.9 million • Best selling album: "The Sickness", 70. Red Hot Chili Peppers • Spotify followers: 10.2 million • Facebook likes: 27.3 million • Best selling album: "Blood Sugar Sex Magik", 10.

As with everything regarding Genesis, we’ll just have to wait and see. Metallica • Spotify followers: 10.1 million • Facebook likes: 36.4 million • Best selling album: "Metallica", 9. Pink Floyd • Spotify followers: 8.9 million • Facebook likes: 28.3 million • Best selling album: "The Wall", 3.

Tour 2020, the British prog rock legends’ first tour in 13 years.

As of now, there are just 10 shows confirmed, and they’re all in the U.K. and Ireland. Stone Temple Pilots • Spotify followers: 1.5 million • Facebook likes: 2.4 million • Best selling album: "Core", 94.

The Police • Spotify followers: 0.9 million • Facebook likes: 5.5 million • Best selling album: "Synchronicity", 63. The Strokes • Spotify followers: 2.6 million • Facebook likes: 4.2 million • Best selling album: "Is This It", 86.

Nickelback • Spotify followers: 3.5 million • Facebook likes: 17.7 million • Best selling album: "All the Right Reasons", 41. ", 51. It leaves a great deal of questions unanswered. The Jimi Hendrix Experience • Spotify followers: 3.1 million • Facebook likes: 8.5 million • Best selling album: "Are You Experienced", 55. Weezer • Spotify followers: 1.6 million • Facebook likes: 3.3 million • Best selling album: "Weezer", 95. Queens of the Stone Age • Spotify followers: 1.8 million • Facebook likes: 3.0 million • Best selling album: "...Like Clockwork", 92. The problem is that it doesn’t make sense for them to have him onstage while they’re playing “I Can’t Dance” and “Invisible Touch.” It really only makes sense for him to return if Gabriel is back too, but we don’t know yet if they even considered it. Simon and Garfunkel • Spotify followers: 1.8 million • Facebook likes: 3.2 million • Best selling album: Could this pave the way for a tour with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett down the line? Korn • Spotify followers: 2.9 million • Facebook likes: 12.6 million • Best selling album: "Follow the Leader", 42. Rescheduling the tour has also opened up the opportunity for extra concerts, with Genesis adding two brand new dates at Birmingham’s Utilita Arena on April 7 and The O2 in London on April 30.

(Dec. 4). tour will be the first gigs Genesis have played since 2007, with Phil Collins previously telling Prog: “There were more reasons to do it than not to do it. Creedence Clearwater Revival • Spotify followers: 2.5 million • Facebook likes: 4.5 million • Best selling album: "Cosmo's Factory", 26. But Gabriel has a lot less on his plate these days. tour in Dublin on November 16 and wrap up with two nights in Glasgow on December 11 and 12. The Smiths • Spotify followers: 1.7 million • Facebook likes: 3.9 million • Best selling album: "Strangeways, Here We Come", 96. The Cure • Spotify followers: 1.9 million • Facebook likes: 6.4 million • Best selling album: "Disintegration", 68.

Rammstein • Spotify followers: 2.7 million • Facebook likes: 8.7 million • Best selling album: "Sehnsucht", 45. Shows will take place between Nov. 23 and Dec. 11 in Liverpool, Newcastle, London, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester, England, and Glasgow, Scotland.

The Beach Boys • Spotify followers: 1.9 million • Facebook likes: 1.9 million • Best selling album: "Pet Sounds", 64. Then again, Collins hasn’t recorded an album of solo songs since 2002’s Testify. Genesis are launching a reunion tour in November that will hit arenas around England, but there is still much about it that we don't know. Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford are reuniting for The Last Domino? 1. Muse • Spotify followers: 4.7 million • Facebook likes: 16.5 million • Best selling album: "The Resistance", 35. All tickets previously purchased for the 2020 dates will remain valid for the new shows. Is this a farewell tour? Marcel Albers ©1997-2020 | GenesisFan.

But nowadays it can be done differently, and I've been doing that for the last couple of years. The Killers • Spotify followers: 4.4 million • Facebook likes: 9.3 million • Best selling album: "Hot Fuss", 36. The Kinks • Spotify followers: 1.1 million • Facebook likes: 1.3 million • Best selling album: "Low Budget", 81. This one is called The Last Domino? 6.

Members Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, all 69, will reunite in November and December for a U.K. tour. Maroon 5 • Spotify followers: 17.4 million • Facebook likes: 37.8 million • Best selling album: "Songs About Jane", 7. Banks added: "After Phil finished his own tour, everybody thought, ‘We could talk about it and see whether it’s a good idea.’, "Once we decided it was a possibility, we wanted to see how it would work out when we played together. He makes a very nice living playing Genesis songs on tour these days with his solo band.

Your music made me an Olympian (diving) it gave me the (Eliminate the fear of failure) All the time many of the songs had just the right message. Depeche Mode • Spotify followers: 2.1 million • Facebook likes: 7.2 million • Best selling album: "Violator", 53. Genesis is turning it on again.

Linkin Park • Spotify followers: 12.1 million • Facebook likes: 60.5 million • Best selling album: "Hybrid Theory", 4.

Pantera • Spotify followers: 2.0 million • Facebook likes: 8.7 million • Best selling album: "Vulgar Display of Power", 65.

Breaking Benjamin • Spotify followers: 2.3 million • Facebook likes: 5.7 million • Best selling album: "Phobia", 80.

The Last Domino? Tickets for "The Last Domino?"

Genesis are ready for their comeback. Hi Other than I neede to convey this message you all should be proud of who y'all are and what you bring others.

HI Phil, I have always been a fan of your…. 30 Seconds to Mars • Spotify followers: 2.2 million • Facebook likes: 9.9 million • Best selling album: "A Beautiful Lie", 78. "I think it's a natural moment," Rutherford said Wednesday on BBC Radio 2.

huge genesis and mechanics and phil fan solo. Deep Purple • Spotify followers: 2.3 million • Facebook likes: 1.6 million • Best selling album: "Machine Head", 40.

What songs are they going to do? Def Leppard • Spotify followers: 1.8 million • Facebook likes: 5.3 million • Best selling album: "Hysteria", 54. The Who • Spotify followers: 2.4 million • Facebook likes: 5.7 million • Best selling album: "Who's Next", 28.

Phil's been out on tour the last two-and-a-half years doing his stuff and it sort of seemed ... the natural moment to have a conversation about it. People asked, ‘Why are you here?’ We just said, ‘Oh, for a wedding.’", Genesis: The Last Domino? We want to hear from you!

The Clash • Spotify followers: 1.5 million • Facebook likes: 4.0 million • Best selling album: "Combat Rock", 97. All rights reserved. Heart • Spotify followers: 0.9 million • Facebook likes: 2.2 million • Best selling album: "Heart", 66.

The Beatles • Spotify followers: 11.6 million • Facebook likes: 40.5 million • Best selling album: "The Beatles", 1.


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