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The Drones appeared to be the common race among the Locust Horde. After the detonation of the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon, the bodies of the Locust began to crystallize into an impenetrable, Imulsion crystalline shell. Only hours after the sinking of Jacinto, Locust stragglers were spotted around Port Farrall, leading to multiple battles throughout the city.

[17][16], The Trinity of Worms was the symbol and title of the Locust Horde's religion, revering the Riftworms as gods.

", (to RAAM) "Delight less in our inevitable destruction.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The supplies and hardware are collected and the auto parts are salvaged from the wreckage. They were successful in creating the first successful hybrid: the Matriarch.

Using her link to the Locust, Myrrah staged a rebellion and led the Locust to freedom by massacring the facility's staff, including Niles Samson.

While this conflict was happening, the Locust were fighting other Locust that were infected with Imulsion (the Lambent). Genetic experimentation at New Hope led to his mutation, transforming him into a Sire. He commanded and led the entire Locust military into battle and was second to Queen Myrrah.

When that failed, geneticist Dr. Niles Samson mutated the children with the DNA of indigenous creatures of the Hollow, transforming them into Sires. To the people of Sera, the origins of the Locust were shrouded in mystery.

Whole cities were destroyed and millions more humans were killed by the Coalition. The Locust Horde easily overwhelmed the COG on E-Day and advanced from their captured cities, moving from one city to another only leaving destruction. Doctor Niles Samson then research by injecting children with doses of Imulsion, discovering that exposure to Imulsion caused immediate cell stress and degradation, but occasionally other cells undergone point mutations. When Vold RAAM convinced Queen Myrrah that they shared the same vision of invading the surface, exterminating the humans, and escaping the Lambent, Queen Myrrah demoted Uzil Sraak to Vold.

", Reyna's father growing a conscience and escaping from the facility with her caused Myrrah to go berserk and lead the Locust in an uprising, slaughtering the scientists. When the Horde launched their invasion of the surface of Sera on what was to be known as Emergence Day, the Locust poured huge numbers of the forces onto the surface, coordinating their invasion to take place in every single major city on the surface of Sera. After the war, the COG, not being able to destroy the shells and detected no life inside, disposed of the remains of the Locust into mass graves across Sera.[13]. Paladins – Blaze And The Monster Machines Font, Batman Forever Font – Batman Font Generator, Lucida Big Casual – Always Sunny In Philadelphia Font, The Jacatra – Fresh Prince Of Belair Logo Font, Futura Display BQ Regular – My Hero Academia Font. Crimes

Vold RAAM, against the orders of Uzil Sraak, informed Myrrah of his desired plan to emerge and colonize the surface, leaving the Lambent in the Hollows and destroying the human race in the process.

Marcus Fenix, who stabbed her in the chest with Cpl. The flooding of the Hollow also dealt them heavy casualties, making them very rare amongst the remnant of the Locust Horde that escaped to the surface.


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