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You've got connections, where is she? What a good idea, so I watched her. Let's go. I've got no house, no bodyguard, no movie and I'm being stalked; because someone wants to kill me?

You were the only child she claimed Sidney.

Holy sh*t, Silent Bob, it's that TV news chick Connie fu**ing Chung. Sarah: Has there been another goddamn rewrite? I'm a director Sid - I direct...I had no idea, that they were gonna make a film of their own. But she had a new life and a new name: Maureen Prescott! Variety called me a 'pariah.' Roman Bridger: I'm a director, Sidney. Name your budget. Kirby Reed: You do know there are cops all over the house. What's your favorite scary movie?

Sidney Prescott: No! For you that must be quite a stretch.

I mean Cotton was one thing; everybody knew about that. We were working late. I could trivia your ass under the table cinema-boy! Hundreds. Now, welcome to the final act!

Like her? Kirby Reed: [swallows her alcohol] Gunnar Hansen! I don't mind that you're working with my husband, or that you even bake him those little treats. EVERYTHING YOU HAVE THAT SHOULD'VE BEEN MINE! I'm sorry. [flirting with Charlie] What? free! Name the remake of the groundbreaking horror movie in which the vill...---. You got a killer who's going to be super human. I'm gonna slit your eyelids in half so you don't blink when I stab you in the face. We live in Woodsboro. When Randy the video geek rattles off the rules of surviving a horror movie in Wes Craven's Scream, he speaks for a generation of filmgoers who are all too aware of slasher movie clichés. Have a partner to sell out in case you got caught, find someone to frame, it was like he was making a movie. ...How the f**k are we supposed to learn our lines when there's a new script every 15 minutes? Gale Weathers: I am Gale Weathers! Kirby Reed: Wait.

Halloween, uh, Texas Chainsaw, Dawn of the Dead, The Hills Have E-e-eyes, Amityville Horror, Uh-uh, Last House on the Left, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, My Bloody Valentine, When A Stranger Calls, Prom Night, Black Christmas, House of Wax, The Fog, Piranha. Somehow, despite coming off as incredibly self-centered and egotistical in the first movie, Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers became a fan-favorite character in the Scream series regardless, appearing in all four of the franchise’s entries. Gale Weathers-Riley: [turns to Judy.] You know - I'm sorry things didn't work for 60 minutes II, but Total Entertainment, that's a pretty good fallback. [gale and Dewey shouted together] Shut up! Kirby Reed: [relieved] I got it right. I won.

Sarah: Oh, it's no problem.

[she looks at the window], [Sidney answers a cell phone at the police station]. So let's run the lines.

Just one more. You know,... [picks up the phone and tries to look around the house.] RELATED: Wes Craven's 10 Best Movies (According To IMDb). Hi, this is Gale Weathers with an exclusive eyewitness account of this amazing breaking story.

Her own son; Roman Bridger, director, and brother. 'How you been?' (It's a trilogy within a trilogy!) You just got to have f***ed up shit happen to you.

. Do you know how many actors have worked for me? Sidney Prescott: Do you know why you kill people, Roman? Everyone sighs.].

The one who sleeps with George Lucas. Roman: Roman Bridger, director, and brother.

It doesn't happen as fast as it does in the movies, I know. Speaking of which, let's play a little game. Marnie? Kirby Reed: [checks on her phone.] Please make your quotes accurate.

Have you missed me, Sidney? Sidney Prescott? I searched for a mother too; an actress named 'Rena Reynolds' tried to find her my whole LIFE, and four years ago I actually tracked her down.

The past is not at rest. ], [Jill throws it away and begins strangling her. The Voice: Warm up question: Jason's weapon? Look for yourself. Did you see how she was looking at me? [Sidney sees this and attempts to use the call button, but Jill grabs it. Like I'm 'Gale' and She's Gale [Gale Weathers]. She's got a nice little ... voice. Jenny Randall: I can't believe you haven't seen them. Several more local teens are dead, bringing to an end the harrowing mystery of the masked killings that has terrified this peaceful community like the plot of some scary movie.

While it wasn’t in the original script, actor Matthew Lillard’s improvised dissatisfaction with being hit is hilarious, adding even more humor to the movie’s joke-dense climax. My name isn't Jesus. But, here's the critical thing.

It was her favourite! Jenny Randall: At least Woodsboro's known for something.

When several students decide to start running around with the mask to scare people, he showcases his wild method of punishing them. She said I was "Reena's" child and Reena was dead... and then it struck me. Kirby Reed: Oh-oh alright then why do you have his phone? And to be played by an actress with such depth and range... And to be played by an actress with such depth and range. Shut up! Hollywood is full of criminals whose careers are flourishing. To make him squirm! I'm sorry I'm running late. She's a strong kid. "What's new?" And as soon as your clear in this investigation, We're on the next plane in New York: The book today, the view, Nancy Grace and MTV---. Maybe you just can't get past the surface of things. It's not just a new script, it's a new movie.

[Brings out an answering machine that speaks in Sidney's voice]. Why me? The books she wrote based on the events were the basis of the Stab films. Charlie Walker: Alright, I hope no-one minds but I'm putting on Stab 7! Trevor Sheldon: Did I interrupt something? I'm leaving my legacy. You've done very well by all this bloodshed haven't you? Detective Wallace: Hey, hey, Terminal Entertainment? Deputy Judy Hicks: You don't remember me do ya?

Maybe you never knew her at all Sidney... maybe you just can't get past the surface of things. [running over to Sidney to be crying] Sid, you okay? Here's how I see it.

God why don't stop your whining and get on with it. No, because someone wants to kill you. (Cuts Milton's throat). Shooting him won't work.

I mean Cotton was one thing; everybody knew about that.

You're obsessed with her and you're obsessed with her daughter. Not if you're watching this tape (the video promptly ends). Use it. [Judy slowly rises.

The past is not at rest!

[Roman gets up and begins to lunges at them. ...Or Stab 2? Forget watching Stab, instead you get to live it. ", Oh you know the usual small talk. Gale Weathers-Riley: How does she know?

Everything you touch, Sid, DIES.

As the movie progresses, Randy’s rules are used to make the audience anticipate certain events. Number 3. I'm not happy that I have to die naked.

I was this close.

- Debbie: Great. What, John, what did we do wrong?

Roman Bridger: It's not just a new script. Gale: I'm sorry that things didn't work out with Brad Pitt, but being single, that's a pretty good fallback. Jenny Randall: [laughing] I'm sorry I had to.

Shooting him won't work. Randy: It could be f***in' "Reservoir Dogs" by the time this thing is through.

I was questioned. Do you know ... Look, Kenny, I know you're about fifty pounds overweight, but wh... Jesus, the camera, hurry! Gale: And to be played by an actress with such depth and range. Don't you wanna know who killed your mother?

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Sidney Prescott: Well it's nice to see you again Judy.

You had your fifteen minutes, now I want mine! Jill Roberts: S-Sorry I? We were putting away some videos in the porno section, and, you know, shit happens. Sheesh. Oh my God Gale Weathers, listen, I know we've never met, and I don't mind your not returning my calls but after two films I feel like I am in your mind! Kirby Reed: Well then who the f*** are you? Variety called me a "pariah." I did not f**k that pig Milton to get a leading role just to die here with second rate celebrities like you two! Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! It's time you came to terms with me, and with mother. So, how can I help you?

Jill Roberts: [sarcastically] Where did you hear that anyway? Robbie Mercer: Wait, no. Jill Roberts: What, you think I wont do it?!

Godfather, Jedi, all revealed something that we thought was true that wasn't true.


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