gakuen heaven who does keita end up with
Older, he has received a letter of enrolment to Bell Liberty School. One day, Keita goes out with Iwai and sees Tonosama. Fortunately, they manage to succeed despite the obstacles in their path - both part of the competition and from outside interference - and Keita's place at the school is secured. Finding Keita conscious again, he stops him from tripping and hugs him.

Will Keita and Kazuki be able to work it out? It takes place after the events of Gakuen Heaven aka Keita gets to stay at the school. Keita and the others go looking for tonosama. Seeing the cityscape in the evening together, he has to leave after receiving a telephone call. 1. Unknown to Keita, Kazuki stakes his position on the outcome of the MVP Battle - that is, if he and Keita do not manage to win the competition, he will resign his position as Chairman. The captain of the tennis team, he appears dizzy and conscious that people are staring when Yukihiko asks him to dinner having taken a liking to Keita. After befriending classmate Tomo Kasahara and student council peers Kuya Sagimori and Masatsugu Takato, Yuki is introduced to the other important students in the game: other friends Arata Minase, a champion diver; and musician Reon Yagami; as well as Durak rivals Kiyotada Jokawa, Durak leader; Hayato Chiba, martial artist; and Eiji Sonoda, chef extraordinaire. Kazuki arrives via a bicycle to stop the captain of the tennis team from moving to kill Keita. Though he seems to be an average guy without any sort of special skills, Keita has a warm and friendly personality towards his fellow friends. It's the first Sunday since Keita came to the academy. Knowing, and remembering him from childhood, Kazuki prepares for Keita's transfer to his school. Yuki must uncover and overcome a conspiracy; forming a partnership and, potentially, a relationship with a fellow student to save not only his position as council president, but the whole of Bell Liberty Academy. Keita's first actual friend is Endō Kazuki, who immediately takes Keita under his wing and takes care of him to the extent that Keita laughingly dubs him "grandmother." About to be kissed by Yukihiko, Keita is spirited away by bicycle with Kazuki's return, now happy and feeling he can make it at school with Kazuki having befriended him. This time, Keita picked up a cursed ring that would take away his major ability – luck. In a sea of amazing young men, Keita struggles to find out what makes him unique, and how he can possibly deserve to be treated as an equal by the students of Bell Liberty. [2] Sandra Scholes, writing for Active Anime, found the manga's art to be very good.

A mysterious letter is entrusted to Keita and he has to show it to the club presidents. Dr. Matsuoka intends to force Kazuki to take responsibility for his family's neglect of Hiroya, using Keita as a bargaining chip.

At the urging of his friends, Keita emails the Chairman to protest, and the MVP Battle is created in response. Kazuki Endō (遠藤 和希 Endō Kazuki), aka Kazuki (Suzubishi) Endō, is Keita Itō's classmate and the first friend that Keita makes at BL Academy. After explaining briefly the cause of the accident, they guided Keita to his classroom where he met his classmate Endou Kazuki, who kindly befriended Keita and showed him around the campus. Kazuki Endō (遠藤 和希 Endō Kazuki), aka Kazuki (Suzubishi) Endō, is Keita Itō's classmate and the first friend that Keita makes at BL Academy.

"Academy Heaven") is a media franchise originating from the Windows game Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble, originally released by the company SPRAY. was released for PlayStation 2. [1] IGN reviewer A. E. Sparrow found the manga surprisingly well-paced and enjoyable, despite its roots in a dating sim. After an accident on the bridge, what happens to Keita and Niwa is revealed. 5 drama CDs have been released.

Yukihiko calls Keita his "honey" and continues to get Keita to go on a date with him. This page was last edited on 11 October 2020, at 04:36. It's Keita's first day of school, and after that it's the long awaited. The Vice President of the student council who frees Keita when he is trapped within a storage shed. Though he seems to be an average guy without any sort of special skills, he is a very warm and friendly person. However, on the day of his transfer, the bridge joining the school and the academy, which was located on a remote man-made island, suddenly raised and his bus fell. Laughing, he describes him like his grandma that he tries to take care of him too much.

Stating he was anxious before and worried when arriving at school, his concerns evaporate when with Kazuki. On the school grounds, Keita met the rest of the important students in the game: Naruse Yukihiko, captain of the tennis club; Shinomiya Kouji, captain of the archery club; Iwai Takuto, captain of the art club; and Taki Shunsuke, a genius cyclist; the vice president of the student council, Nakajima Hideaki; the genius programmer, Shichijou Omi; as well as the child-looking teacher Umino Satoshi. Endo's innocuous and perpetually friendly demeanor does not betray the fact that he is also an excellent executive. He describes him as sharp and thinks he looks cool. And where is Kazuki? In the sequel Gakuen Heaven 2 ~Double Scramble!~ (学園ヘヴン2 ~DOUBLE SCRAMBLE!~), released in April 2015, the player Yuki Asahina is invited to study at the near-legendary Bell Liberty Academy despite possessing no remarkable skill or a talent of any distinction save his uncanny good luck. He goes on a date with Kazuki to the town near the school. He is actually Keita's childhood friend who promised in the future that they could go to the same school. Kazuki borrows his bicycle to reclaim Keita from Yukihiko. [3] Nadia Oxford, writing for Mania Entertainment, felt that the manga did not rise above other BL manga, its only distinction being its video game origins. The story takes place three months after the first game. Viewing the cityscape in the evening, he remembers he needs to see Tetsuya. Occasionally Keita has flashbacks to his childhood, where he is playing with an older boy whom he calls "Kazu-nii." Keita figures out his feelings for Kazuki and Kazuki tells Keita that he loves him. In the original game, the player Keita Itō suddenly received an acceptance letter from the renowned Bell Liberty Academy (also known as BL Gakuen). Though he doubts his ability to succeed at such a school because he is a transfer student coming in the middle of the year, and he has no special ability that he can speak of, he accepts the admission. He leads a double life as a student of BL Academy and as its chairman as the school's late chairman, Endo's grandfather's, last wishes were for Endo to succeed his position. Indeed, Kazuki rejects many of Kuganuma's proposals and seemingly "abuses" his power by admitting a student of no particular skill — in this case, Itō Keita — to BL Academy. Due to the closure of Tokyopop's North American publishing operations in 2011, only the first three volumes were published in English. A short time after winning the MVP Battle, Keita is invited out by the school nurse, Dr. Jin Matsuoka, who takes him to an abandoned building.


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