gabe solis' death
New Details On Meghan Trainor's Husband — And Their Wedding! The mother need to move on from them....does the mother havea job or EVER worked? Trina's two kids are not Gabe's biological children. she use to sing karaoke in barnacles a bar I use to work at .... didn't like her spirit but from what I seen from the show she came across as alright but I never forgot meeting her at barnacles for a reason .... very arrogant ... Chile these Braxtons smh, This is very true white men have very experimental mindsets. Especially that fat one. Especially around the holidays. Pastor on his good days, Evelyn's husband on decent days and hoe on his free time?! I remember his cheating hit the internet because he was sexting a women online who then posted the video. She admitted to cheating with a member of her band. "Unfortunately," Trina acknowledges. Karma is quick. He died on December 21, 2018 at the age of 43. ? The bitterness she has is palpable. Iyanla is a feel good counselor. I used to watch the show and I remember when the daughters tried to set her up with a few men and one by one the men disappeared. That’s so cruel, tacky, mean and bitchy! And while we at you have 1 choice, we’re going to the barbershop to get that is cut tomorrow, Iynala was right on with her delivery with them ..... but unfortunately not even professional certified doctor can help that shyt .... addictions galore too with them money addictions.... wig addictions ... abusive addictions .... drug addictions .. addictions to fakeness fronting .. Solis passed at his home in his native Texas, surrounded by family on December 21. We got this! A post shared by Jollofblog9ja (@jollofblog9ja), A post shared by Upscale Magazine (@upscalemagazine), A post shared by Trina Braxton (@trinabraxton1).

Like all families, there are good and bad moments that are endured, but those moments, good or bad still made us who we are in the present. I did like Party or go home tho! "I'm angry at you for bullying me and pushing me around," Gabe said through tears. The newest episode of “Braxton Family Values” opened on a somber note Thursday amid the discussion of the passing of Trina Braxton’s ex-husband Gabe Solis… Learn more about his cancer diagnosis and Trina's reaction.

Site by Bixbi, A post shared by Trina Braxton (@trinabraxton1), Outrage as Kourtney Kardashian warns face masks may cause cancer, Lil Wayne’s Girlfriend Dumped Him After He Voted for Trump, Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter got her boobs done,,,,

He was only 43. But there are still a very few Decent women out here, really. did she call it that?

May he RIP.

West, who only voted for himself and left the rest of his ballot blank, didn't break any laws by posting a photo of his ballot on social media.

Some people have no shame. I bet he regretted wasting his time on her. Offset and Big Daddy Kane were among the rappers who participated in the grassroots movement, which includes Spotify playlists curated by Aloe Blacc, Black Thought, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Lin-Manuel Miranda, QuestLove, and more. Gabe Solis Age and Death. Cause I liked Gabe.

#RIP #GabeSolis #BarChix, A post shared by Bar Chix (@barchix) on Dec 28, 2018 at 10:16pm PST.

An episode from last season, “Iyanla: Fix My Life”, even focused on the couple as they hashed out their issues with one another and tried to figure out how to parent their children peacefully. Stop weighing Toni down and forcing her to do projects to give them a life line. Her vocals are up there with Toni and Tamar. I actually thought he was pretty funny on the show but maybe I missed some episodes. Trina Braxton issued a statement about Solis’ death on Instagram, where she apologized to those who didn’t know about his condition. Unfortunately, Pappa Braxton didn't walk away until he made 6 or more kids with Mamma B! Nasty looking untalented heifer. Got a feeling they would be better looking if they were. Yes!! How Did Gabe Solis Die? “Unfortunately, someone leaked the story before we could make everyone aware of his passing, and I apologize to those friends and family members for finding out through social outlets. John Legend put some rappers supporting Trump and their Platinum Plan into a locker. I believe it's the mother ... the root cause ... reason why I say that ... on that itervention with Inyla not one time did she admit fault .... only partial .... and the way those daughters snapped when Mamma braxton told Tamar to respect Inyala ... that told me right there who is feared in the family ..... and that is always the true abuser .... That one smh passive hate in her heart those are the ones that pull da strings of abuse behind the scenes ...... she may be another ...... Kris Jenner cept she black !!!!!! and I am familiar with safeco ..... smh ..... trash wow!!!! Look at the case making the news the past couple weeks about the woman who had the affair with her husbands best friend, had his friend shoot him to death, blame it on an alligator, and then they got married.

DMCA | Instagram ( ForestGumpVoice), And I'm guessing he didn't die of cancer but of something else "read between the lines" . Trina's kids were so into Gabe not liking them where is their DAYAM FATHER????? Rest in Peace Gabe he had a great paying career. Taking care of all of these grown ass women and going bankrupt again and again....they had jobs as backup singers. And that's when he should have walked away. A post shared by Trina Braxton (@trinabraxton1) on Dec 21, 2018 at 9:49am PST, Trina posted a follow up on Instagram of a pic of herself with Solis and their two sons. Our hearts go out to all of Gabe Solis' loved ones. For over 16 years, Gabe Solis was an essential part of our lives. I wonder if Gabe got sick after he couldn't to tap into the Braxton coins anymore? Trina Braxton's ex-husband Gabe Solis died in 2018. “Now some people see the meanness, the bullying, the selfishness of Donald Trump and they mistake it for strength, a kind of twisted masculinity,” said Legend. Stealing checks?

Trina posted a follow up on Instagram of a pic of herself with Solis and their two sons. So I thought. Trina had those 2 boys before they got married. She talm bout she need a hug and a bottle of wine. ?????? He admitted it on tv when Trina brought it up. And she got a few hundred thousand and moved a guy fresh out of prison into the home her husband bought for them in less than two weeks...smh. One thing you will NOT do is diss Trina’s vocals. Salute @funkflex & @joejaxson @spliffstar_mrlewis @djscratchator, A post shared by Busta Rhymes (@bustarhymes) on Nov 3, 2020 at 1:45pm PST. The other crap you said is nonsense as well. She too involved with her GROWN AZZ daughters lives...She need to get her some business. But forgive me my Aunt Flossie has those glasses that magnify your eyes & she blinks real fast. Through his appearances on Braxton Family Values and beyond, Gabe had become famous. Lord bless this man, RIP. Pitching children against men ... because her trash azz can't get it together .... she projected on that man and her negative juju plastered on him caused him to have addictions .. tried to turn people against that man smh ..... that's what it look like .... he didn't have to step up to try to support those boys ... these women are trash this is becoming clear as day .... these Braxton's just may be a coven posing ..... something ain't right with them ... nerp. On Friday (Dec. 21), Braxton seemingly mourned the loss of her ex-husband with a cryptic Instagram meme reading, “I need a hug..E bottle of wine.”. Gabe Solis died on December 20, 2018.

I really liked Gabe.

So Trina never had children with Gabe I could swear it's was both their biological kids together. His parents are Mexican. New Details On The Death Of Trina Braxton's Ex-Husband, - Our best articles delivered straight to your inbox. (Looking like that). W0W! BE GREAT MY BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL & RESILIENT BLACK PEOPLE AND LET’S MAKE SURE THEY FEEL THE WRATH OF GOD!! A post shared by Trina Braxton (@trinabraxton1) on Dec 22, 2018 at 10:39am PST, In a recent interview with Essence, Braxton talked about her friendship with Solis, and how his death impacted her family’s life. She (Iyanla) did address the inappropriate conversations Trina had with the sons about her marriage. As reported, the 43-year-old passed away in his home state of … We just don't see him as much. He constantly humiliated her with all the cheating.

As soon as she got back to Atlanta, she was arrested. She is a celebrity. I think Mama Evelyn is still in love with Mr. Braxton. They were already divorced.

", "Like all families," she notes. Unique= weird A post shared by Trina Braxton (@trinabraxton1) on Dec 21, 2018 at 9:49am PST, READ MORE: Phaedra Parks To Join 'Braxton Family Values' Cast. "Those moments, good or bad still made us who we are in the present.".

Iyanla isn’t the problem. Chile what is this chile !!!!! But she may be suspect as well because she looks just like Evelyn( the mother). And why she can't find somebody Because Mamma Braxton is still stuck on him & turning her daughters into Bitter Bettys!!! It was like somebody plugged in a Christmas tree!!!!


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