fullmetal alchemist fanfiction ed coughing blood
But when they hire an archivist named Jonathan Sims to help keep things in order, the weird things start coming for them in ways that are harder to ignore. I collapsed onto my right side, seeing Mustang kneeling over me as I continued to hack up blood.

Hughes tried to get him to calm down but nothing worked. Ed knew that homunculi were usually pretty cold originally; Ed always thought it was a sick pun. "And he would care. The hand was firm and reassuring, unlike the frantic cold ones offering no shelter but fear. The team rushed in to save the kid before it was too late. She wouldn't listen to me, though, and Granny Pinako was gone with Winry to East City for their yearly supply trip.

The man took out a blade and Ed felt it come in contact with his side.

It had spiked. I value my brain highly, thanks; I'll take the pain. "Brace yourself, boy," Pinako said with a resigned sigh. ", "I'll fight him if he gives me a reason to fight him. "Like her," and the bloody bastard was smiling. Hughes asked concern crossing his face. The coughs racked the small body making Ed wince in pain due to the wound. The last thought was water, he could fill the tub with some warm water and just dump the homunculus in, the only problem with that was Ed couldn't carry Envy, and even though the boy looked like a stick he certainly didn't weight the same as one Ed found that out as he supported him on the way to the hotel. She had been with him his entire life human and homunculus alike!

He itched to get out of bed and experiment. Do you think you can manage to walk to the hallway and we can wheel you from there to the X-ray room?". Hughes looked into the gold eyes brimming with tears.

They lapsed into a somewhat awkward-non-awkward silence after that, and through it they made quick work of their breakfast. But by this time reality was lost on him—the pain the pain the pain. There was a massive easing of the ache—now only an invisible weight—in his head as the cacophony quieted and the scramble of impulses ended. Are you ok? Things could have been much worse than this. How could this little twerp refuse to go to the damn doctor and make such a big deal about it. Or whoever attacked you did?"

The doctor left the room. Somewhere from inside the room came a loud clank of metal against metal, a protest. Unfortunately, life didn't know when to give [Y/n] a break. Сердца юристов на вкус как блядская резина. And Ed looked away blushing. Her steps were light against the floor, and she returned to his side and began dabbing at his wounds again. It's my last report as a 15 year old and I just want to get it in and done with.". "AAAAARG!"

Time enough to let your body rest. But Ed knew it had to have been, since no one else was in the room. Because clearly there was a quantifier, a standard, a value it used to decide what was worth how much. How could he do that? And toast. Ed wiped the blood from his face again as he paused in a dark and cold room. If it can't, the transmutation fails. Ed remained tense through the silence, and when the voice confirmed, "Yes, they're alive," Ed sagged tiredly into the bed (which he only now realized he was on). Surely that couldn't be his brother.

he choked out. True enough, he had miscalculated. "Not good sir his vitals are horrible. "Well, our Mom died, as you probably already figured," he shrugged.

Our mother's body was still there, even though it was decaying by the minute, which was why I was hurrying. I am not going, and I'm going to deliver this report to the Colonel and I'll meet you back at the room, okay? Lmao just kidding! Ed had broken into a sweat in the ambulance. His side hurt and he had antibiotics dripping into him through a tube. There was something incredibly nauseating about seeing one's own disfigured body, despite his desensitization to such gore. "Forget it, I just didn't want you freezing my sheets...not like it matters...there's already blood everywhere..." he heaved a sigh. "She said she was going to set the ports up for now and leave the limbs for later, since they'll take time.". What's wrong?!" He was left staring at the Bastard's face, mind racing a mile a minute. It was the one thing he would fight tooth and nail for to retain at all times; it was the one thing that defined him as Edward Elric. "No," he groaned, straining away from the insistent palms, his left hand seeking for the warmth, pleading for comfort.

"Why the hell do I need to see a doctor?" ~Kuroko no Basket "Yes, indeed." "Well then what do you suggest I do...?" They took my brother away." Roy gasped at what he saw. "No -cough- way in hell -cough-" Edward fell into another coughing fit as Hawkeye walked into the room. He was coughing up blood before," Hughes stated.

XD It is also a slight AU. ED?" "And just who the hell are you?" Cecelia meets a beast and a Xingese prince... [Also on my Wattpad] Slight AU. ", "Blood," Ed echoed. If Ed could see her face, he would probably have backed off. Come one, come all! She doesnt want anyone to find out her dark secret but slowly she starts to find herself and realises who she truely is after she meets a certain prisoner. "Your Mother, Edward, she's awake," the Bastard was saying; he was the only one Ed could pick out from the cacophony. Don't you dare accuse me of experimenting on Mom. Due to her alchemical prowess, Roy is quick to ask for her help with her exceptional healing alchemy. He turned to the stranger with imploring wide eyes. Some characters are teachers, some are students, and some don't attend high school at all but are still important. Faint and hazy in his memory, but still somehow concrete; he recalled being offered the title of State Alchemist. "Just get rid of it." He had forgotten the simplest and most obvious thing in his mindless haste and subsequently endangered his brother's life in the process.

He settled back into his bed, gave the stranger a grin while Pinako had her back turned, and closed his eyes. ", "You can't be serious—don't underestimate it, Ed!"

The ambulance is on its way," as Roy said this the ambulance sped up and parked on the street. After Winry gets fed up of Edward breaking his automail and having to go out to fix it for him, she decides to send the introverted girl to go on the rollercoaster a... A girl who lived a normal life, one day gets it changed around. This story vaguely follows the storyline for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. The only ones who agreed with her sentiment was the military. (He refused to call it the Truth, what bullshit; by giving him his mother and brother's soul each for one limb in exchange, it was telling him that their souls were that cheap.

He had never had an X-ray before and wasn't sure he wanted to go through with this. His brother had gone out a while ago. Well I'm glad to see that you are doing somewhat better. ~Ora... Rosa is a Lutenuant in the Military but she is hiding a dark secret. Do you want me to continue, or do you want to rest for a while?" He closed his eyes again when Winry placed a towel over them. But why didn't it hurt earlier?" He said as he took the blanket off of his head, Envy was looking out of the window with a frown, not indicating it was him who had thrown the blanket. ", "Oh but I know you," the person smiled again, and it raised Ed's hackles for some very strange and unexplainable reason. It was blood. ", "This boy will not be going anywhere," Pinako declared stoutly. Fullmetal Alchemist - All Media Types (299) Fullmetal Alchemist (Anime 2003) (83) Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (7) Avatar: The Last Airbender (3) Naruto (3) 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia (3) 青鳥の虛像 Fullmetal Alchemist | Fullmetal Alchemist: Bluebird's Illusion (3) Bleach (2) One Piece (2) Seeing no light, she began to believe the world to be dark and cruel. "I'm surprised, Edward," Pinako's voice was subdued.

By Sincerely_Courage Ongoing - Updated Dec 25, 2014 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. “Why? Ed nodded, closing his eyes and releasing a momentous sigh.


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