fredo baby mama lipstick alley
Girl ??

She wanted a ph*ck check and some shine from a married pro athlete, that’s what she got. They're on their third child.

She is a cutie.

Do it!

Let it go ma, u looking real pressed because Melo don’t want to come around anymore.

Sick of the victim hood mentality ..... woe he not doing this .... woe my child don't see his dedddy !!!!!! Of course he is a public figure. The ink reads “Milagrito” for the love of his life. , Nov 3, 2020 at 9:06 PM Mia should have stayed in her place and she should have counted the cost. @7:27pm in PA.

We’re told Howard is adamant he already pays for the child’s school, purchased his baby mama a new SUV in 2017 and offered to put a Houston home in a trust for the child.”. It may not be right but it is what it is. Gtfoh you chose to do that to your baby cash your checks and stfu.

They dont even realize how they're setting their kids up for failure.

Was working in education in Chicago was the word. To be honest, we never had a problem with my step brothers and sisters. Ugly. These dumb women think once they have a baby from a man they own him! In case you missed it, they’ve been doing great together over the past few months. I don’t blame Rasheeda for taking Kirk back but expecting him to have no direct contact with Jas is not trust. She sexy..

She's mad because she use to be that same woman on the boat.

She was outed on Lipstick Alley first, and "Larry Davis" on MTO just took the post from there and added his own info to it to make it seem like he was the one with the tea.

!...When you decided to lay up with a MARRIED man you made a decision to not only sleep with SOMEONE else husband but also have a baby with him! I managed to shut all that noise down.

I.never knew Carmelo was dating Lala back in the day until a friend told me. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Bih please. . So you would have just killed an unborn baby, in exchanged for $10,000,000 because you made the irresponsible choice, to sleep with a married man and became pregnant?Why not use the money to take care of your child? I don't get it ! Are you seriously complaining about how he’s treating you and your child? No stupid bish!

Siblings. Unlike many men around the country, he actually gets along with the majority of them as they work toward a common goal—to give these kids a great life. 2. She's from Morocco. Or kids! *click*. Most ninjas with five baby mamas are broke nobodies. Zeena LaVey or Taylor Swift!?! What did she think? you're such an annoying little fly.

Read “One of Dwight Howard's 5 Baby Mamas Files For Full Custody To Get Bigger Child Support Checks” and other NBA articles from Total Pro Sports. Bytch he WAS MARRIED so your Daughter should not EVEN EXIST

Thank you!

She has the nerve trying to be the moral police ?

You were a secret that has now become a bill.

Girlll find you something to do. I am second to none! With her monthly payments she can easily find a substitute to cover his absence.

She still calls me her daughter. Wtf did you think was gonna happen?! That's all she wanted--so what's the problem? Tasteless. ", IS SHE CRAZY or JUST PLAIN STUPID??? However, that apparently changed following Thanksgiving because of DJ Nabs' ex-girlfriend Jessica Santos. I don't know if it's become more frequent, or we're just seeing what's always been there thanks to the rise of social media, but I'm so tired of seeing women walking around with a guy full of a man's sperm with no wedding ring, ugh. Certain things just have to develop into a better place. Husband to SH: I will tell her myself, IN MY WAY OF THINKING ????? And even when rich and famous, they're deadbeats that ignore their kids, like Future, personally...i dont know any black women who dropped kids for a white man and ended up a baby mama, At least they will have beautiful biracial kids, lmao y’all need to be exposed. Carmelo, 35, fathered Genesis during a break from his wife La La Anthony who celebrated her 40th … Lala knows what comes with the territory. Now her daughter is going to suffer due to her idiotic choices!

They let money, fame, and the devil (Mona Scott-Young) destroy their marriage. Carmelo, 35, fathered Genesis during a break from his wife La La Anthony who celebrated her 40th birthday in NYC on Tuesday.

Say that!

She's gonna add onto whatever daddy issues her daughter might have with this behavior she's displaying. You got the baby and the money but you didnt get the man.

She laid up with a .married man had his baby. If I dated a man that had kids before getting with me, I was asking where your kids at?

She thought she was the spécial one only to find out she is just another one.

Look, these side chicks KNOW what they are setting themselves up for. I really wish she would of just kept quiet and said nothing honestly....because she did the same, break or no break. Our Everlasting Hope in American Politricks wont get us anything. She is on indeed n LinkedIn at the same dayum time trying to get a job.

Then have the nerve to be angry about lack of attention child(she) is getting now. Not only was Carmelo not by his wife's side for her 40th birthday, it is obvious Kiyan wasn't under his care either. He could had come and done more damage to your life. She shouldn't be checking Camelo at all. Little busted it open for that same n*gga who had a wife. Now that baby has nothing to do with any of that mess and needs both parents so that she can grow up without daddy issues.


I wasn't listening but, it sound like the mistress,had a comment. I agree she is at fault. Melo is a public figure and do is his wife.... she knew he was married. It is rare that we see him and Lala together anyway. Black women need to stop settling to be baby mamas.

Bot saying Melo wasn't wrong too but this tragedy is appalling. She had a child with a married man...She has a scarlet letter on her chest..That's plenty of blame and plenty of fault...Everytime she smiles and looks at her child she has to be reminded of the ratchet hoe she is that slept with another woman's husband and birthed a child. She should have because he was very disrespectful to her. The anthology show is set in the made-up town... funnywithfierce

You know this whole thing with sidechicks thinking they have a right to be outraged started with Tiger Woods and his baker's dozen of methhead side chick Beckies. I'm curious to know if she was on IG too much, got influenced by this thot life and thought this would be her come up / secure-the-Bag baby ?

Maybe she feels like that's the only way to get his attention. So is Carmelo. A damn fool ..... fawked up mindset ....... got da nerve to even get mad at da next hexanbeast when forgetting she got that child thee exact same way ..... it always end like this with hexanbeast ..... the fall out be .... woe I'm da victim ...... Ugh no you're not !!

Not a good situation for all involved, and esp. She don't see the hypocrisy or the irony in her damn post Would YOU ever get the name of the love of your life tattooed on you? She wasn't worried about him spending time with Kiyan The only people I feel sorry for in this situation is the kids. Carmelo, 35, fathered Genesis during a break from his wife La La Anthony who celebrated her 40th … His wife is carrying HIS child and he out chea tryna spit game to another women. The unidentified woman with Carmelo is name Sara Smiri.

No Real Man, No Real father Period.

My daddy cheated while my mama was out of town, when she came back he had an std and told her so she burnt out and never looked back. If you don’t like it take his a*s to court for joint custody., NO SYMPATHY YALL DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU GET MESSING WITH COMMUNITY PEEN.

Dear Mia: Bish find you some BIZ.

Way to keep it classy Mia.

I’ve seen men do it as well.

She didn't sell her story like some would. MoneyBaggandAriTeaa 6,464 views.

I'm a fan of a person's work, not their personal lives.

EXACTLY! I got one in my building that sexing a married security guard!! It's unfortunate.

Mia claims Carmelo doesn't spend enough time with their daughter, but he can find time to lay up on a boat with "another man's wife" half way around the world.

YG will soon be the father of two daughters.. You can deal with the consequences as well.

I say Amy Fisher set the guidelines for these b*tches to be bold. But as f Men and their wandering dacks create so much unnecessary chaos. Tariq Nasheed trying to cancel sister Keijah Brooks for being inclusive to LGBT and latinx, White Namibian Bank Manager Suspended After Comparing Black University Students to Monkeys. The love of Carlton's life (Voorhies) surprises him with a bundle of joy---a son.

The sometimes off and on couple hasn’t indicated they’ve been beefin’ at all, just co-parenting and working on their relationship.

Clearly this side ho don't know her place.Clearly she did not get the sad memo that she and her child are in last place. If there were no kids involved this would be a different story. Cute little girl.

He pays child support, that’s his only legal obligation to the child.

now go away, He has money and can provide the kids with a good life.

Carmelo was on a boat, Lala her 40th birthday celebration, where was Kiyan. Sarcasm, Hexanbeast spat ..... using Children to garner attention ....... btych trying to build a bridge ....... You opened yo legs to him ...... so you will deal with the fallout !!!!!! Mia claims Carmelo doesn't spend enough time with their daughter, but he can find time to lay up on a boat with "another man's wife" half way around the world.

Directed by Shelley Jensen.

It's said that both Nas and his alleged soon-to-be baby mama haven't been on speaking terms after the celebration, though she maintains a good relationship with his eldest child, Destiny Jones. She had it out for my mother.

This man was out and about smashing different women without a condom he has no respect for himself, his marriage, or his wife. I'm sorry but no one feels sorry any skeez behavior periodt ..... No one BITCH does that also apply to you laying up with another woman's husband? Periodt! Caping for massa. One his job, secondly, he doesn't want to. ?? Poor thing.

EXACTLY! DEAL WITH IT. Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, etc. MAN! Every choice we make has a consequence the last thing I'm about to do is sit here and judge this chick based on her decisions. He’s only treating the child the same way he treated you like a dirty little secret.


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