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Rock veterans The Fall and singer Badly Drawn Boy are to headline Frankfest, a gig to raise money to build a statue of comic character Frank Sidebottom. Explore Dear_Idaho's photos on Flickr.

Yes we really did it, a life size bronze statue of Frank Sidebottom is in Timperley. Thanks for your vote! The first distinctive thing about Frank was his large home made papier-mâché head. So what next? Frank Sidebottom's Fantastic Shed Show was a television programme shown in 1992 featuring Chris Sievey as fictional character Frank Sidebottom. Frank Sidebottom styled himself as an aspiring singer-songwriter from Timperley, south Manchester. It was wrong to say that even a child could do it, he said. If I were to claim he did, I would just be a grief-stalking nonsense-spouter of the highest order. In December 2010, Frank Sidebottom's 1986 song "Christmas Is Really Fantastic" was re-released in an attempt to become the Christmas number one. Christopher Mark…, Huge in Timperley: Chris Sievey probed absurd life situations as “Big Frank” Sidebottom The eminent Australian cultural critic Robert Hughes once skewered a wrong-headed standard dismissal of modern art (and specifically Carl Andre’s “bricks at the Tate”). He was the creation of punk rocker, Chris Sievey, and... Frank Sidebottom was 'the court jester of the Manchester music scene,' says Steve Sullivan, but his documentary reveals much more to this genius comedian. Welcome to the OFFICIAL FRANK SIDEBOTTOM ARCHIVE RESOURCE. Great comic persona. We did it, at 11.37am on sunday 20 october 2013 a life size bronze statue of the one and only frank Sidebottom was unveiled to the public. © 2020 the sievey estate : website by russ the webmaster. Steve Sullivan is raising funds for Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story on Kickstarter! We did it, at 11.37am on sunday 20 october 2013 a life size bronze statue of the one and only frank Sidebottom was unveiled to the public. Its early at the moment to comment, but soon a friends of the frank Sidebottom statue group will be set up, and talk of an annual get-together and small fund raiser for marie curie are already been talked about. get news and updates on how you can help to get a frank sidebottom statue in timperley, the frank sidebottom statue web site also has a large facebook group going come and join us, brian little being interviewed on bbc radio manchester with alan beswick on the 14th december 2010. brian talks about the frank sidebottom christmas single and also mentions the frank sidebottom statue, the day the big tree in timperley came down. Ethel Davis: Well that does seem to be what the statistics indicate.

Screwed-Up Eyes And Screwed Down Hairdo Poster, Frank's Most Likeable T-Shirt Ever Poster, All Roads Lead To The Mancunian Way Poster, Medz Abstract The Cream of Manchester Collage September 2020 Poster, Medz Abstract The Cream of Manchester Collage August 2020 Poster, Available as Standard or Express delivery, 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption, Exchange or money back guarantee for all orders. Frank Sidebottom did not have a huge impact on my life. To every single person that has taken part in this journey, thank you. Copyright © 2010 - 2020 Frank Sidebottom Statue - All rights reserved. 4 Nov. 2020. Probably not featuring prominently in the list of famous people to die in 2010, Chris Sievey sadly died earlier this year.

Piccies of Frank. Frank Sidebottom was a banjo playing character portrayed by comedian Chris Sievey of the 80's Indie band 'The Freshies'. please take a moment and join our mailing list. You can visit 11:37 Enterprises just click on the image above for news and frank merchandise. . Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Frank is a fictional story mostly inspired by Frank Sidebottom, the comic persona of Chris Sievey who is thought to have given his backing to the film before his death, but the plot was also inspired by other musicians like Daniel Johnston and Captain Beefheart. Chris Sievey, the man behind comic creation Frank Sidebottom, has died after collapsing at his home. Chris Sievey, 54, famous as his alter-ego Frank… We truly appreciate your support. Welcome to the OFFICIAL FRANK SIDEBOTTOM ARCHIVE RESOURCE. frank sidebottom, sidebottom, the pet shop boys, pet shop boys, psb, chris sievey, electronic, 1980s, synth pop, alternative, frank, sidebottom, frank sidebottom, chris, sievey, chris sievey, filth, comedy, funny, funny, comedy, frank, sidebottom, frank sidebottom, chris sievey, the freshies, 8bit, video game, retro, pixelart, pixel art, sinclair, nes, master system, sms, 8bit frank sidebottom, frank, sidebottom, comic, comedian, manchester, english, british, banjo, chris, sievey, radio, freshies, timperley, vintage, rare, big, head, frank sidebottom, frank, sidebottom, franksidebottom, little frank, manchester, channel m, chris sievey, northwest, altrincham fc, altrincham, timperley, frank, sidebottom, frank sidebottom, fantastic, shed, channel m, altrincham, timperley, little frank, chris sievey, sievey, beware the zine, 1980s, 1990s, 16bit, 8bit, frank sidebottom, timperly, frank, blimey, frank, film, lenny abrahamson, michael fassbender, domhnall gleeson, frank sidebottom, chris sievey, film, hot, cool, new, awesome, idea, christmas, birthday, fun, original, stylish, sick, frank sidebottom, altrincham, timperley, manchester, mcfc, stretford, frank, sidebottom, comedy, pop art, mancunian, manchester, timperley, bobbins, new, barnstar designs, music, musician, frank sidebottom, chris sievey, timperley, no sleep till timperley, cartoon, max fleischer, koko the clown, betty boop, popeye, artist, comedian, stand up, stand up comedian, stand up comedy, comic, northener, bobbins, frank, timperley, big shorts, little frank, shed, tv, comedy, comedian, cult movie, 90s, funny, humour, bobbins, sidebottom, fantastic, frank movie, most likeable song, coca cola, lipstick, ringo, frank sidebottom, movie quotes, song lyrics, dance all night, radio gaga, frank, frank sidebottom, timperley, chris sievey, channel m, altrincham, manchester, northwest, hit the north, music, music video, little frank, frank, frank sidebottom, michael fassbender, domhnall gleeson, maggie gyllenhaal, suicide prevention, suicide, music band, indie, cult movie, comedy, art house, frank, frank sidebottom, the floyd, chris sievey, 70s, 80s, iconic, moon, prism, max fleischer, fleischer, golden age of american animation, remote control, remote, control, game show, frank sidebottom, tony wilson, hit the road jack, mrs merton, slogan, slogans, text, big text, colourful, cartoon, funny, comedy, witty, sarcastic, ironic, cynical, hipster, retro, modern, manchester, the north, northwest, north west, lancashire, factory, new order, tony wilson, frank sidebottom, the smiths, morrissey, buzzcocks, happy mondays, stone roses, madchester, medz, manchester, abstract, music, culture, madchester, actors, famous, unique, epic, factory records, iconic, exclusive, collage, inventions, firsts, buildings, karl pilkington, lowry, warhol, sport, votes for women, key 103, picaddilly radio, oasis, new order, frank, sidebottom, liam gallagher, tyson, fury, spirit, skyline, sir ian, proud, gay village, canal street, boddingtons, unity, hard, working, creative, unusual, different, aspect, coolage, altrincham, edwards.


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