ford focus battery reset

i put anew battery in a few weeks ago didnt reset battery module voltage showed up to 14.5v 130 amp on torques pids , last night i reset battery module with forscan program and laptop and usb elm 327 now volts tops at 13.7 v amps about 60 a. the only problem is a Weird that the stop start is actually working better now and it's just the stereo that isn't working. Thats reassuring, I will remove the battery and see how difficult it is, I've swapped the battery on my dads old Focus and I know its a pain as its buried half behind the scuttle. Asked by 1Borrowedcar Aug 03, 2017 at 09:49 PM about the Ford Focus, Why is it that after replacing the battery nothing works in my Ford Focus? I've had mine completely disconnected and out of the car multiple times and put back in and never had a light or had anything act weird. Sadly, this has all been discussed before either on this thread or previous threads dealing with the same question. lockett85, January 3, 2017 in Ford Focus Club. Ford Focus Mk3 1.6 EcoBoost 150HP (07/2011) Panther black metallic. I'm guessing this is not a North American thing and my curiosity is peaked., FORScan forum ? As long as it is a silver calcium battery of the same or higher amp rating it should be okay for stop start. except my DTC code is BMS not working. Vehicle...this is what happens when the Turds are Nerds from Microsoft called Followers 0.

I did not do BMS. Upload or insert images from URL. Got scared.   Your link has been automatically embedded. * Note the battery icon light on the speedometer, it stays on and flashes 3 times if BMS had been reset, if not, re-try. radio a/c. If not I can just grab a EFB and be done with it with a straight swap. I don't have engine light on, car shifts fine, my windows work and TPMS are fine. It's possible the Battery Monitoring System needs to be reset. JavaScript is disabled. Is this true? Disconnect battery cable, The red one. I'll have to remember that... Can you use a flooded battery for an early focus without stop/start? Purchase.....example....for less than $5 enough on-board memory could have been My cars battery has started to fail, was evident a few months ago but has now completely given up after the colder nights. Turn off and turn back on without starting the motor. Alternatively you can disconnect (positive and negative pole) car battery over night. i thank they make it so you would thank its bad when its not. He got it done and I got it back in about 30 minutes.


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