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Tenemos cosas sorprendentes para todas las ocasiones, para tu hogar, tus hijos y mucho más. KA-CHUN has a conversation with NGA-SHUEN by the seaside. YAT-TAI and KA-CHUN persuade KA-LONG to surrender. But he is ambushed by KWOK-BUN’s gang. ¡Somos Flying Tiger Copenhagen! But he notices someone is watching him. The secretive terrorists suddenly open fire. The duo unhappily go their separate ways. KA-CHUN takes the cash to a container park. He insists on catching the real culprit. SDU team members go to the hospital to see YEE-FEI. MAN-LA wants to find out how KA-LONG was brought up. Si quieres que tu hogar se impregne de ese maravilloso olor a Navidad, ponte el delantal y reúne a la familia en noviembre. Inspírate con nuestro lado salvaje. KA-LONG and KA-CHUN go to see YU-HONG, who is recuperating at a hospital. KA-LONG calls KA-CHUN and tells him he has got Kenny’s phone which contains information about moles and U384. KWOK-BUN is about to fatally shoot KA-CHUN. KA-LONG calls KA-CHUN and says he can use WAI-CHING in exchange for Kenny. KA-LONG knows Kenny is plotting to plant poison gas bombs at the police station. KA-LONG goes to see YU-HONG in private. Red Wolf has no other options and angrily resorts to going after MAN-LA. The police boss furiously questions CHIT-SUM. He wants him to help catch the mastermind behind the scheme of weeding out undercover police. Some man suddenly confesses to being responsible for the undercover police officers’ deaths and also Coke’s death. Kenny is promoting a new drug, amethyst. KWOK-BUN reckons CHEUK-FUNG is still alive because KA-LONG did not really want to kill him. A powerful new force has suddenly emerged in the underworld as Luen Wan is making a comeback. CIA successfully decipher the box. KA-CHUN questions YU-HONG. KA-CHUN successfully shuts down an amethyst lab. CHEUK-FUNG still cannot get over WING-YIN’s incident. YU-HONG decides to use the box of intelligence to launch a counter-attack against the terrorists. MAN-LA is also shot amid the chaos. While YU-HONG is looking for a parking space in a car park, he is pursued by a knife-wielding bike rider. They want to find YU-HONG, but Kenny unfortunately shows up instead. KA-CHUN realizes NGA-SHUEN is actually a coroner. KA-LONG goes to the library to find out more. A recent spate of murders of undercover cops, a surge of new drugs, and terrorist groups are portent of a menacing future…… Confronting complications, Superintendent LIP YU-HONG (Michael Miu) fights relentlessly to bust the criminal mastermind. KA-CHUN puts anonymous clips away. Flying Tiger (Hong Kong Drama); 飛虎之潛行極戰; 飛虎極戰; When he was younger, Ko Yat Tai accepted a mission to infiltrate the triads as an undercover Seeing his father in danger, OCTB Senior Inspector KO KA-CHUN (Ron Ng) is unable to do anything.

KA-LONG offers to buy her dinner. Kenny and a bunch of reckless guys barge in as YU-HONG is gathering evidence. KWOK-BUN clashes with KA-LONG as he wants to find out who is the snitch.

No one can confirm YU-HONG’s GPS location. SDU officers are shot. The duo end up being pursued by assailants on a tram. CHIT-SUM summons YU-HONG, CHEUK-FUNG and KA-CHUN to a meeting. KA-CHUN leaves his team behind and chases after Coke as he catches sight of him escaping. KA-LONG reveals KWOK-BUN wants him to kill CHEUK-FUNG. YAT-TAI points his gun at CHI-YIU. YING-LAN gives KA-CHUN YAT-TAI’s handwritten letter containing YAT-TAI’s confession. At a meeting, police officers and Cher reckon MAN-LA only wants to get close to KA-LONG and nobody else. While SDU team members are going through hostage rescue drills, YEE-FEI accidentally gets hurt. KWOK-BUN tells KA-LONG to go upstairs to find MAN-LA and help her escape. KWOK-BUN takes KA-LONG’s previous subordinate hostage.

Conoce todos los detalles sobre nuestras mascarillas higiénicas reutilizables. Season Of Love. YU-HONG meets CIA operative Cher again. CHEUK-FUNG rejoins SDU. SDU and commended police officers embark on a rescue mission. KA-LONG tells YU-HONG to give CHEUK-FUNG a mysterious key ring. He suggests using the box in exchange for the release of his wife and daughter. YAT-TAI takes YU-HONG’s wife and daughter into protective custody in an attempt to find out YU-HONG’s whereabouts. MAN-LA wants KA-LONG to become a new generation gang boss.

Haz aquello que te gusta con los que más quieres... Si quieres preparar tus mejores dulces navideños, hazlos junto a los tuyos y saldrán deliciosos. MAN-LA is plotting to seek revenge. CHEUK-FUNG even says he will help KA-LONG enroll for the promotion exam. To save MAN-LA, KA-LONG reveals his identity and anxiously persuades her to surrender. He then finds a note which shows another set of numbers. KA-CHUN asks the police boss and CHIT-SUM for their opinions.

MAN-LA delivers dessert to KA-LONG. Do It yourself! MAN-LOK goes into hiding as KWOK-BUN does not trust her anymore. SDU team members are worried about KA-LONG’s disappearance. Findings indicate international terrorist Red Wolf is planning to launch terrorist attacks in Hong Kong. He is also certain MAN-LA and KWOK-BUN are their core members. KA-CHUN and his subordinate Oppa wait for Coke to show up. At a shopping mall, OCTB and SDU officers and Kenny’s gang engage each other in a big fight. He sends out clips showing imminent terror attacks. YU-HONG wants to see YAT-TAI. KA-CHUN is allowed to have his gun back. He tells Kenny to use KA-LONG’s minion’s life as a threat to take away KA-LONG’s computer that contains information proving he is an undercover cop. KA-LONG and SDU officers rush to the scene.

She takes YING-LAN hostage in an attempt to make KA-CHUN show up. ¿Quieres hacer una fiesta multitudinaria y te faltan 900 platos de papel? CHEUK-FUNG and KA-LONG and cannot begin operation because William has been taken hostage.

YU-HONG accuses KA-CHUN of inappropriate conduct and assigns him to the back office. Drug sales prospects are not looking good. All rights reserved. But it is her day off. | Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows He receives a message that tells him he will be running naked in front of people. YU-HONG cannot prove his innocence and decides to escape from the car park. MAN-LA and KWOK-BUN are forced to help Red Wolf handle transfer of HK$1 billion.

KWOK-BUN finds out Kenny is in police custody and decides to kidnap YU-HONG’s loving wife WAI-CHING. Her male colleagues are not happy. She wants to tell nearby U384 people to lie in ambush for YU-HONG. He questions him about U384 but gets nothing. KA-CHUN’s concern for MAN-LOK has evolved into romantic feelings.

KA-LONG and YEE-FEI have their first date and finally become lovers. Es el único modo de garantizar su seguridad. KO KA-LONG, TAI YEE-FEI and other SDU team members are following LUI CHEUK-FUNG and TAI TAK-KING’s instructions in a training session. SDU receives order to provide reinforcement. KA-CHUN decides to block the news and only works with his OCTB colleagues in the rescue operation. KA-CHUN falls into Kenny’s trap of being locked up in a car, which has been booby-trapped to set off heavy explosives, with an unconscious William. El Rey de la Jungla se merece las ventajas más salvajes durante todo el año.

YU-HONG tells him to get over his father’s incident and stop blaming himself. No signup required. CIA are asking Hong Kong police to offer assistance. Poison gas bombs are about to go off. Kenny proposes a collaboration project.

He clearly tells him he will wreak further havoc if the police do not release MAN-LA. YU-HONG, as the leader, and commended Hong Kong police officers have put in place three lines of defense. A gun fight breaks out between KWOK-BUN’s gang and the police.

Special Team is to oversee defense deployment. Watch Flying Tiger Free Online.

Inspírate en nuestro canal de Youtube «Do-it-together». Kenny disguises himself as a doctor and goes into the ward to handle WING-YIN. During a promotion ceremony for police officers, Senior Superintendent KO YAT-TAI (Hugo Ng) is taken hostage. Hong Kong police then learn of Red Wolf’s decision to take a big gamble.

Kenny suddenly shows up as KA-CHUN is enjoying his drink. YU-HONG, KA-CHUN and their subordinates swing into action. He also implants a detonator into KWOK-BUN’s body. KA-CHUN manages to get hold of some amethyst. YU-HONG, MAN-LA and SDU officers eventually force Red Wolf into an impasse. Chambers. CHIT-SUM wants KA-CHUN to crack down on drug gangs to teach them a lesson.

KA-CHUN contacts his undercover colleague as he wants to investigate the case of YAT-TAI being held hostage. YU-HONG assigns YEE-FEI, KA-LONG and KA-CHUN to three separate teams, each with their specific duties. YU-HONG shows up and interferes as KA-CHUN is interrogating Kenny, causing KA-CHUN to be very annoyed. But WAI-CHING cannot forgive KA-LONG. SUET-YING shows KA-LONG her loving feelings. KA-LONG tells YING-LAN MAN-LA once had an affair with YAT-TAI, making YING-LAN feel uneasy. Meanwhile, Kenny and the crooks are looking for YU-HONG and KA-LONG. A mysterious gang, The Black Snake Gang, is rising throughout the world. The situation is getting tense. SDU officers have come to look for them. After a one-night fling, he steals information from her phone. KA-LONG picks it up. But YU-HONG denies he had asked KA-LONG to go undercover. Big White Duel. Watch full episodes of Flying Tiger with subtitles. KA-LONG faces a dilemma as he refuses to go undercover. KWOK-BUN is suspicious about KA-LONG. The chums run into Red Wolf’s minions on the way. Ven a nuestras tiendas a buscar el tesoro. YAT-TAI tells YU-HONG to stop investigating undercover police officers’ deaths. The SDU people have come up with an idea of using YEE-FEI to make a date with KA-LONG to uncover his tactics. MAN-LA interferes to calm the hostility. Subtitled in English and Spanish. But they fall into MAN-LA and KWOK-BUN’s trap and get seriously hurt. But KA-CHUN follows the rules and prepares to arrest YU-HONG.

Tubi is a registered trademark of Tubi, Inc. Device ID: a03c5f7e-e72c-49b0-b46b-ca558b06413f. SDU officers and drug dealers engage each other in a gun fight at a pier. He uses this set of numbers to borrow a book from a library. The duo have become fugitives. CHIT-SUM takes KA-CHUN to his new office, which turns out to be the same office once occupied by YAT-TAI.


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