flex tape guy

Always test before use. Since they are products and therefore are exchanged for money, surely this means that Mr. Flex Tape will work on: To test the idea, Matt Carriker of Demolition Ranch outfitted a test dummy with armor made from cardboard and Flex Tape. If only they knew, "When the product doesn't perform as expected, it's typically because the product was not applied correctly." PVC, acrylic, metal, steel, copper, aluminum, wood, ceramic, porcelain, tile, glass, rubber, fiberglass, stucco, plaster, stone, cement, concrete, dry wall, EPDM roofs, some plastics, fabrics, vinyl and so much more. This means he's doubly motivated to sell the stuff ... and, judging by his estimated wealth, he's doing a pretty decent job.

The boat leaked, but "remained seaworthy," which is not how most people want their boats to be. This is a tantalizing peek into the personal life of Phil Swift, who up until now has been known only for his skill with a chainsaw and love of boating.
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Probably not, but if there's one product that could capitalize on the Tide Pod hullaballoo other than Tide Pods, it's Flex Tape. *Flex Tape is a temporary, emergency repair and is not meant to be a permanent fix. How exactly does a stupid roll of tape gain international fame, its own library of ridiculous memes, and the love and adoration of men and women everywhere? 100% satisfaction guaranteed. "Does not actually work underwater" seems to be the most common complaint. Don't try to understand how the market works, it just is like that sometimes. We already know that Phil Swift launched the Flex Seal company with his brother Alan, but intel on Alan is notoriously difficult to find. Long, long ago, people figured out they could raise brand awareness with T-shirts and hoodies, which was probably around the same time people realized they could also turn entire cars into high-speed billboards. Flex Tape may be endowed with supernatural powers that even Thanos himself would envy, but it's still just a stupid roll of tape. and "That's a lotta damage!" A pair of YouTubers had even worse luck with their sawed-in-half-boat test. And then tape it back together! Except it wasn't the Flex Taped bucket, it was another bucket, which means Barkley actually ended up soaked. But so many normal humans would let that go to their heads! Please don't do it. It's great to be a meme lord and also the owner of a wildly successful line of products that may or may not work as advertised. A: Most paints will not adhere to Flex Tape. UV resistant, VOC- free, and withstands extreme temperature and weather conditions. Great news!

Flex Tape adhesives may resist bonding to some plasticized or waterproof materials, siliconized, greasy, oily, dirty, or porous surfaces. This means he's doubly motivated to sell the stuff... and, judging by his estimated wealth, he's doing a pretty decent job. A local Fox station in Texas tried Flex Tape on a leaky pipe and attempted to seal a leak underwater, and achieved the exact same success you see in the commercials.

According to Flex Seal Spray Can (a Flex Seal affiliate site that sorta seems like it might be run by Phil? If you don't think you can justify spending $59.99 on a cardboard cutout of Phil Swift or $329.99 on a Razor-style Flex Seal scooter (which is fairly similar to the one on Amazon that you can pick up for $29.99 that you could just cover with Flex Tape if you really wanted a Flex Seal scooter that badly), wait around because Flex Seal has some pretty weird contests and giveaways. A: Flex Tape can be applied in a wide range of temperatures, from 20° F to 120° F. Q: Can I paint over it? Fans who just can't see themselves spending hours painstakingly recreating Phil Swift's face or writing bad prose about him can also fill that vacant space in their hearts by joining the Phil Swift Fan Club on Steam, but vows are required: "Pray to Phil Swift daily," "Purchase Flex Tape/Flex Seal until you die," and "Saw any boat you see in half.". A: It has not been tested on potable drinking water. See, the Flex Tape guy is more than just a dude peddling products in commercials. After 60 layers also failed to stop a bullet, he tried 80 layers, and at that point the bullet was finally thwarted. Available in black, white, clear and gray.

"You know it's hard to get ahead in life," (har, har) Phil Swift wrote. What else can you do with all that Flex Tape? A: Both!


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