feng shui house color facing north

The main door as previously mentioned in 8 mansions feng shui would be ideally placed in the north or east.

For example, if the washroom has to be located in one of these two directions areas of the home, then having it on sector that is associated with the homemaker is the better choice. This especially so when both partners are working and generating dual income for the household. While north east is also an area with favorable stars to locate a bedroom, because of it’s alignment with the facing of the house, the better choice would still be the east.

With the grid superimposed over your house layout, you can see which of your rooms are in your good directions and bad directions. While this is so, there are various feng shui principles for north facing houses that can be applied to all of them as long as one has a good understanding of the concepts behind them. If you live where a side street is busier than the street at the front of your house, then that side of the house is your facing direction. If using another door is not an option, you can weaken the water element for a north facing home that conflicts with your kua number group. The exception is the kitchen where it has a reverse effect in 8 mansions feng shui. For a north facing house… Why is the front door so important? And would therefore be ideal locations for both the main door and living room. A main door located here would inevitably bring bad luck with conflicts abound, and even cause legal entanglements to arise. While the majority of north facing houses will be the front side of the house, this isn't always the case. © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. Rodika Tchi is an experienced feng shui consultant who guides clients through all aspects of applying feng shui in their homes, offices, and gardens. So it would be good if the living room is located in this area. You will apply feng shui rules to that side of your house as though it were a front door entrance. You can read up more about kitchen feng shui here. Get exclusive feng shui insights that you would not find anywhere else. Let’s say there is a kid in the family. You can use the water and metal elements to decorate your front door. Not in the living room, not in the main entry, and not even in the kitchen (where so many people focus their attention when selling or renovating a house). The element, metal, attracts water, so if a black or blue door isn't appealing to you, then go for a metal-colored door. So it should ideally be located in one of the unfavorable sectors of the house… except the northwest due to the ultimate feng shui affliction. Place flowers and plants in metal black and/or blue flowerpots. This means that if the husband is the breadwinner, then priority of preferential treatment should be given to the northwest, while if the sole income earner is the wife, then the southwest has more significance. North will be positioned at your front door. You can then superimpose the north facing nine-grid over the layout of your home. For example, if you have a Southeast facing front door, you will focus on nourishing the wood feng shui element that "governs" this direction; while avoiding or minimizing decor items, colors, and shapes that belong to the elements of fire and metal. You can take advantage of feng shui principles for a north facing house. A North facing door is a door with the compass reading from 337.5 to 22.5.

All Rights Reserved. These include fire, wood, and earth elements. Coincidentally, the SC sector of a house facing northeast is at the facing.

In classical feng shui, yang energy always wins out over a front street with little traffic/activity. Yes, you can with feng shui decor solutions. Since it’s totally feasible for a main door to open right into the living room, if I have to choose, I go with both the front door and living room in the north sector of the house to activate the wealth star 8. Should the relationship corner (southwest) be a missing corner or badly afflicted, then other concepts of feng shui can be applied to tap on relationship energy to ensure a harmonious family under one roof.


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