fastest rap of logic

I didn’t understand the point of it. Anthony Henderson is popularly known as Krayzie Bone.He is an American rapper and member of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony rap group. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. A way that you could modify to better determine who’s the fastest rapper is to take multiple songs from each rapper and create their syllables rapped on average oppose to just one song. Everyone has their own style. There is a message, and rappers rapping fast is just another way to express their message. The mainstream always hears a little Busta once a year. All jokes aside, who is the fastest rapper ever? If I tried to rap that fast and say so many words, I would eventually gasp for air and stop. The end result is that Eminem, with the song Rap God, is the fastest mainstream rapper in the game, which is an acceptable answer if you are talking with a rap head. By using this site, you agree to our: "Road To Fast 9" Tracklist Features Lil Baby, Tory Lanez & More. Known for their fast-paced singing, they are widely popular. But when I actually look up the lyrics, they do tell a story. A fast beat could indulge fast lyricism amongst other variables. Very unique and original article. These are songs of your choice that you timed, unless you know every song made by each of these rappers than you can’t base it off of one song. Silas tweeted a message about the allegations before deleting it, saying, "I'm in the wrong.

Tech Nine: Song- World Wide Choppers (84 Syllables) (58 Words). Andrew has always seemed to allude to this in class, and I’m glad you took advantage with an interesting topic.

I will be stepping away for the time being.". Confounding variables could include choice upon which songs were tested because in my opinion Twista is known for being the fastest rapper alive… which brings another point. Starts at 1:08. Next comes Royce who can be considered Eminem’s right hand man. Imagine spending nearly $80,000 for a verse from Logic to not only have him not rap at his fastest, but deliver a verse that mumble rappers would find questionable. What would have been awesome is if someone else did a study on this, and then you could compare your results with the initial study. //]]>. Several young girls have come forward to accuse Silas of creeping on them.

Twista is the next one on the list, being like Tech, a part of the game for a very long time. Your research could very well suffer from the Texas Sharp shooter in problem in the act that plenty of other aspects were measured but all that is reported is the one song in which Eminem rapped faster than these other very talented rappers. Look at me Now is probably one of my favorite songs. Check Out These Pros And Cons Of Moving -, Commuting to Work and Why People Hate it so Much, The Importance of Sleep For Students | Zinus, 5 Secrets for Sleep – Excel With Nutritional Immunology. This site uses cookies. People are quickly turning on Silas, an up-and-coming rapper out of Maryland. With the twista response I have heard the same answer from other experiments before but their study was based on different variables rather than just who says mores words in the same amount of time, which will go to Eminem in this case. Eminem broke a world record with Rap God but I do believe that anyone of these rappers could easily dethrone him if they focused on it. Is it a special gene? I take full responsibility for my actions. Secondly, we have the rap legend Eminem  with his record breaking song, Rap God. If you want to see all the statistics to all the songs with the verses click this link. Follow @genius on Twitter for updates In effect, they must speak at warp speeds to fulfill every point within a restricted time limit. //


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