fantasías remix lyrics english translation

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/ Susurrando al oído (Mujer) / Big up! Request of translation of Fantasías Remix song from Spanish to English The only thing that I ask for is another night, To teach you things that you still don't know, If you go back in time, I won't let you down, Baby, I want to make you mine, wait, don't go yet, I want to be your baby that fulfilled your fantasies, We hung out all night, came back in the daytime, This is to take it slowly and you live the story, We love each other in the street, in the bed it's without feelings, I give you kisses on your neck just like you like it, This is to take it slow and you live the story (Ma, ma...).

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Here: "Je renierais ma patrie Farruko. ¿Quiere’ flama? Rauw Alejandro (Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz) Fantasías Remix lyrics: Contigo…. (Hmm)You were so sure that I was gonna wait for you (No)You thought that you got meBut you never did it, I’m la ROSALÍA (Look), I wear many chains but it doesn’t mean I want to be tied (Nah)I don’t let to anybody hurt my heartYou’re playin’ with the playerThe best, the killer, Now everything has changed, it’s her turnMarijuana and a bottleDue to the mistreatment she became even more beautyNow you love her, but she doesn’t love you anymore, Now everything has changed, it’s her turnMarijuana and a bottleDue to the mistreatment she became even more beautyNow you love her, but she doesn’t love you anymore (Nah, nah; huh), Everything started when she blocked you in WhatsappDoesn’t matter how many times you call her, she won’t answerNow she lives from party to party when you’re sufferingYou’re crying now because you didn’t care about her tears, Even your mom says that you didn’t value herHer heart does hate you for how bad you treated herIf she sees you on the street, she will give you the finger for sureYou took her for a fool, now she’s making the same to you, You’re on the bottom, drunk in the partyYou deserve this and all the cheatings on you as wellAnd we know that you’re hurted (Laramercy gang)Everything in life comes back and you were a f**king a**hole (Farru), Everything changed, her life gave a 360 degree swivelShe became hotter and she’s ready to enjoyShe doesn’t wanna know about you, burning for the salesDamn, brother, the karma is catching you up, Now she’s rolling’ paiting the city of redShe got tired, she doesn’t run with anybodyShe got it and nobody can stop herAnd now it’s hard to make her fall again (Farru), Now she’s on the roadAnd now she’s hotter, she’s singleShe drinks and smokes all night longAnd gets out of her mind.


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