fallout 3: the pitt good karma ending
If the fights are dull or the slaves refuse to fight they shoot into the cage to "liven things up".

All liberating the slaves does is helps a small group of people prosper in the short term.

The thing is though is Harold in a right state of mind where he could logically make the decision to kill himself? But it was not until the end of this long road that the. I was going along with Wernher until I got up in the Haven to get the cure and found out it was a baby. It's mainly the slaves, tbqh (though I slightly lean to Ashur).

You know? Tapes reveal the father actually cares about his cause, and doesn't like the idea of slaves, but deals with it for the 'greater good' 4. Also you don't have to kidnap a baby and Ashur, his spouse, and their group seems far more secure in their experiments that would minimize losing the one person currently living immune to the disease. Unlike previous Fallout games, there is no ending narration for individual towns visited during the game. Wherner was an attempted usurper, organizing a slave rebellion only because he wants to be king. Wehrner is less than ideal. The only thing influenced by side quests is the choice of some of the slides shown during the ending cinematic. Despite using forced labor, he seems to care about them to a degree. 3. The pitt is still a raider faction, pros-they are getting outside supplies, have order, have protection cons-those supplies are coming from raids against outside innocents, that order is coming at gun point, the raiders are cruel SOBs. Overall,the designers left a lot of lose ends that need to be tied up. Fallout Tactics had no town-by-town analysis, as the game featured few RPG choices (someone lives or is dead). Baby/Cure pros-with less care for the Marie and less moral ethics cure development will be faster cons-with less care for the Marie and less moral ethics danger will be greater, she will also be a orphan.

In the old world (Old World as in our ancient history, not Pre-Great War) slavery was one of the quickest and most efficient ways to build a society. Plus, the outcomes are pretty much the same except for freeing the slaves or not, both Wernher and Ashur make enough progress on the cure to give you a perk, while Midea and Sandra make sure the baby isn't hurt and has toys to play with. My brother just keeps complaining about the slaves: the jackass raiders, their horrible conditions, etc.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. And I eventually took the baby. I think the BoS were right in seeing it as a lost cause, and forcing people to live, work, toil and die there is wrong. Stop." Ultimately, this is people's freedom we are negotiating with. Comparing the Pitt to ancient Roman or Greek civilizations doesn't quite work. Since you can't solve the issue of slavery no matter who you side with, it feels like you're creating far fewer new problems by siding against the guy who brought you there under the claim that he's trying to free his people, but is in fact a former higher up in Ashur's regime trying to take his revenge on Ashur and the city after a failed power play. The Capital Wasteland at long last was saved.

It's a tough decision, and though I think maybe leaving the child is right, it's still hella fun to steal the baby and fight your way through the entire city. The slaves are still...slaves. I just couldn't justify consigning so many people to slavery on the thin chance that Ashur would cure and free them.

I didn't vote, I don't think there is a "good" ending here. The hardest choice for me has always been Tenpenny Tower. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The mum was in no way trying to hurt the child, even took precautions to prevent harm to the baby. Press J to jump to the feed.

So no, I don't find The Pitt a morally difficult choice.

Cons-development of the sure will take longer, Leadership Pros-Plans for the future, BoS training and education, charismatic.

As the OP has pointed out, it was genuinely hard to figure out which path to take. In Broken Steel, this segment is replaced with its own version. He only cares about taking Ashur’s positive as acting boss. Winge-boy hasn't got a plan of his own, just another raider fuck, he was one of Ashur's lieutenants before he failed a power play, his alliance with Midina is a sham and she's a fool for falling for it, his routine would kill the city and turn it into a permanent battlefield as other raider groups try to claim Ashur's throne from him or each other (at least till the BoS sweep through, again), (note: that would get all the slaves killed too). What do they eat? Werner seems to want to kill the baby and sell its blood as a cure. Their treatment is pretty horrible (tied to #1)3.

That was one solid bit of writing to lay a decision like that before the audience, and to have that big of a moral dilemma rise out of it.

everything is peachy thereafter). Leadership cons-only wanted to be leader, allows anarchy, likely to revert to raider background once things to hard, no really moral fiber. He became a slave when he staged a coup. I mean it was for the greater good. Occurs with male character even if these locations are never visited and. Thankfully, when selected by the sinister president to be his instrument of annihilation, the Wanderer refused.

But fear not, you can have freedom.

A state-of-the-art subreddit from Vault-Tec. It's an easy choice for me considering the fact that the ghouls were trying to overrun Tenpenny Tower with ferals and violently murder all the people, including the innocents, just to increase their own quality of life. Ahsur had the right idea, or i am easily manipulated.

Neutral: -249 to +249.

Because the obvious thing to do was to leave the baby there because taking him would be evil. I enjoyed killing every slave I had to and I had a very special MIRV treatment for Werner. For Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Evil vs good ending for the pitt *spoilers*".

Who's going to fight off the Trogs when they try to break through? I mean they are forcing a bunch of people to slave away in the most dangerous of conditions that only accelerate the rates of catching TDC?

(took a few tries but managed not to kill myself), Part of this is because the karma system is fucked. Press J to jump to the feed. A pretty neat house. These are the downsides, now to the positives. While it wasn't a perfect solution, ripping a baby from its parents and killing them, it felt like a "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" situation. When i went to stop werner, the medical facility was very dirty, unsuitable for experimentation, and referd to the child as a brat.

Ashur wants to rebuild The Pitt in post-war America ultimately by getting the steel mills up and running again. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Siding with Ashur was the best ending ending for me. What do the members of Ashur's forces say? Also, why is killing a few slaves and leaving them in slavery worth the same amount of karma as about 40 fingers? They've put up with it this long. Herbert 'Daring' Dashwood is far from a monster. Good show, Bethesda. I’m playing a pretty straightforward good guy character, so I kind of like that there was no obvious good guy choice here. At first it seems that when you help Wernher you are doing the right thing, but then he becomes a jerk and seems kind of bad. You are dooming that child to a horrible fate of being experimented on in an unclean environment until it dies an early death. Pitt Ending: Is that all there is? Honestly Ashur's ideals of freeing them once the work is done is likely to weaken the Pitt with a riot.

When he becomes the boss, he gloats about sitting back and drinking. But it's suffering in the short term to bring prosperity in the long term.

Humanity, with all its flaws, was deemed worthy of preservation.

However, only one of them will appear. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Anyway I am up to a point where I either help Wernher or Ashur. Now for the negatives. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel features a rather short narrated slideshow which ends with the three main playable characters watching the mushroom cloud blossom into the air after the final boss fight and the Vault is blown up. Making slaves kill each other to "win" their freedom is not generous. It's a little frustrating not to have a particularly good solution, or to be able to effect change when you've just taken down the Enclave (admittedly with the backing of the Brotherhood of Steel, even if it does feel like you did all the work), but I also like the idea that the problem is too complex to fix simply by walking in there and blasting a bunch of people, or insisting they change ("What you're doing is wrong. This especially makes sense considering that a lot of Ashur's goonies used to be slaves? There is no guarantee slavery will stop once the cure is found. but when the riots start after you dont take it dont kill the slaves or thats bad karma i think. #9 is slightly altered by, Video segments 27 to 29 - Same as video segment #10 (Sacrifice Another), but showing RL-3, Charon, or Fawkes instead of Sarah Lyons. Werner is literally a jealous douche who's upset his coup against Ashur didn't work so he's looking for you to do his dirty work. Yes, but that's not a high hurdle to jump. Uptown is now overrun with Trogs thanks to you. But then I started thinking, "The needs of one over the needs of many."

At best there is no good ending, Each side has their benefits.

There's no medical team. It is possible that cure-research can continue without the use of slaves/Ashur's wife. Ashur was a BoS knight which speaks to his words.


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