experimentalist in bed

This work was supported by the STC program of the National Science Foundation via the National Center for Earth-surface dynamics under the agreement EAR-0120914. After a cycle of flood-seeding-interflood, plants were allowed to grow for three days before beginning another flood cycle. Title: Flood Intermittency and Delta Islands, Persistent ID: http://doi.org/10.5967/M0BZ645X, Creator(s) The Metadata for the experiments is summarized in an excel spreadsheet.

Abstract: Time-lapse animations, timeseries data, and summary data for laboratory wave tank experiments investigating the patterns that form as rippled beds adjust to changes in wave conditions.

Alluvial channel response to environmental perturbations: Fill-terrace formation and sediment-signal disruption. An experimentalist claims to have raised the temperature of a small amount of water to 150°C by transferring heat from high-pressure steam at 120°C. J. Taylor Perron Experiment run time was 630 hr. Experiment performed to explore autogenic sediment transport and stratigraphy with topography monitored every 1 hour of run time. It was founded in 2014 with as its main mission to make a simple, accessible test to help beginning kinksters determine which labels are or aren't suitable for them; and to be a fun experience for everyone taking it, beginners and experts alike. Welles was and remained an experimentalist, a non-conformist. ,David Mohrig (https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1828-4526). Details on each dataset are given below. The second stage had sea-level cycles with periods of 24.5 hrs and amplitudes of 12.25 mm.

,James Buttles Abstract: TDB-14-2: Fan-delta experiment performed in Tulane University Delta Basin.

Experiment evolved under constant forcings of water (0.17 l/s), sediment (0.00017 l/s), and long term sea-level rise rate (0.25 mm/hr). ,Dietrich, William E. Superimposed on the long term sea-level rise were sea-level cycles with periods of 98 hrs and amplitudes of 24.5 mm. The dataset is composed of over 200 individual experimental runs with varying discharge and sediment feed rates for a unimodal sediment mixture with a median size of 7 mm. Plants were allowed to grow for three days with only groundwater input before the next flood cycle began. NP1 = Run 1 The metadata for each experiment is summarized in an excel spreadsheet.

Title: Morphodynamics of mixed bedrock-alluvial systems, Persistent ID: http://doi.org/10.5967/M0VH5KTM, Creator(s) Persistent ID: http://doi.org/10.5967/M0MP51D5. Seismic data from the Gulf of Mexico showed evidence of large lenticular sand bodies (linear dunes) partially subsided into the underlying Louann salt. TDB-11-1: Fan-delta experiment performed in Tulane University Delta Basin. The bed is composed of the same grain size as the input sediment: fine quartz sand, with a D50 of 171 µm and a density of 2650 kg/m3. The time lapse images are the original photos taken during the experiments (every 15 seconds) and have not been resized, scaled, or corrected for lens distortion. After this initial delta growth stage, discharge cycled between floods and interfloods, where interfloods had half of the flood water discharge and no sediment input. Experiment used non-cohesive sediment that was 70% by volume well sorted quartz sand with a median diameter of 110 microns and 30% by volume crushed coal with a median diameter of 400 microns. The scans were acquired in five parallel, overlapping swaths that were merged afterwards (merged scans provided here). The first stage used a weakly cohesive sediment while the second stage used a moderately cohesive sediment. 4. For each experiment, we provide the input parameters (Qs,in and Qw), the bed elevation at the inlet and outlet and the according bed slope (assuming a straight channel), sediment discharge at the outlet (Qs,out) and the start and stop times to perform the topographic laser scans. The origin is the upstream junction point on the flume bed. Very Ever since I was thirteen years old, I’ve been performing sleep experiments, particularly with lucid dreaming and induction of hypnagogic hallucinations. Experiment used a strongly cohesive sediment that had a wide grain size distribution with a median diameter of 65 microns. Sweeney, J.J. Roering, and C. Ellis, which was published in Science in July of 2015. Topography data were collected by a laser altimeter with 5-mm resolution in x and y, and sub-millimeter vertical resolution.

Other binary images were made in photoshop by thresholding the color intensities for the red (wetted area) or green (vegetation) channel. At the 20 cm wide outlet sediment discharge (Qs,out) could be measured and the base level could be controlled. Runs 1 and 5 are control runs with no plants. 2. with re-creating the tale; an endeavour which, inevitably, turns upon For each experiment, we provide an experiment log sheet, the topographic laser scans, overhead photographs and time-lapse movies. Experiment used a strongly cohesive sediment that had a wide grain size distribution with a median diameter of 65 microns.

You must be a logged-in member of the Project Space to access all the datasets and collections. The BDSM Test is a fun and educational test to determine what kind of kinkster you are. Experiment performed to explore autogenic sediment transport and stratigraphy with topography monitored every 2 minutes of run time.

The vertical (spanwise) extent of the images is 2664 pixels (175.0 cm), and the horizontal (streamwise) extent is 1520 pixels (99.9 cm), based on a conversion factor of 0.0657 cm/pixel. View All Datasets. Superimposed on the long term sea-level rise were sea-level cycles.

,Alexander Simms Experiment used a strongly cohesive sediment that had a wide grain size distribution with a median diameter of 65 microns.


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