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But Friends is a thing of the past, and Marcel is due for a comeback. It means “estate ruler” and is an Italian variation of the name Henry.

Viggo Of course, Europe isn’t one place, culture, and language. This is a very popular, This is a very popular name in Sweden and Germany.


According to the Norse, the meaning of the Eryk is “Eternal ruler”. The origin of the name Otto is German. While Matteo hasn’t hit the Top 100 charts in North America, it’s enjoying a spot in the limelight across the pond. Levente When Should You Count Baby Babbling As Their First Word?

Another popular meaning is “dark one”.

And in literature, Maximilian was featured in The Count of Monte Cresto. Henrik This Gaelic name, pronounced KILL-ee-an, means “strife” or “little church”, and likely originated from the Old Irish name Ceallach before eventually evolving to the Cillin, and from there, Cillian - or its anglicized version Killian. This distinctive boy’s name is a variant of the more traditional Oscar. Sander

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Henrik could make a strong and striking alternative to Henry, Johan might honor an ancestral John, or how about Maxence for an unexpected route to Max?

Pronounced as “Kill-ee-an”, this Gaelic name means “little church” or “Strife”. It has a French origin and the meaning of the name is “crown, garland”. Magnus Zoltan, 1 Response to “150+ European Baby Boy Names”.

Dorian There’s Russian Marxist Leon Trotsky (whose real name was Lev Davidovich Bronstein), and Brad Pitt and Angelina Pitt named their youngest Knox Leon.


This English name means ‘The Olive Tree’. It’s so popular in France, for example, that it’s cracked the Top 10 list. And while it’s certainly seen a rise in popularity in North America in recent years – shooting up to 188th spot on Nameberry after being off the charts for decades – Luca is nowhere near as hot here as it is in Europe. But things might soon be changing it its favor.

The name means “Defender of Men” or “Defender of People”.

There’s something charming and old-worldly about this strapping, masculine boy’s name. The origin of the name is from France.

Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Poland. Ivo The Greek and the Romanian meaning of this name is “praise” or “in solidarity with life”. Arnor Cyrilo . There’s also Oscar Pistorius, Oscar de la Renta… the list goes on.

Cyrilo. An exotic version of the name Paul, this is a very appealing Italian version. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Baltasar Floris Florian A classic Spanish name pronounced al-ay-HAN-droh, Alejandro is a variant of the more contemporarily popular Alexander, and means "Defender of the People" or "Defender of Men". This name is the Italian version of the name Mathew.

In Sweden, however, parents are giving Maximilian much more love, where it’s ranked 93rd.

The meaning of this name is “small” and would be a great option for your baby. You also acknowledge that owing to the limited nature of communication possible on interactive elements on the site, any assistance, or response you receive is provided by the author alone.

50 European Baby Names for Boys.

View the latest boy and girl European names at Mom365.

For a couple who is trying to get pregnant, the two-week wait period can be filled with anxiety.

Emrik Tygo

Hip and energetic, Felix hits all the right notes for parents looking for European-inspired names not commonly heard on playgrounds around North America.

Achille Albin Alessio Alvaro Andreas Angelo Antoine Antonin Augustin Arnor Arvid Asger Baltasar Baptiste Basile Benedikt Bertalan Boaz Bram Brando Bruno Brynjar Caio Carmine Casper Cesar Ciro Clement Conrad Damian Dante Daris Diego Domenico Dorian Duarte Einar Eldar Emanuel Emile … Florian is currently unranked in North America, but it’s sitting steady in 62nd spot in Germany. Hakon

This is a Latin boy’s name and is very popular, stylish, and masculine.

This is another form of the name “Theodore” and the meaning is “Divine Gift”.

Imre Though a classic name of the Spanish pronounced often as ‘al-ay-HAN-droh’, this is a popular variant of the name, Alexander.

It’s 60th in Ireland, 25th in Norway, 21st in Sweden, and – surprisingly – 5th in Germany.

This is a Portuguese name and the distinct rhythm makes the name sound very unique. The name Alfie is… And yet, by virtue of its meaning – “flowering” – it’s also smooth and sophisticated.

Pim It's also popular in nearby Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Poland. Scotland: Boys| Girls.

Sixty-seven saints and four popes have Felix as their given name. Emiliano is also another variation and means “work”. Its popularity in Europe, however, is a different story.

This is a very classy and popular European name. After all, many of the most popular boy names today – contemporary classics like Leo and Lucas, Mason and Mateo, Oliver and Owen – have European origins.


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