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Good governance, transparency and service to the citizens of Kosovo; Developed economy and modernization of the state; Quality education with competitive skills in the EU market; Euro-Atlantic integration, membership in the UN. Then everything was a sea of fire. However, later in the morning, visibility was reported at zero.

The October 31, 1979 flight left Los Angeles International Airport at 1:40 AM PST, and was scheduled to land well before sunrise in Mexico City. Twenty-five minutes earlier, a Mexican airliner also arriving from Los Angeles landed normally.

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He held an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with type ratings in Boing 707/720.

Western Airlines Flight 2605, nicknamed the "Night Owl", was an international scheduled passenger flight from Los Angeles, California, to Mexico City, Mexico.On October 31, 1979, at 5:42 a.m. CST (UTC−06:00), the aircraft used for the flight, a McDonnell Douglas DC-10, crashed at Mexico City International Airport in fog, after landing on a runway closed for maintenance.

While acknowledging that the crew ultimately landed on closed Runway 23L despite published visibility minimums, the ALPA study discussed the fact that the crew was confused as to what the sidestep approach they were cleared for required of them.

Today's was the first accident involving a McDonnell Douglas DC10 since a similar plane crashed in Chicago May 25, killing 273 persons.

října 1979 v 5:42 CST ( UTC - 06:00) se letadlo použité k letu, McDonnell Douglas DC-10, zřítilo na mezinárodním letišti v Mexico City v mlze, poté, co přistálo na přistávací dráze uzavřené pro údržba. 3. Western Airlines 2605 is a crash that sticks out in my mind as one of the most mysterious accidents of all time, as comparatively little about the accident itself has been released to the public. “Ali Pasha, Ottoman governor aka Lion of Ioannina, tried to create an independent state in Epirus.

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A Western Airlines DC10 crashed at Mexico City International Airport shortly before dawn today, killing at least 71 of the 88 persons aboard and an airport truck driver. Most of the right main gear separated from the aircraft and struck the right horizontal stabiliser. The impact of the landing gear shattered the truck, fatally injuring its driver, and creating a debris field 400m by 100m in area.. As a result, U.S. authorities ordered all DC10s grounded between June 6 and July 13 until the integrity of the engine mounting system was investigated. Page 10", "Hallaron Otro Cadáver Entre Restos del DC-10", "No Han Sido Reclamadas 3 Víctimas del Avianazo", "Cuatro Meses Para Conocer Causa del Accidente Aéreo", "$18 million suit filed in air crash (November 8, 1979)", Complete passenger and crew list, with nationalities where known (, WA 2605, a 35 años del peor accidente aéreo en la Ciudad de México, Pakistan International Airlines Flight 740. Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri and Ambassador Reichel agreed to maintain cooperation between Kosovo and Germany, expressing the willingness of both governments to continue bilateral diplomatic, economic, political and cultural cooperation. This group is for anyone who worked at Western Airlines, or was a loyal customer and misses the great service we offered! With the Space­ship lay­out, the air­craft had 46 first class seats, and 193 coach seats.

[5] Flight 2605 was piloted by Captain Charles Gilbert, First Officer Ernst Reichel, and Flight Engineer Dan Walsh.


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