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Watch the episodes of "Riddle, The Search for James R. Hoffa" on Fox Nation, and for Hoffa investigation updates on the Fox News Channel at 4 - 6 pm ET on Saturdays 1 pm ET, on Sundays on "America's News Headquarters" anchored by Eric Shawn and Arthel Neville and on He gave me the location of where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.". The segment that he watched featured former Fox News Producer Ed Barnes, with whom I worked on our investigation, and noted Washington, D.C. investigative journalist and author  Dan Moldea, who is considered the most prominent Hoffa expert in the country, debating Hoffa's fate. The memo, which is heavily redacted, indicates that the backhoe appeared to have been borrowed from the nearby Orlando Construction Company. Phil told Fox Nation in an exclusive interview that not only did his father reveal that his close childhood friend and fellow Genovese mobster "Sally Bugs" shot the iconic labor leader, but that his Dad also told him where the body ended up. A 1982 Carlstadt police report described 200 Outwater as "tantamount to a western shoot-out movie...with larceny, rape, theft, explosion, arson, burglary.". Picardo's son, Ralph Picardo, Jr. told me that his father told the truth about the murder. "'Tony Pro' is the one who put it all together. Son of late actress Melba Rae and the late Lt. Col. Gilbert Shawn. Authorities deemed Sheeran's story "unfounded.". I want to make sure that when it comes out, it comes out the right way. That's how it went down back then.".

A 1972 FBI Report described him as "one of the top loan sharks in Hudson and Bergen county New Jersey...An LCN (La Cosa Nostra) Member and labor racketeer, reputed to be a 'hitman.'". Kind of like a trophy. He is the one who wanted the body brought back to New Jersey, that is why the body was brought back here. Shawn worked as a reporter for WNYC TV at NYC City Hall during the Mayor Koch Years and WNYW (FOX) and WPIX in New York before joining Fox News's affiliate news service, FOX News Edge as the Fox Network Anchor and Correspondent. He didn't kill him, not in a million years.". "'Sally Bugs' is the one who pulled the trigger in Detroit. When he does, he says that he will tell what he knows to law enforcement authorities in a sworn affidavit so they can start a dig looking for Hoffa's remains. Publicity Listings "He was a stand-up guy," says Moldea of Moscasto, Sr. "Hoffa is killed in Detroit, (and) loaded into a 55-gallon drum and taken to New Jersey.

Phil says Provenzano ordered that Hoffa's body be brought back to New Jersey "as a trophy." He is married to Camilla. The site was not being used in November of 1975, when Hoffa's corpse could have potentially been transported there. "It is the law of confession, the law of corroboration and it's satisfied over and over again," he said. He says, 'I need to tell you the location of where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.' Moscato, Sr. was close to Anthony 'Tony Pro' Provenzano, who federal prosecutors have said orchestrated Hoffa's disappearance. The thing between all of them was, the body comes back to Jersey. He is an actor, known for Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990), Sunday Housecall (2013) and America's News Headquarters (2008). For his further studies, he attended Georgetown University and received his degree in urban studies. "He was a tough guy, one of the toughest guys to ever come out of Jersey City," says Phil. They have one child. Fox News has called for the government's still-secret Hoffa files to be fully released so that all of the information about the disappearance and the suspects can finally be made public. Natale told Fox Nation that Sheeran "did nothing.


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