epq dissertation examples

6. How Can We More Effectively Capture Wind Energy? 16. 8. 4. An antibiotic is a medicine that inhibits the growth of or destroys microorganisms. 6. 20. 14. I think that is a great topic to construct your EPQ about. 8. 1. Free Haiku Deck for PowerPoint Add-In. 3. 2. Is Homosexuality A Choice Or Is It Genetic? 3. 7. How Are Lakes And Rivers Formed?

What Factors Have Influenced Marketing And How?

Were Conscientious Objectors Treated Fairly During WW1? 11. How Does Therapeutic Cloning Work And What Are It’s Applications? 12. 8. Why Do Engineers Become Essential During War Time? How Seriously Do Programmers Take The Code Of Ethics? Why Do People Struggle So Much To Focus In The Short Term To Achieve Long Term Goals?

registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion Why Do People Speaking Foreign Languages Sound Like They Are Speaking Fast?

18. Is Hosting The Olympic Games Worth It For A Country? It then took me some time to decide what about antibiotics I wanted to look at, with some previous knowledge of the history of penicillin, I decided to look at the history and development of antibiotics before finding resistance and concluding that this would be the most interesting and useful topic to base my project on. What Factors Motivate Employees And How? 14. What Impact Have Imaginary Numbers Had On Mathematics?

How The Internet Has Breaded New Forms Of Crime, Such As Revenge Porn We added the EPQ ideas, that we thought were suitable, to the list. 5.

9. What Is The Effect Of Pollution On Humans And Animals? 2. 11. Why did jimmy saville die?

14. Should There Be A Minimum Wage? Why Do Some People Combat Depression By Excessive Eating? Would A Second Vote On Brexit Be Undemocratic?

What Are The Negative Impacts Of Physics On Society? Should Women Be Allowed To Compete Against Men Professionally? 17. 1. 4. To What Extent Do Landslides Change The Surface Of The Earth? 11. To What Extent Should Architects Take Into Account The Effects Of The Environment When Designing A Building? What Are The Most Efficient Methods To Predict Hurricanes And How Do They Work?

14. The Chemistry Behind Food Allergies In Humans.

14. How Has The Relationship Between Humans And Animals Changed Over Time? thanks, This site is owned and operated by Think Student Ltd. 11. However, many of these EPQ ideas were thought up by fellow students for the purpose of this article.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thinkstudent_co_uk-box-3','ezslot_6',121,'0','0'])); Anyway, we hope you find inspiration from at least one of the EPQ ideas below. 18. 9. Does Too Much Emphasis On Sustainability Affect A Building’s Aesthetics? How Has The Global Demand For Oil Changed Over Time? What Ethical Issues Do Engineers Have To Consider? 1. 12. Where Do We Apply Maths To The Real World Most In The 21st Century? How Has The Discovery Of Magnetic Fields Changed Physics? 2. 20. What Affect Does Illegal Immigration Have On The UK Economy? To What Extent Have Innovations From Chemical Engineering Changed Our Lives? I completed my report before the deadline as a result of a my improved time management skills, which allowed me to gain feedback from several different people giving me a lot of time to tweak and edit. Should Companies Create “Backdoors” In Their Devices For Government Agencies? To What Extent Is The UK General Election A Representation Of True Democracy?

Why Is Cosmopolitanism Such A Contested Concept? How Much More Efficient Does The Right Diet Make An Athlete? The Ethical Issues Surrounding Therapeutic Cloning What Makes French The World’s Most Romantic Language? Is Public Shaming Of A Politician Ethical? Has The British Public Lost Interest In The Royal Family Since WW2? Do Children Learn Particular Languages Faster? 12.

Are Cheerleaders A Sexist Exploitation? Why Do Less People Watch Women’s Sports? What Impact Does Art Education Have On A Childs Brain? How Have Modern Farming Methods Impacted Agricultural Production? 4. 13. 12. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Fluoridation

How Does Science Help Us Solve Crimes? What Creates A Good Business Leader? 10. Is The Internet Making The Gap Between The World’s Poorest And Richest Countries Wider? How Observations Made By The Trolley Problem Will Become Useful As Self Driving Cars Are Developed Should Everyone Be Forced To Learn A Foreign Language At School?

This is an example of an EPQ dissertation fully meeting every criteria outlined in mark scheme, clearly laid out and includes a fully descriptive and analytical activity log, which is the bulk of the marks for the EPQ. To What Extent Are Journalists At Risk Of Being Replaced By Computers? 12. Why Haven’t More Buildings Been Designed To Reuse Grey Water?

14. 15.

To What Extent Can Deforestation Be Justified? 6. 15. 4. 8.



Should Self-Inflicted Illnesses Be Treated By The NHS? 11. 18. hello friends, im from portugal and would like a topic for my IPQ that relates to wine, does anyone got any ideas ? Should We Use Medication To Treat Mental Health Problems (Or Focus On Other Forms Of Treatment)? 14.

How Much Do Taxes Hurt Small Business Owners? 17. How Someone’s Brain Changes When They Are In Love How Should We Deal With False Convictions?

The Origins Of Punctuation And Why It Was Neededeval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thinkstudent_co_uk-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',123,'0','0'])); 1.

Why Is The Internet Dominated By The English Language? Do Mechanical Engineers Get Paid Fairly? Was The Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki Justified? Is Claiming Insanity A Loophole For Criminals? 15. 4. 9. Should We Impose Measures To Control The Global Population? I’m struggling to think of a good EPQ question based on health care, the NHS or paramedics. Which Police Interrogation Method Is Most Effective? What Are The Ramifications Of Silicon Being Used A Lot In Cosmetic Surgery?


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