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New broods will arrive as often as every twenty-five days. Cool Fish SALE.

Aquarium Info, Search Site Info Endler’s Livebearer should have at least a twenty gallon tank. Mobile     Newsletter     Endler’s livebearers are active, peaceful fish and will not cause problems in a community tank. Due to pollution in the lake where they live it is feared that these fish are now extinct in the wild. Red Blonde Cobra Guppy (Poecilia reticulata), Tank-Bred! They can survive on flake food alone but a varied diet that includes live food such as shrimp brine, bloodworms and some plant material is ideal. It’s a good idea to change 20 to 35% of the water every two weeks. Fish ! Some believe they are not a separate species but simply another type of guppy.

Never set your tank in direct sunlight or where it can be bumped easily. Endler's Livebearer for Sale This page lists the Endler's Livebearers for sale at our online store. Temperature in the tank should be 75 to 86 degrees. Our Blog F.A.Q. DryGoods, OVERNIGHT SHIPPING

An overpopulated tank with have an adverse effect on the water quality. Because they are so active they appear to be always hungry so feeding them small amounts of food several times a day can work well. Though they can survive in smaller ten gallon tanks they will quickly breed and outgrow a small tank.

If you use regular tap water you’ll need to use tablets you buy at the pet store to remove the chlorine and ammonia from the water. Though they can survive in smaller ten gallon tanks they will quickly breed and outgrow a small tank. These fish are native to the Laguna de Patos in northern Venezuela. If one of your fish shows white spots or damaged fins, immediately move it to a separate tank. Store Premium Fish, Free Monitor your water for nitrates and ammonia to assure neither is too high. Rare Fish Do not overfeed.

High quality image Gallery. PROUD MEMBER of the US TROPICAL ORNAMENTAL AQUACULTURE Industry Endless Endlers, Round Tail Guppies, Scuds, Live Plants, Naja and More!!! Also, these fish will breed with guppies so you won’t be able to keep the species unique unless they are in their own tank. Their personalities and coloration seems to be quite different from the guppies, though, thus causing endless debate between fish breeders. White Peacock Endler’s Livebearer (Poecilia wingei), Tank-Bred! Beginner's Fish, Baby Fish Featured Today

The females are a silver gray and are plumper than the male.

$ 9.39.

When you purchase new fish, always keep them separate for a week or two to avoid spreading possible disease throughout your tank. It is generally accepted they are their own species. Ordering     They were rediscovered by John Endler in 1975, thus their name. A dark colored background will accentuate their bright colors and make them more visible.

Endler’s livebearer fish are also known as the Black-bar Endler or Endler’s guppy. The males have bright colors that will develop as early as three weeks of age.

The fry can be moved to a separate tank for extra protection. Sometimes referred to as Endlers Guppies, Endlers Livebearers are easy to care for and can even do well in small tanks and fish bowls. About     Here's a picture of a young mature male Endler's Livebearer for sale in one of our aquariums. Freshwater Fish Fish for Sale. Shipping    

Females are able to breed when they are only two months old. Because they are active, colorful fish who are easy to care for; they are popular in fresh water tanks.

Your best source for vibrant pure-strain Endlers Livebearers. Delivery     You will need a good filter and a heater for your tank. $ 5.99. My Favorites To breed these fish all you need to do is put male and female fish in a tank together. Endler’s livebearers are omnivores. These fish enjoy an environment with lot of plants such as Java Moss. They provide your tank with beautiful colors, as well. SALE. Each batch will produce anywhere from five to thirty fry.  Apps    

Endler’s Livebearers are active fish that are fun to watch. $ 5.39.

is usually $36.99. When you look at pages in AquariumFish.net with Livebearers for sale, you will see a symbol like this to indicate that these fish live best in a group. High Orange Endler’s Livebearer (Poecilia wingei), Tank-Bred!

Buy 6 and Save They are prolific breeders and will quickly fill your tank. There are many other species of livebearers including Gambusia, which is often called the Mosquito Fish, and Endler's Livebearer, which is a species that is very closely related to Guppies, plus the new species named Picta and Parae. Endler’s Livebearer – photo by Dornenwolf. $ 8.79. It can take a while to get the ph level and temperature in your tank is correct so set it up well advance of adding your fish.

Endler’s Livebearer should have at least a twenty gallon tank. They are always active, scraping algae of the side of the tank, swimming, exploring, and displaying to each other. If there is any food left after two minutes; feed them less at the next feeding. These fish are susceptible to some strains of bacteria. Click here for more information about ordering from us. These fish are not known for eating their fry like guppies, but it is still best to assure there are lots of plants in the tank where the young can hide. lights you can add light to your tank without raising the temperature. The scientific name is Poecilia wingei. Adding small quantities of salt to your tank is a good idea for Endlers. For this reason they are best suited to a tank of their own. $ 7.89. Though these fish are small they are still known to be jumpers so put a secure lid on your tank. The food should be broken into tiny bits for these small fish to be able to eat it easily. The fish are born live as opposed to eggs that are later hatched as their name would suggest. Newsletter This is especially true if your Endler’s Livebearers are in a community tank with other fish. With optimal conditions these fish can live up to two years. Copyright © 2012-2020 LIVEFINS – Powered by the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, PROUD MEMBER of the US TROPICAL ORNAMENTAL AQUACULTURE Industry, Aquarium Water Chemistry CALCIUM, KH, Ph, GH, MINERAL CATIONS/ELECTROLYTES, Endler - Black Bar Endlers ( 1 Male + 1 Female ) with Shipping Included, Endler - N Class Red Chest Endlers ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), Endler Blue Star Campoma Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female + 3 Fry), Endler Campoma Bridge 17 N-Class Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler El Silverado K CLASS ENDLERS (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler El Tigre Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler EXOTIC & RARE PAIR Pearl Flame Tail ENDLERS, Endler EXOTIC RAINBOW SNAKESKIN ENDLERS ( 1 Male + 1 Female ) Ship'g Included, Endler K CLASS JAPANESE NEON BLUE ENDLERS (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler K CLASS Scarlet Chili ENDLERS ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), Endler Lime Green Lightning Endler Pair (1 Male + 1 Female / 3 FRY), Endler N CLASS RED TOP BAR ENDLERS ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), Endler Royal Tiger Endler PAIR ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), Endler Santa Maria 'Bleeding Heart' Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female + 3 Fry), Endler Snake Chested N Class Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler Staeck Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female + 3 Fry), Endler Tiger Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female), Endler White Peacock N-Class Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female), GUPPY Blue Leopard Swordtail Guppies with Ship'g Included, GUPPY K TANAKA'S RIO ABRE GUPPIES YOUNG PAIR + 3 FRY, Guppy Pair of RARE Campona Orange Line 'Poecilia wingei cumana' aka 'El Salto' Orange Line Guppies, 1 PAIR of HYBRID RED PICTA 'Poecilia picta' aka Swamp Guppy, 1 PAIR of RED PICTA 'Poecilia picta' aka Swamp Guppy, GAMBUSIA HOLBROOKI Melanistic (spotted) (1 male + 1 female) Ship'g Included, GAMBUSIA HOLBROOKI SILVER PAIR (1 male + 1 female + Fry) with FREE SHIPPING, GUPPY BLUE FLASH 'Electra' Guppies by K TANAKA with FREE SHIPPING, GUPPY European Cobra Metalhead Roundtail Guppies + 3 FRY with FREE SHIPPING, GUPPY French Pink Metallic Needle Tail Guppies / 3 FRY / Ship'g Included, GUPPY Ginga Sulphureus Guppies PAIR with FREE SHIPPING, GUPPY Mapleleaf Pair of Select Grade Guppies F1 by Kenjiro Tanaka, GUPPY PAIR GINGA RUBRA (1 Male + 1 Female), Guppy Pair of BLUE RIO Guppies (1 MALE / 1 FEMALE), GUPPY Platinum Half Black Roundtail Guppies / Ship'g Included, GUPPY Red Orange Roundtail Guppies Metalhead with SHIPPING Included, GUPPY Ritz Pair Select Guppies by Kenjiro Tanaka, GUPPY ADULT PAIR of RREA HTD Snakeskin Guppies, GUPPY EUROPEAN RED COBRA METALHEAD (1 Male + 1 Female ) with FREE SHIPPING, GUPPY Japan Blue Double Red Swordtail Guppies (1 Male + 1 Female ) Ship'g Included, GUPPY Lazuli Swordtail Guppies (1 Male + 1 Female) / Ship'g Included, GUPPY PAIR of ALBINO Vienna Double Swordtail Guppies, Guppy Platinum Dragon Red Half Moon Guppies (Sold in Pairs), Guppy RREA Rainbow Delta Guppies ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), GUPPY Taiwanese Green Orange Swordtail Guppies ( 1 Male + 1 Female ) Ship'g Included, GUPPY YELLOW COBRA GUPPIES (1 Male + 1 Female ) with FREE SHIPPING, GUPPY YOUNG PAIR Champion Purple Guppies ( 1 Male + 1 Female ), GUPPY YOUNG PAIR German White Tuxedo Guppies, SWORDTAIL Green Hi-Fin Lyretail *Reverse Trio (1HF-M+1S-FM+1HF-F) / Shipping Included, SWORDTAIL RREA Standard Fin Swordtails BREEDER SIZE ( 1 Pair + 3 Fry) with FREE SHIPPING, SWORDTAIL RREA TUXEDO SWORDTAILS Young 1/2" SIZE ( 1 Pair + 3 Fry) with FREE SHIPPING, SWORDTAIL Standard Fin Red Swordtails BREEDER SIZE ( 1 Pair + 3 Fry) with SHIPPING Included, SWORDTAIL Tangerine Hi-Fin Lyretail *Reverse Trio (1HFM+1SFM+1HFF) / Shipping Included, NAJA, Hornwort and Sagittaria / Ship'g Included, PLANT Amazon Frogbit aka Frogbit 'Limnobium laevigatum' with Shipping Included, PLANT DWARF SAGITTARIA LARGE Clump with SHIPPING Included, PLANT DWARF WATER LETTUCE with FREE SHIPPING, PLANT HORNWORT (Foxtail) LARGE Bunch with FREE SHIPPING, PLANT LARGE Bunch of NAJA Grass (aka Guppy Grass) with FREE SHIPPING, PLANT Rotala rotundifolia with FREE SHIPPING, PLANT SAGITTARIA LARGE Clump with FREE SHIPPING, PLANT Sunset Hygrophila (Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig') with FREE SHIPPING, PLANT WATER SPANGLE aka Salvinia 'Salvinia minima' with FREE SHIPPING, LIVE SCUDS 'Hyalella azteca' QTY (100) with FREE SHIPPING, LIVE SCUDS 'Hyalella azteca' QTY (250) with FREE SHIPPING, LIVE SCUDS 'Hyalella azteca' QTY (50) SHIPPING INCLUDED, Shrimp - Orange Cherry Shrimp QTY (10+) with Ship'g Included, Shrimp - Red Cherry Shrimp QTY (10+) with FREE SHIPPING, MALAYSIAN TRUMPET SNAILS Qty (10) / SHIPPING INCLUDED, SNAIL RED RAMSHORN SNAILS Quantity (6) with FREE SHIPPING, SNAIL Red-Eye Mystery Snails with Assorted Shell Colors Quantity (6) with FREE SHIPPING, Recently Customer Asked “What Affects Sex Ratio of Guppy and Endler Fry?”, Dwarf Water Lettuce Growing Advice & Tips. Why Keep Endlers Livebearers. They are part of the genus Poecilia as are guppies. It is best to have one male to every three females to keep the females from being constantly harassed by the males. Females can store sperm for up to one year so they can continue to become pregnant even if there are no longer male fish in the tank. Adult males are usually only an inch long and females one and a half inches to two inches. Always test before adding fish.

They are so closely related to the guppy that they can interbreed and produce fertile offspring. Most Popular

FREE SHIPPING SALE. They can adapt to various water conditions so they are not hard to care for so they are a good choice for new aquarium owners.

An overpopulated tank with have an adverse effect on the water quality.


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