eastern airlines flight 304
This damage from misalignment of the mating splines resulted from oscillation of the sprocket assembly since the planetary gears at the top of the shaft had no abnormal wear. The investigation also focused on the aerodynamic stability of large swept-wing jet aircraft, with particular emphasis on the longitudinal natural frequency. He had total pilot time of 10,734 hours, including 2,404 hours in the DC-8. Accelerations to +0.2 and +1.9-g between 2,000 and 6,000 feet, recorded on this tape, indicate severe turbulence. A bearing seat at the top of the dual sprocket assembly also exhibited the abnormal wear from a 1/4 inch displacement, and oscillation of the assembly. The variation of stick force per g versus speed for the 2-degree AND case, shown in Figure 2 of Attachment C, is also significant. It realizes that at least part of the input in a PIO is provided by the pilot as an integral part of the "control loop," but the fault certainly should not rest solely with him. The captain of the inbound crew reported that "…the only exception to normality was that the PIC (pitch trim compensator) was inoperative, with a fix scheduled for the next morning at Kennedy Airport. The nosedown attitude necessary to establish a non-recoverable position is not as steep as one might first imagine.

The Board can easily attribute the axial, non-rotational scoring of the sprocket shaft by the needle bearings, to impact damage. Please note that multiple active weather layers may increase page load time and decrease page performance. The AND travel limit of the horizontal stabilizer was reduced from two degrees to one-half degree to minimize the effects of mistrimming. The Board, in its report of June 1, 1965, on the Northwest Airlines, Inc., Boeing 720B accident near Miami, Florida, discussed at some length the general nature of the man-machine-environment complex and the characteristic patterns shown in the simulation of turbulence flying. A [United States] Coast Guard pilot said there were indications that the plane had exploded either in the air or on impact. The aircraft was equipped with a Fairchild Model 5424 flight data recorder. Eastern Air Lines, Inc., Flight 304, a DC-8, N8607, crashed in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, approximately 19 miles northeast of the New Orleans International Airport, at approximately 0205 c. s. t., February 25, 1964.

The existing turbulence was also confirmed by the readout of the flight recorder tape from this flight. The PTC indicator was found to have excessive play in the mechanical linkage which resulted in erroneous or no indication. The PTC actuator bellcrank arm was replaced to modify the aft force on the control column to provide an increase in longitudinal stability under all flight conditions, and an amber warning light was installed to warn of 80 percent full extension. ​The records indicate that the members of the flight crew were properly certified and qualified to operate the equipment, that they had had sufficient rest prior to originating the flight at Mexico City, and they had not exceeded the maximum allowable monthly flight time. This check was performed at cruising speed and altitude between Washington and Atlanta. The co-pilot...had almost two million miles on his flight log. B-304P / B304P (China Eastern Airlines) - Aircraft info, flight history, flight schedule and flight playback The world’s most popular flight tracker. The elevators are operated by movement of either control column through two independent cable systems to elevator control tabs. At this point, in all probability, the PIO conditions have ended for all practical purposes, and the aircraft is in a dive. At the time we entered the overcast I recall our speed to be approximately 200 knots indicated. Therefore, it is believed that moderate and probably severe wind shear turbulence was encountered by Flight 304 while in the clouds below 5,000 feet. Generally Conceded is the fact that airspeed, rate-of-climb, and altitude presentations can lack accuracy and, even more, can present completely erroneous information as to longitudinal attitude, i. e., trends exactly opposite to that expected of a given attitude. Eastern Air Lines, Inc., Flight 304, a DC-8, N8607, crashed in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, approximately 19 miles northeast of the New Orleans International Airport, at approximately 0205 c. s. t., February 25, 1964. Enter your email in order to request a new password. Six of these removals were for unwanted extensions. There were no discrepancies in air-ground communications, except the failure ​of Flight 304 to contact the center. The facsimile airspeed trace in Attachment B shows that this speed range would have been reached at about 0201:36 to 0201:46 and yet a simple acknowledgement of "OK" was made about a minute and a half later when, if not in difficulty, the aircraft would have already reached en route climb speed. The geometry of the drive system and the wear patterns in evidence strongly suggest a unit which would not attract attention to its abnormal condition until it failed completely. If the attitude indicator presents "geared-down" pitch attitude information to the pilot, it likewise presents "geared-down" pitch rate information and could cause a degree of over-control when the pilot attempts to restore the aircraft to normal attitudes. Similarly, neither controller, ARTCC, or Departure had definitive information for the last one-third of the flight, and, of course, no altitude references at all. At least 32 of the passengers were making the through trip. This has been done for two very good reasons, first, the possibility of the above described situation cannot be completely discounted and, second, much of the foregoing development of handling characteristics are equally applicable to the next possible to be discussed. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. "Not an instrument on any panel was readable to their full scale but appeared as white blurs against their dark background. Following a layover of 24:55 hours they originated Flight 304. The takeoff portion of the tape was not recovered. Since the wear rate would be dependent on the number of actuations, as well as the associated loads imposed, there is no way to determine the exact point in time of the commencement of this condition. After being washed, all parts were then transferred to shuttle barges, and taken to a hangar at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport where a layout was made for further study. Two flights departed New Orleans at approximately the same time as Flight 304. The Board does not Wish to imply that, because of its small size, the instrument is unreadable, however, it must be accepted that it is more difficult to read and interpret than the larger indicators.

Earlier the Board discussed the possibility of a partially or fully extended but inoperative PTC, and it should be pointed out here that this condition would Contribute to reduced maneuvering stability at lower Speeds but would improve to a small extent the Speed stability at the higher speeds. Revere thrust is used in-flight as a speed brake. The aircraft crashed at 14.5 miles on the 034-degree radial, in Lake Pontchartrain. This stick force relationship to airspeed conflicted with then existing regulations which specified that speed changes be perceptible to the pilot through a change in the stick force. The slow trim rate of 1/17 degree per second of the electric system could in itself consume as much as 15 seconds before giving the crew a positive indication of operating or not operating. The autopilot trim system is limited in positioning the stabilizer in the AND sense (1.25 to about 1.5 degrees AND) and if more nosedown moment is required to keep the aircraft in trim while utilizing the autopilot, the attendant loads must then be carried by the elevator servo.

An acceleration to, and climb at 310 knots, in the integrations for Attachment B, presented the most plausible appearing flight profile, however, the unaccountability of a period of 40 seconds, explained subsequently, allows for possible airspeed reduction. The recorder magazine, with the record spool, and approximately 50 feet of loose unused tape were recovered. The captain of the inbound crew reported that "…the only exception to normality was that the PIC (pitch trim compensator) was inoperative, with a fix scheduled for the next morning at Kennedy Airport.". Further, if the pilot now reduces his airspeed, e. g. to 220 knots, to relieve the stick force necessary for trim and finds himself in a field of moderate to severe turbulence (as analysis of the weather has shown), he could conceivably, because of the low stick force gradient, overcontrol the aircraft to the extent that on one of the oscillations the aircraft reaches a nosedown attitude for which the altitude does not permit recovery. [5] The fuel system was capable of functioning normally. The right elevator control tab was found 3/8 inch out of rig in the nosedown direction. Flight 304, which had originated in Mexico City, left New Orleans International Airport for Atlanta at 2:01 a.m., Central Standard Time, and disappeared from radar at 2:10 a.m. Visibility was good, although there was a light rain. On September 11, 1963, the stabilizer jammed in the full ANU position during a landing at San Juan, Puerto Rico. No portion of the PTC actuator has recovered. Their reported dated May 29, 1964, indicated that while full stabilizer trim capability existed, a comparable wear pattern was reproduced on the test assembly. Generalizing from a limited number of cases not fully evaluated or clearly understood is usually a technically unsound approach, yet it is still difficult to escape concluding that the phasing relationship between turbulence-induced aircraft motion with control inputs is at least a factor in these occurrences.". Two discrepancies involved yaw, six referred to longitudinal control problems, and three reported automatic disconnects. Flight 304 was instructed to "…contact New Orleans Center radar, frequency 123.6 now." This page was last edited on 4 October 2018, at 18:11. In addition, another wear pattern was found 1/4 inch below the normal engagement point of the extension. It has no indices for the degree of pitch, and the displayed rate of pitch change varies as follows. In a few trials the oscillations became divergent and an upset occurred. One of these later tests involved an aircraft loaded to an equivalent c. g. of 24 percent. It could have been lower depending on possible power and speed reductions because of turbulence and on the time of onset of difficulties, their nature, and the crew reaction thereto. He further pointed out, however, "The thing that is dangerous about a situation like this is a distraction.


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