east tyrone ira members

8 July 1997: A landmine was planted by the IRA near Dungannon, leading to a bomb alert.

The RUC officer, William Logan (aged 23), who was driving the police patrol vehicle was mortally wounded and died the following day, he was the first RUC officer killed by the Brigade. A support vehicle further compromised the getaway by flashing its emergency lights.

Major George Shaw, a 57-year-old father of two, worked full-time for the MOD and was a part-time soldier.

[70][71] Sources from the brigade released a detailed statement on the latter attack, carried out on 26 June 1994, claiming that they fired a single 220 pounds (100 kg) Mark-15 barrack-buster bomb. [58] The ambush took place outside the village of Pomeroy. Ryan, according to Moloney, had led the mixed flying column under direct orders of top IRA Army Council member Thomas "Slab" Murphy two years before. [35][36] The RUC stated the men were on their way to mount an ambush on Protestant workmen.[37]. [27][28] The helicopter was hit between Clogher and Augher, over the border near Derrygorry, across the border. 2 May 1974: Up to 40 members from the IRA's East Tyrone Brigade attacked the isolated 6 UDR Deanery base in Clogher, County Tyrone with machine gun and RPG fire resulting the death of Private Eva Martin, a UDR Greenfinch, the first female UDR soldier to be killed by enemy action. 26 March 1997: A grenade was thrown by IRA volunteers to the Army/RUC base at Coalisland.

It is believed to have drawn its membership from across the eastern side of County Tyrone as well as north County Monaghan and south County Londonderry.

The level of IRA activity in the area did not show any real decline in the aftermath: in the two years prior to the Loughgall ambush the IRA killed seven people in East Tyrone and North Armagh, and eleven in the two years following the ambush. 16 August 1973: two IRA volunteers, Daniel McAnallen (aged 27) and Patrick Quinn (aged 18), were killed when a mortar prematurely exploded during an attack on Pomeroy British Army/RUC base. One of the workers killed, Robert Dunseath, was also a soldier of the Royal Irish Rangers.

Both Lost Lives and the Sutton Index of Deaths (at CAIN) list him as a civilian. After being caught he was put up against a fence and killed. 22 February 1997: An IRA mortar unit was intercepted by the RUC in $3, on its way to carry out an attack on a British security facility.

[55][56][57], Six paratroopers were charged with criminal damage in the aftermath, but they were acquitted in 1993. [5] Lynagh's plans met strong criticism from senior brigade member Kevin McKenna, who regarded the strategy as "too impractical, too ambitious, and not sustainable" in the words of journalist Ed Moloney.

Of these, most were Catholics civilians with no known paramilitary connections but six were Provisional Irish Republican Army members.

In the aftermath of the bombing, on 9 May, a sergeant mayor of the 1st Battalion, the Staffordshire Regiment was shot and killed by a soldier of his company in a blue-on-blue incident at the same spot, while taking part of a security detail around the devastated base. A 'senior security source' claimed that the IRA was responsible. Six IRA members from a supporting unit managed to escape.

[56] A British soldier was injured in Pomeroy when his patrol was fired on by an IRA unit on 2 August 1992. The unit, moving on two vehicles from the townland of Turnabarson, managed to snake into a heavy patroled area to the firing point on Station Road and launched the shell by timer from a range of 70 yards (64 m). [34] On 3 June, three IRA men, Lawrence McNally, Michael Ryan and Tony Doris, died in another SAS ambush at Coagh, where their car was riddled with gunfire. [5] The first was an assault on Ballygawley barracks. The IRA responded by killing senior UVF man and former UDR member Leslie Dallas on 7 March 1989,[46][47] but the UVF shot dead three IRA members and a Catholic civilian in a pub in Cappagh on 3 March 1991. [19], A major IRA attack in County Tyrone took place on 20 August 1988, barely a year after Loughall, which ended in the deaths of eight soldiers when a British Army bus was bombed at Curr Road, near Ballygawley. The four, Peter Clancy, Kevin Barry O'Donnell, Sean O'Farrell and Patrick Vincent, were killed at Clonoe after an attack on the RUC station in Coalisland. The soldiers were being transported from RAF Aldergrove to a military base near Omagh after returning from leave in England. [31] An Phoblacht claims that the IRA men thwarted an ambush and at least two SAS members were killed. The East Tyrone Brigade of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), also known as the Tyrone/Monaghan Brigade[1] was one of the most active republican paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland during "the Troubles". The bomb detonated, destroying much of the base and damaging nearby buildings. The same source reported that a British helicopter, a military ambulance and ground troops arrived to the scene shortly after, and that local residents believed that two soldiers had been wounded. The bombing was at Teebane Crossroads near Cookstown. They had mounted a heavy DShK machine gun on the back of a stolen lorry, driven right to the RUC/British Army station and opened fire with tracer ammunition at the fortified base at point-blank range, when the long-range of the weapon would enable them to fire from a safe distance. Her extradition from Northern Ireland was eventually denied in 2007 due to discrepancies in the claims against her.

————————————————————- IRA Bombers (IRA Documentary) Gaddafi and the IRA – Full The Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA or PIRA) was an Irish republican paramilitary organisation that sought to remove Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom and bring about an independent republic encompassing all of Ireland. Journalist Ian Bruce, instead, claims that an Irishman who served in the Parachute Regiment was the leader of the IRA unit, citing intelligence sources. O'Donnell had been released without charges for possession of weapons on two different occasions in the past. Additionally, most of the attacks which took place in County Fermanaghduring this period of the Troubles were also launched from south Tyrone and Monaghan. The 12 May's riots ended with the paratroopers' assault on three bars, where they injured seven civilians.

(...) The Association is committed to a shared future based on tolerance for the different identities and cultural backgrounds of people who share this Community and this island.

There were no injuries. [81] Two of the wounded were also off-duty UDR soldiers. 2 February 1996: The house of a part-time member of the RUC was riddled with gunfire in Moy. [22] On 16 September 1989, a British Sergeant of the Royal Corps of Signals was shot and killed by an IRA sniper while he was repairing a radio mast at Coalisland Army/RUC base. [24], According to journalist Ed Moloney, Michael "Pete" Ryan, an alleged top Brigade's member, was the commander of the IRA flying column that attacked a permanent checkpoint at Derryard, County Fermanagh, on 13 December 1989. [37] The RUC stated the men were on their way to mount an ambush on Protestant workmen. [10][11] It destroyed a substantial part of the base with a 200 lb bomb and raked the building with gunfire. [42] They had mounted a heavy DShK machine gun on the back of a stolen lorry, driven right to the RUC/British Army station and opened fire with tracer ammunition at the fortified base at point-blank range, no efforts were made to conceal the firing position or the machine gun. 1st Battalion, the Staffordshire Regiment, Provisional Irish Republican Army campaign 1969–1997, Loughgall terrorist could not have been arrested, "GAA distances itself from IRA commemorations", "Calculating, professional enemy that faces KOSB", "Land Mine Kills 7 (sic) British Soldiers on Bus in Ulster", "IRA Claims Killing of 8 Soldiers As It Steps Up Attacks on British", "Ex-Para 'led attack by IRA which killed Scots soldiers'", "Fears of new IRA atrocity after attack on helicopter", "Cappagh (Incident) (Hansard, 3 May 1990)", "21 die, hundreds injured in Philippine new year revelry", Listing of Programmes for the Year: 1992-UTV news, CAIN – Listing of Programmes for the Year: 1992 – BBC News, 5 March 1992, "I.R.A.


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