easiest stem majors
We do the heavy lifting of education research for you, and provide: Learn about the best education and career options available in technology, life skills, and more. These include the RPI Electrochemical Society, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Society of Civil Engineers, a student chapter of the American Helicopter Society, and more. As the largest university-affiliated research center in the nation, the APL collaborates with public and private organizations to solve problems.

Despite the fact that millions of Americans are unemployed, the manufacturing sector simply cannot fill their staffing needs, due largely to a complete lack of skilled candidates. Children who tore apart VCR’s to simply discover how they functioned on the inside often grow up to thrive in STEM jobs. To get into a great college as a STEM major, you need to have amazing SAT/ACT scores in the Math and Science sections. Atmospheric scientists, sometimes also known as climatologists, make a career of studying the earth’s climate, weather and atmosphere in general. People are living longer than ever before, thanks to advancements in medicine and health care. This might come as a surprise, but STEM careers for people often begin as far back as high school when you can first explore the various STEM topics and start thinking about what fields you’re most interested in pursuing long-term. Robotics is used to join artificial intelligence with machines (robots) and “teach” them to react and respond to their environment, with only computer programming as a guide. The results speak for themselves. Electromagnetism, circuits, communication and control systems, and computer science will all be part of the curriculum. Engineering and technology overlap considerably, but true engineering degrees tend to be rigorous four-year degrees (and graduate degrees) with coursework that spans a range of science, engineering, math, and laboratory classes. An official list of STEM degrees from the government is found here. Since 1891, Stanford has been a leader in research and education. What Scholarships are Available for Bachelor Degree Programs? With a global perspective, CU students engage and collaborate with over 380 active partners in industry, government agencies, chambers of commerce and research organizations.

The major is an excellent choice if your dream is to be an engineer working for NASA, Boeing, the Air Force, SpaceX, or similar companies and organizations. Whatever STEM area you’re interested in, odds are, MIT has it. Of Rice’s eight schools, there are three dedicated to STEM disciplines: the School of Architecture, George R. Brown School of Engineering, and Wiess School of Natural Sciences. Number of Jobs: 241,100. The job is easy because the degree is difficult. It may not come as a surprise due to the growing awareness of the need to care for our planet, but two of the fastest growing occupations are wind turbine service technicians and solar photovoltaic installers. CREED has three areas/centers of research: Biofuels, Solar, and Wind. Primarily known for outstanding Architecture and Engineering, Cooper Union offers STEM degrees in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering as well as in Architecture. Number of Jobs: 8,300.

Network architects can work with small networks (e.g., connections between two offices) or much larger networks and capabilities (e.g., cloud infrastructures). Web design is another field related to computer science. Median Salary: $81,110 Very generally speaking, any major that earns you a BS (Bachelor of Science), BAS (Bachelor of Applied Science), or BE (Bachelor of Engineering) can be said to be a STEM major.

Being a computer hardware engineer involves researching, developing, and testing computers and related equipment for the military, commercial businesses, organizations, and scientific research. Surveying engineers use great precision to measure the physical features of the Earth.

More Recommended Online Degrees in Sustainable and Renewable Energy Here. A degree in civil engineering will educate you on how to create publicly-owned structures, such as roadways, bridges, and municipal buildings. Engineering is the most popular STEM major, but there are many choices. Incredible research facilities, labs, and opportunities abound allowing for maximal focus on discovery, hands-on learning, and innovation that affects the real world.

The Best S.T.E.M.

The College of Engineering and Computing features 18 engineering and computing undergraduate degree programs and 19 Master’s degree and Ph.D. programs. As for undergraduate opportunities in research, you’ll find few better places than JHU. The total number of STEM degrees conferred was compared with the total number of the degrees the institution conferred to calculate a percentage.

What began as four faculty members and 23 students is now a flourishing tech school of 7000 with 120 undergraduate and graduate degrees in mostly STEM disciplines. The right STEM education is waiting for you. Do you enjoy math, computing, and the outdoors? The Center for Arctic Study & Policy (CASP) at CG is a tremendous opportunity for some hands-on, real-world learning.

If you're intrigued by the idea of designing business applications, computer games, software operating systems, and network control systems, consider majoring in computer software engineering.

Any recommendation of where you should study a STEM field will depend on your specific interests, career goals, academic credentials, and personal preferences. Founded in 1876, the United States Coast Guard Academy offers bachelor degrees in Civil Engineering, Cyber Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Operations Research and Computer Analysis, Marine and Environmental Sciences, Government, and Management. In addition to the academic options are outstanding resources. As a major, your coursework will have a significant grounding in physics. STEM fields that are heavy with engineering: It’s all in the numbers. Math may seem like a single discipline, but it isn't quite that simple. Look over the graduation requirements, talk to an advisor, and lastly, interview current students to get a grasp on what the degree really looks like. SuccessfulStudent.org will help you in all these ways to succeed in your education. Though their offerings are not as diverse as larger universities, USMMA offers unparalleled training, leadership, and discipline. If you decide to major in mathematics, you're likely to have the opportunity to explore advanced mathematical theory and analytical methods while sharpening your critical-thinking skills. Degrees for Careers of the Future. It’s also one of the STEM schools for graduate work.

For one, STEM careers are booming, with high employment growth rates projected through 2020 and sustained above-average growth, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Spotlight Career: Computer Systems Analyst. That said, within educational settings, the term is typically applied to anything related to mechanical, electrical, or computer systems.


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