doordash case study interview

Analyzing the data using quantitative analysis to provide insights on how to best help business and product leaders understand user behaviors, marketplace dynamics, and market trends. Here’s what the on-site interview looks like: During the on-site interview, you may be given a real-life DoorDash problem to work on and present to the interview panel as various team members pair program with you. And on the Analyze page, they’re regularly reviewing their fraud-fighting strategy, testing their existing rules, and making new ones by leveraging the analytics available on the page. DoorDash Case Study. Expand with confidence, and fight many types of fraud and abuse, Low-code integrations for leading commerce platforms. All rights reserved. In these early days of DoorDash, no automation was in place and most fraud prevention was done via manual review. Estimating delivery times for customers when dealing with food preparation, parking, and traffic conditions is fraught with challenges. This left DoorDash in a position of having to reimburse the victim (either directly or via chargeback) whose credit card was stolen after the victim disputed the charge. After submitting the take-home problem, depending on if you pass the challenge, you’ll receive a review call (video chat) with a data scientist on the case study given. This initial phone call interview by a recruiter usually last for 30 minutes.

DoorDash had to contend with fraudsters that were using stolen credit cards and reselling DoorDash as a service illegally. An existing background in logistics also doesn’t hurt especially when you have Amazon, Uber, or Lyft on your resume. Give it a look! I would look to come up with data backed recommendations for each of DoorDash's 3 angles of business (driver, restaurant, customer) on how delivery service can be improved (time of day, type of restaurant, who tips the most?).

There are some interesting projects they're working on. I have an upcoming DS interview with DoorDash, as I understand the rounds are mainly SQL and case studies.

Data scientists help develop and improve the models that power DoorDash’s three-tier marketplace of consumers, merchants, and dashers. The on-site interview lasts for about 5 hours with a lunch break in-between. DoorDash was also experiencing chargebacks due to the charges on those stolen credit cards, and their rules-based fraud prevention needed to be regularly updated to stave them off, consuming time and resources.

AWS Global Summit New York 2019 Keynote – Andy Fang, DoorDash, Click here to return to Amazon Web Services homepage. Want a preview of the DoorDash take-home challenge?

Instead, the format gives the interviewers a look at how you respond spontaneously while applying problem-solving skills to create a solution to the business challenge presented. What project(s) have you worked on that demonstrate your skills? The manager and the case study interviewer were courteous and well-versed. Dashers are faster and more nimble on electric bicycles. Practice data science interview questions from top tech companies delivered right to your inbox each weekday, 26 Oct 2020 – I am not affiliated with DoorDash in any way. They would advertise online through various platforms, claiming to be selling DoorDash at a significant discount and convincing consumers to make purchases through them.

Most interviewers were okay, but one (head of consumer product ) was arrogant and totally turned me off. I have done some EDA- eg what times of day are the most orders made, do some drivers make more from tips than others.

Here's a brief sketch of the business pain they're attacking in both the customer and vendor experience, the critical insights driving their approach, and some major takeaways from their journey. I am totally blanking on where to prepare for the case study rounds. The first part requires building a model to predict delivery duration while the second part is to create an application that can serve the model from part 1. Preventing thousands of dollars a day in fraud losses. The user is prevented from returning to the platform, and the machine learning model recognizes that fraudulent behavior in other users. Experience productionizing machine learning models. DoorDash: P2P Case Study Note: The following case study is an exercise in human centered design. Fast.

They're completely refurbished to look and operate as good as new. The possibility to get a job by analyzing it. Continue Reading. Collecting, organizing, processing, and cleaning data using a numerical programming language like SQL, R, Python, or other statistical/scripting tools. DoorDash optimizes the timing of when a food deliverer - a “Dasher” - is sent to a given restaurant, taking into account a wealth of data points, including the restaurant’s track record, the historical prep time for each specific dish, current traffic patterns, the delivery vehicle type (e.g.


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