dominant caste in pakistan
Arain’s make up the large population of Pakistan. They top the list of top 5 castes in Pakistan. of sages whose single cow fought and defeated that time´s in the morning with a row of seven stars, one untouchable etc. People of Subcontinent except for urbanized educated people still follow caste structures . Sikhism also face the same problem. Land of pure has become land of Untouchability, terrorism, sectarianism, ethnic cleansing, etc.

I dont have any quotes from hadiths or Quran- coz they are big books for such petty issues!!! Ahmadis, Chitralis, and now lowers days of strikes and now ET is firing on all the sensationalist cylinders! What an unbelievably stupid thing to assume and then even say. Are you people for real? A Gallup survey ahead of the 2008 elections confirmed the existence of biradari as an important civil society institution. @ Saba Hussain - which country do you live in?

I am sure he has Arundhati´s DNA sample. The arithmetic is crucial as the factor has a strong impact on elections particularly in rural Pakistan and more so in Punjab that accounts for 55% national assembly seats. The British institutionalised caste into the workings of the major government institutions within India. if some one has land, they ask land.

Taravadu Taranga Trust for Media Monitoring TTTMM India He is pitted against PPP’s Ghulam Murtaza, a Satti Rajput, and two others from his Abbasi clan that accounts for 25% voters. Everyone loves slavery when they are not on the receiving end. @Saba - What you say in atrocious. The Article talks about the caste discrimination in Pakistan. How pathetic. Pakistan’s actual culture has also been divided into different subcultures. All Rights Reserved . Infact, apart from the cases stemming from feudal, in urban areas, looking down at someone due to his caste is highly frowned upon. Rajputs are dominant in northern Punjab, where Abbasi’s constituency is located, followed by Jats in central and Balochs in the province’s south. They are associated as fierce lovers, stubborn & the ones who have a devastating nature. Some areas in Punjab and sindh inherited some hindu customs due to their proximity to hindu majority areas. Find solutions in beating the shit out of people and not abide by laws. --Kulamarva Baalakrishna. Caste is a reality of India and its not religion specific, its like the tribal system of Mid-East There should be only one lifestyle and people should believe in their one identification i.e. redistributed or derived from. Thank you so much for you kind words, these're people like you who give me courage and power to face difficulties, which I don't treat as difficulties any more. And yes, they are food lovers, probably they are only people who can eat all the world’s food. They are known for bravery & sarcastically for Milk. Funny things about Arain people are that are closely associated with food love & for particularly with onions.

We need to consciously overcome and create a society of fellowship and solidarity. @Saba: What the heck are you talking about?

Tomorrow is different. Our scheduled caste people have made it to highest possible offices like President, Chief justice etc. It is an observation made in the context of denying benefits of affirmative action to Christians and Muslims of Untouchable communities (legally Scheduled Castes) in India. Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Let's reshape it today, Hunt for the brightest engineers in India. Gregory noted the iron grip of the biradaris, which underpin the rule of elites such as the Bhuttos and the Sharifs, explains why it is difficult for emergent parties to flourish. © 2020


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