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He always treated us just like he would his own children. He writes a column for the Daily News. said, “well, you should stop reading the Republican blogs.”. While attending Indiana University, Dan interned for SiriusXM, working on multiple shows including The Howard Stern Show, The Jay Thomas Show, Jackie’s Joke Hunt, and The Scott Ferrall Show. Funeral Home Services for DOMINICK are being provided by Pennsylvania Burial Company Inc..

And we should have faith in our election system. It is my hope that the Democratic D.A.

DOMINICK GIORDANO passed away in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As Dom expertly steered the conversation toward the troubling probability that Stollsteimer’s campaign had received money from George Soros, a man who has an unseemly interest in local politics, the new D.A. Dom has left us with great memories! Dan Borowski is the Executive Producer of the Dom Giordano Program. They go to nursing homes and grab ballots. He’s always at the station. Stollsteimer continued to attack the character of Kat Copeland, making it seem as if her only goal in going ahead with an old theft prosecution against Sheppard was to destroy his life, calling Copeland’s move “a stupid thing” conducted out of “spite.”.

He’s disappointed in Mayor Nutter and despises Joe Biden. Dom was one of a kind . In the end, the state board of elections refused to certify the race and a new election was held. In other states, like Arizona, the practice is banned except for family members and caregivers.

He thinks some abortions should be legal. Roe Giordano came to Greene Street in 1993 and is a lead teacher in Pre-Kindergarten. He did more for some of us than some of our parents did. Florida First doesn’t advise employees to alter voter registration information, but according to Sunshine State election authorities, that’s exactly what Hall did.

Because Dom isn’t just a voice on the radio. After graduating from Indiana, Dan... Read More. He has solar panels on his home, thanks to one of his advertisers, that have cut his monthly PECO bill to nothing. But that was just the beginning. Whenever I hear Dom announce an important guest, I sit back and ready myself for a great interview. Each day as I listen, I wait for the flub, the slip-up, the blunder—I, and all the liberals who call in and try to catch him out.

Email us. In this kind of uncertainty, the one thing we should have faith in is that these elections are being conducted in a fair and free and full of integrity way. This is what I know about Dom from listening to his show: He has a wife named Roe—for Rosemary—and a son named D.J. Faulkner believes Adegbile is not worthy of working in the Justice Department based on the efforts he, and the NAACP, put in to promote Abu-Jamal while attempting to rehabilitate his public image.

Mr. A beloved member of King of Peace Parish. During the 2018 midterm election, GOP ballot harvester Leslie McCrae Dowless handed Mark Harris an election night victory. Why is the President suddenly so concerned with rich people whose Shore houses have washed away? “[I]f you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again,” the president said. It should not matter if a victim is registered as a Democrat or a Republican. “They flew over to Paris when they unveiled the street in his name…they spoke of how wonderful it was to be able to be there with everyone, naming a street after Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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Dom questioned whether some people who had worked for Krasner had also worked for Stollsteimer’s campaign, and the Delco D.A. He is authentic, which means he is Old Original Philadelphia. If you're a human and see this, please ignore it. Dom began his unique path to broadcasting as an elementary school and high school teacher in school districts throughoutPhiladelphiaandSouth Jersey, where he received extensive local and national media coverage for his innovative teaching techniques. I remember coaching against him when I had Annunciation . “So ballot harvesting is an activist knocks thousands and thousands of doors and picks up people’s ballots and turns them in, in big bunches,” McDaniel noted. © 2013 greene street friends school.

Once you have fought back with petulance saying “Well first of all I don’t know George Soros, so just because you read it in a newspaper doesn’t make it true.” And then, completely contradicting himself Stollsteimer said, “you also probably have read, which is true, that my opponent got a half million dollars out of dark money sources out of Washington.” So we are not supposed to believe reports that Soros funded Stollsteimer, but we are supposed to believe that Kat Copeland, his GOP opponent, welcomed dark money. Have a tip or story idea? Learn more about how GSFS is responding to COVID-19 and supporting our school community at this time. In early March, she was slapped with 10 felony charges after allegedly switching the party-affiliations of 10 Independents and Democrats to Republicans. Now, Dom is a legend in his own right and has taken his keen observation skills, distinctive Philly voice and instinctive Philly heart over to WPHT. By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. He admires James Carville and Ed Rendell. Initial reports were vague as to what occurred but the eventual release of an affidavit cleared things up about Hawkins’ alleged effforts. What is expressly and consistently illegal, of course, is altering another person’s ballot. Normally I’m an NPR girl, but WHYY has the BBC Newshour on from nine to 10, and frankly, I can’t work up much interest in Bhutan. That group, Florida First Inc., is part of a $20 million effort to register Republican voters for the fall election. “Talkers Magazine” has named Dom one of the Top 100 Most Influential Talk Show Hosts in America for more than six years. The GOP leader brought up the issue during a Wednesday appearance on The Dom Giordano Program.

At least one county board’s results were overturned. Likewise, the registration of a criminal defendant is irrelevant.

“It’s been a long 32 years for the Faulkner family and I to have to endure this.

The RNC chair continued her anti-vote-by-mail argument: Are there a lot of great people doing the right thing trying to help the election? Attorneys for NXIVM Sex Cult Leader Want Him in ‘Sensitive Needs Unit’ Due to Nature of His Crimes, Law&Crime has also reported on Democratic fraud, cleared things up about Hawkins’ alleged effforts, Trump Campaign Files Last-Ditch Emergency Appeal Attacking Nevada Mail-in Ballot Counting, Attorneys for NXIVM Sex Cult Leader Want Him in 'Sensitive Needs Unit' Due to Nature of His Crimes, Deutsche Bank Has Finally Had Enough of Donald Trump: Report, Judge Gives USPS More Time to Complete 'Sweeps' After 'Apparent Lack of Compliance with the Court's Order', Attorneys Roast Trump After He Claims to Be ‘Perhaps the Most Innocent Man' in the 'History of the United States’, ‘Ridiculous’: Woman Forced to Hide Her Ruth Bader Ginsburg T-Shirt While Voting, USPS Didn’t Comply with a Judge’s Order — Here’s What Could Happen to the Postmaster General in Court, Judge Gives USPS More Time to Complete ‘Sweeps’ After ‘Apparent Lack of Compliance with the Court’s Order’. The GOP leader brought up the issue during a Wednesday appearance on The Dom Giordano Program. Buzz hosts a show for WPHT, too—the weekday-afternoon slot from three to seven. [image via MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images], Have a tip we should know? As a friend of Thomas Brannan’s daughter, I find Stollsteimer’s characterization of Copeland’s respect for her family’s feelings as nothing more than a “political stunt” to be abhorrent. I started when he was part of that legendary stable of talk radio talent at WWDB, broadcasting alongside of icons like Dominic Quinn, Frank Ford, Tom Marr and the unforgettable Irv Homer.

“I’ve never seen anyone who works harder than he does.


If he’s putting his audience on—if he doesn’t believe what he says—his house of cards is bound to crash.

By continuing to use the site, you accept our, Chris Freind: Philly riots may win Trump re-election. WPHT (1210 kHz) is a commercial AM radio station licensed to serve Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.The station is owned by Entercom and broadcasts a talk radio format. In other states, like Texas, it is not acceptable at all. The only change will be the date which will be based on the information you enter below. Please join us in celebrating the great teachers at Greene Street by making a gift to the Annual Giving Campaign today! Its transmitter and broadcast tower are located in Moorestown, New Jersey and its studios are at 400 Market Street in Philadelphia..

His first comment was about the “corrupt political machine” that preceded him, obviously referring to the old GOP regime that ran the county for decades, originating in the infamous War Board. Father of Dominick Jr. (Rosemary), Richard (Ceil). We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Late last month, President Trump offered his opinion on why the vote-by-mail movement had to be defeated. I ask my friend Buzz Bissinger about Dom. He’s pro-contraception. cloned assignments. Dom Giordano’s 10th Annual Feast of the the 7 Fishes is Dec. 17 at Gallo’s Seafood, 8108 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19152. But when I reach the Center City garage where I park, I switch the station back to NPR. All Rights Reserved. “But think about that. Along with her passion for teaching, she is an avid reader and she loves to dance!

That’s why it was so disappointing to hear Stollsteimer approach the interview with a partisanship and combativeness unbecoming of a public official who is supposed to represent every Delco resident regardless of party affiliation. [email protected].

And even though he and I disagree on just about every topic under the sun, I keep finding myself tuning into him. She believes that all young children are eager to learn and will if given the opportunity. The Dom Giordano Program. They are championing this client,” she said. In the interest of fairness to McDaniel, Law&Crime has also reported on Democratic fraud as well.

Onetime Southfield, Michigan city clerk Sherikia L. Hawkins was charged with six felony counts related to election fraud in September 2019. She always knew that she wanted to be a teacher from an early age.

“So ballot harvesting is an activist knocks thousands and thousands of doors and picks up people’s ballots and turns them in, in big bunches,” McDaniel noted. Would Krasner be the type of progressive … that is a model or something close to that for you.” And Stollsteimer says, in the tone of voice that a 13-year-old female might use with her critical mother, “well I don’t need a model, my name is Jack Stollsteimer.” So glad he cleared that up for us., This website uses cookies to improve your experience. And if you want to hear the interview for yourself, listen below. Thank you Dom , and thank you Betty Giordano for sharing your awesome husband with us. This is probably the point where I need to squeeze in the disclaimer that I also work at WPHT on a part-time basis, and that I subbed for Dom over the Christmas holidays, and that I have gone to his Seven Fishes holiday affair, and that I have seen him at political events rally the crowds with his passion, humor and incisive takes of local and national topics.

I was one of the few kids that lived in the projects. Callers materialize out of his pool of thousands of daily listeners, to agree and disagree with him. Friday, October 30th . But if he’s phony, he has to be crazy to think he can get away with it. And then, in response to a question about gun violence in Chester, Stollsteimer raised his voice and said, “wow you’re actually interested in something happening in Delaware County, that’s terrific.” And then he hung up.


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