dog ate raid ant bait
If you find your dog has eaten or chewed an ant trap and is showing symptoms of poisoning it’s recommended to call and visit your local veterinarian or local animal hospital immediately. The small bait traps consist of granules designed to be carried back to the ant colony. However in some cases, terro liquid ant bait dog ate happens and the owner must do something immediately. These poisons vary in terms of the danger they represent to dogs, but, in almost all cases, the quantities present in an ant trap are too small to sicken your pet. They will be able to direct you, based on how many of the bait traps your dog has eaten, whether there is concern of toxicity. does not intend to provide veterinary advice. What happens if my dog ate Raid ant baits? Whether it’s shoelaces, mail, or your kid’s favorite stuffed animal, some dogs are just insatiable. There are two basic reasons many dogs decide to munch on ant traps. Depending on the form of Borax (liquid vs granules), it can also cause coughing and shortness of breath. Common signs of food poisoning in dogs include vomiting, diarrhea and stomach bloating, and, while generally non-fatal to healthy dogs, should be taken seriously after ingesting anything foreign. By According to Dr. Scott Nimmo MRCVS, BVMS, “even a small dog would have to eat the contents of quite a few of these traps before there would be any serious toxicity concerns.”. Sometimes the family dog can be enticed by the sweet smell of some of these store-bought traps, which can yield disastrous effects if your dog ate ant poison.

While most things aren’t harmful, what happens when your dog chooses to eat something that could be toxic? The most common signs of ingestion are gagging or vomiting. Please view our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us with any concerns. Some vets may recommend that you feed your dog following the ingestion of plastic. Plastic can be very dangerous for dogs. Hopefully I won’t die haha lmao xd. Be sure to bring the ingredient list of the ant trap with you, so your veterinarian can properly address the issue. This may surround the plastic in a layer of food, which should help reduce the chances of an obstruction and protect your dog’s insides from any sharp edges.

Spectracide ant bait granules come in a shaker bag for ant control over large areas. Toxicity is dose dependent, but even low doses of ingestion can harm your dog. VCA Hospitals: Summer Toxins to Avoid with Your Pet, Today's Veterinary Nurse: Top 10 Toxins That are Rarely Serious, Banfield Pet Hospital: Preparing Your Yard for Your Pet. As soon as you’ve discovered your dog has eaten the bait traps, call your family veterinarian, emergency veterinary hospital, or Pet Poison Helpline. Usually, it is small amount and the dosage is enough for ants. Pet-safe store-bought options are also available in most pet stores and at some home repair retailers — just be sure to read the labels carefully to make sure that specific formula is guaranteed to be pet-friendly. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Lifestyle. An ant infestation can certainly be a headache to deal with, which is why many people opt for poisonous ant bait traps to rid their domiciles of these invasive insects. However, even small amounts can lead to drooling, excessive thirst, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Active ingredient(s):  Sodium borate (Borax). When something tastes good, your dog is more likely to search out all of the bait packages or the box itself.

Amazing Health Benefits of Butternut Squash for Dogs. This may mean purchasing a dog-proof trash can, if your dog likes to go digging through the trash. Another commonly used ant bait product, Raid can be found in almost any store. Copyright 2018 by Smart Dog Owners. Discover The Quick And Easy Way To An Obedient Dog WITHOUT Spending Hours Of Training & Thousands Of Dollars! I called the vet to see if I needed to bring him in. This FREE video series will reveal the method that has your dog CHOOSING to obey you, every time! My Dog Ate Rat Poison, What to Do and Which Rat Poisons are Toxic to Dogs, Dog Safe Slug Killers – Get Rid Of Slugs Without Harming Your Dog 2020, Best Dog Safe Mouse Traps – Trap Mice Without Harming Your Dog. Abamectin is a pesticide, so unless there are other pest control items in your house, it’s unlikely you will find this in anything else in your home. Dogs encounter ant traps while wandering around the house, and, as they do with many other novel things, they often decide to check out the unknown item with their nose and mouth. For an ant infestation inside the home, a homemade spray made from three tablespoons of non-toxic dish soap and 16 ounces of water can send ants packing if you target the most heavily-invaded area. A bigger risk is the chance of your dog developing a foreign body obstruction from the plastic traps themselves. One bag is capable of treating over 1500 square feet. If you’re unsure, then it will be wise to seek medical attention via your veterinarian. Lambda-cyhalothrin is toxic when ingested and can be very irritating when it makes contact with skin. You can also jump on a live chat with a veterinarian from JustAnswer, who should be able to help you assess the situation. Indoxacarb can be found in some topical flea and tick medications for dogs, such as Activyl. Based on the food additives, it’s not recommended to use Raid Ant Bait in your household with pets present.

If it’s springtime and your home has a history of pesky ant invasions, it’s probably a good time to reevaluate whether your ant traps are going to become a consumable by your dog. Before you put ant traps out, let’s break down the dangers of the most commonly used ant traps/bait used in homes. Mixing the two chemicals can lead to more severe symptoms. Krissy Howard is a NM-based writer and pet care provider. Ant traps are pretty simple devices. According to Today's Veterinary Nurse, ant bait traps do commonly contain insecticides like boric acid, fipronil and abamectin, but the concentrations are so low that housepets rarely experience side effects after eating one trap.


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