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This will reward you with a Spirit Orb and will complete the Shrine. Even if you don’t want to try it out just yet, it’s a good idea to activate it using the Shieka Slate for a new fast travel point on the map. Don’t proceed too far into the room as two of these have associated vortexes that will shoot out floating skull enemies. Place the large metal block between the two platforms along the right-hand wall and use the two metal barrels and the treasure chest to bridge each of the gaps in the cabling to complete the circuit. Kilton does not use Rupees as currency, instead using his own unique currency called Mon. We’ll need to manouver the pillar ahead soe that we can cross the gap to the next platform. Put your Gerudo outfit back on and locate Bozai once again. Interact with the Divine Beast Terminal on this platform. Start Location: Speak with the child NPC named Teebo in Hateno Village to start the Side-Quest ‘The Statue’s Bargain’.

From the top of the ramp, you should now be able to paraglide down to the recess that has been behind the corruption barrier. Look to the right to spot a glowing blue rock ledge to the south. Rotate the Divine Beast back to the horizontal orientation so that you can light the brazier. In a Treasure Chest in the Duelling Peaks region (Ta'loh Naeg Shrine).

Is also for sale at Gerudo Town General Store. These will control platforms mounted on the far wall and our goal here is to manipulate these platforms so that we can direct a glowing orb into both of the recesses located at the lowest section of the left and the right of the back wall. 8.

At the far end of the bridge, look to the right to spot a treasure Chest that we can loot for a Forest Dweller’s Spear. Whilst there is a Shrine Quest associated with this that will give you an ultra-vague clue as to how find it, it is also possible to simply stumble upon it whilst you are exploring the Hebra region. The pool on the left has a completed circuit linking the crystal with the bulb attached to the chain at the far end. Enjoy those hard earned credits. This is the same one we took before to reach the Treasure Chest platform. In the large room beyond, proceed further into the room until a scene plays and a Guardian shows up. They often yield valuable gemstones, which can be sold to merchants for a significant number of Rupees.

Let this go and the large stone will smash through the doorway. In a Treasure Chest found in the 'Divine Beast Vah Medoh' dungeon. In addition to providing Link heart recovery benefits in base, frozen or cooked states, they also form the base core ingredient for many of the game’s meals and as such are very important.

The Guardian has a number of different moves – it will shoot rapid fire laser beams at you, can spin around and launch itself in your direction at high speed, will use its Ancient Axe++, Guardian Spear++ and Guardian Sword++ to fight melee-style and will also create a rope-like laser which it will spin around itself at high speed which will damage you if you touch it. Between 12:35PM and 13:10PM, the sun passes behind the pillar, casting a shadow over this area but the heart area will light up, right on top of the orange panel. From here we’ll get a pretty good view towards where we need to do. Enter the door and speak with the NPC named Greta inside. The Hinox does have a weak spot and that is their large, single eye. Use the Remote Bomb (Square) Rune to place a bomb on the lift and when it reaches the far wall, detonate it to bring the wall down. When you are ready to complete the Shrine, approach and interact with the glowing altar atop the stairs for a scene. 2. Remember, these are the special abilities on offer for each: If you haven’t explored the Eldin region previously, I’d recommend fast travelling to the Lanayru Tower in the Lanyru Tower Egion. Unlock any remaining Towers – If you haven’t yet unlocked all of the region towers, it is a good idea to do so to uncover the world map in its entirety.

Enter the Shrine. We’ll need to rearrange things again. In a Treasure Chest in the Gerudo region (Sasa Kai Shrine). When you have come across a Blupee, pull out Link’s Camera Rune and take a photograph of it. This cannot be blocked. We’ll want to work on the left side of the room first.

Speak with her with the ice block in your possession and our objectives will update once again. Hit the stone block with a blast of Stasis and smack it a few times to dislodge it from its position. Go through the door that has now opened at the back of the area. In a Treasure Chest in the tabantha region (Ahk Va'Quot Shrine). Re-equip your torch, light it on fire again and then head for the back wall. When the lift rises once again, you’ll be able to jump to the upper metal walkway. At this point, we need to simply go and speak with the Boss of Goron City, Bludo once again to end the quest. He’ll tell you about the Great Fairy Fountain nearby. After speaking with Zyle and starting this Side-Quest, you’ll be required to bring him a good-sized horse. The good news is that most of his magical Cryonis/laser attacks can be stopped by hitting him in the eye with an arrow. They’ll be a bit funny on accepting turning controls though and will disobey occasionally, but will very rarely try to throw you off. 1. Alternatively, we can make a dash to the Kara Kara Bazaar in the desert just south of the entrance to Gerudo Canyon and purchase some Hydromelons from the General Store here. Return to Gruve and speak with him once again to complete the brief Side-Quest. In a Treasure Chest in the Duelling Peaks region (Toto Sah Shrine). Start Location: Speak to the child NPC named Koko standing by the cooking fire right next door to the General Store on the western side of Kakariko Village after completing the ‘Koko’s Kitchen’ Side-Quest. Approach the Toh Yahsa Shrine and activate the pedestal by the door. Fortunately, we can mitigate this somewhat. Doing so will remove power from the tail and it will subsequently return to its initial location. For the most part, you are going to want to approach the Guardian carefully. Make your way to the objective marker in the large structure at the northeastern end of town to progress. There is a total of 76 Side-Quests in the base version of the game and they fall into a couple of broad categories, each of which plays out in a slightly different way. This location is roughly halfway between the Ridgeland Tower and Hebra Tower. Pick up the 1x Naydra’s Scale and place it in the water in front of the statue ahead to reveal the Shrine. Make your way back to the platform with the blockage and enter the now open cave for a scene. Step on the glowing blue platform in front of this and hit the windmill with a Korok leaf to launch up to another higher area above. After beginning the Side-Quest we’ll need to find and buy 1x Monster Extract and there is only on merchant in the game world who sells that – a somewhat hidden monster part peddler/merchant named Kilton who sells monster-themed gear and equipment. Upon entering Goron City, the very first thing you’ll want to do is take a right as soon as you enter the gate to find an Armor Shop. Doing so will also unlock the Tech Lab as a fast travel location – handy! Look to the left of the king for a small opening in the wall surrounding his area.

Ride the elevator up and get off on the upper ledge to the left. When it does reveal itself, the weak spot takes on the form of a creepy glowing eyeball. Wildberries appear in snowy areas in the environment.

Once you have picked up the Shrine Quest, we’ll need to grab a Noble Pursuit drink. Shoot the eye to remove the corruption and jump to the cog's tooth. The left fork leads down to the Mo’a Keet Shrine, whilst the upper will lead you uphill into the Akkala region and if you stay on this path, you’ll reach the Akkala Region Tower. As a reminder, the prefix titles on ingredients will provide the associated buff when cooked in a meal.

Floating above the pool is a large, cubic block with torches on three sides and a spout shooting water out of a fourth. Once the Hinox falls, loot all of the goodies that he drops before nabbing the orange orb and placing it in the orange pedestal. This should roll all the way down the hill and destroy the door, revealing the Shrine inside. Shoot the eyeball on the roof above this to remove the corruption barrier. 1x Raw Bird Thigh, 1x Bird Egg, 1x Goat Butter, 1x Hylian Rice. During this mini-game, we’ll need to climb all the way back up to the top of the rock column within 3 minutes, whilst picking up at least 100 Rupees along the way. 1. At the far end of this is a collection of Rock Roasts. Approach and speak with Cado again at this point to complete the Side-Quest. 1x Raw Bird Thigh, 1x Goron Spice, 1x Hylian Rice. In this location, we’ll need to look around for the white horse. Other than the additional fireball and guardian laser attacks… and the environmental hazard created by the fire-imbued weapons, the second phase plays out in exactly the same way as the first. A short time after this, Pikango will come to a stop and tell you to go on without him. The Faron Tower Region has eight Shrines that can be discovered. At the top of the ramp, switch the Divine Beast back to the horizontal. Swim to the black and when it is safe to do so, jump to the platform and knock the Guardian into the water to kill it. Diamond Circlet (this can be found by dropping down the hole just in front of the Shrine when you reach it in a room filled with Guardian Stalkers). At this point, we can return to Pokki at the Misae Suma Shrine. 1. Climb up and enter the tree before dropping the Rusty Shield into the tree itself. 1. We need to take this to the northern end of the island to a receptacle just off the coast. We won’t be able to damage Fireblight Ganon at this stage until we have knocked off his fire shield. After all of that work, the inside of Lakna Rokee shrine is rightfully simple. When the pad is glowing, take aim and shoot an arrow towards the top of Gerudo Tower. This will reward you with a Spirit Orb and will complete the Shrine. The other important attribute to the map screen is articulation and moving the Divine Beasts. They include: When you are ready to continue, head out the eastern end of town and make your way to the large building on the hill overlooking the town indicated by the objective marker.

Shoot them all to remove the corruption from the room and loot the three Treasure Chests that appear for a Dragonbone Boko Club, 5x Ice Arrow and a Torch. As you explore the world, in addition to the towers, you'll also find the entrances to Shrines. I’d recommend undertaking this quest now, but feel free to take on any one that you want. Before jumping off when you reach the altar platform, look back towards the metal box and you’ll see a small ledge to the right with a Treasure Chest. During the second phase of the fight, Fireblight Ganon will embue his weapons with additional fire damage. Dropped by Moblin enemies.

1x Mushroom (any type), 1x Bird Egg, 1x Goat Butter, 1x Rock Salt. Once you have spoken with Liana to initiate the Side-Quest, we’ll need to help her out by finding and saving an NPC named Barta (remember her from the Yiga Clan Hideout?). 2 minutes) and do so whilst proving our ability to endure heat. When you have dealt enough damage to him, a scene will play.


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