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http://www.dingoconservation.org/law.html, None Listed They thrive in the open fields and forests of the farm returning to their sheds to be locked up every evening.

About: When I first came to the sanctuary, I was so scared of humans and other dingoes that I would not come out of my den. I am a big ball of energy and I love nothing more than running around, spinning and checking everything out to make sure everything is in order. They are natural hunters that usually travel in packs that range in size from 3 to 12 animals. By contrast, the commercial broad-breasted white turkey has a sad tale indeed. The hen exhibits more restrained coppering of the hackle over a matt black body. Colour: Ginger Because of its need for adequate exercise, the Dingo is not well suited for smaller homes and apartments. Its naturally full coat of fur varies in length throughout the seasons to help protect the Dingo from the elements. After 8 years of breeding, we estimate that there are over a thousand of our laying hens around the area supplying > 150,000 nutritious free-rang eggs every year to local families. Sometimes I get lucky and they forget to put the bin back inside and I get to rummage through it looking for treats!

She is incredibly intelligent and observes everything. I hurt my jaw as a pup before I lived at the sanctuary and it set that way. Colour: Ginger Dingoes don’t bark so I wasn’t a very good guard dog! Age: Juvenile The Orpington is an extremely docile hen, and a good broody and mother. Colour: Ginger As she grew up in our sanctuary from an early age, she has had an extensive amount of human interaction so she is now quite sure of herself and is very confident around people and other dogs. They feature a coat that is typically yellow-ginger but can also include black white and other shades of brown. See State Law for information about permits. Age: Senior She has had a lot of experience on the lead, is very confident on walks and performs well in a suburban setting. We are so incredibly proud of this beautiful young dingo and we know she will make a wonderful addition to a loving family. Age: Juvenile I love chasing the other dingoes and finding all the best bugs and grubs in the dirt. This are all medium-large birds that are docile, resilient and adaptable. Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2020. Any later than this will allow them to develop habits that will be hard to break as an adult and may present a danger to the family. The earliest archeological evidence of domestication of the turkey comes from Mayan sites and dates back at least 2000 years. Oh, and if you happen to have any food I’m yours forever because snacks are my life! Sex: Male Think of a very hungry Chewbacca… whoever that is!! About: I was chosen to stay at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre as Wandi’s partner as I had three rambunctious older brothers and could handle a wild-born male! At Dingo Bend, our objective is to grow big, healthy, happy, grass-fed Angus Cattle in a NSW Mid-North Coast environment. A heritage turkey has a slow growth rate – it develops a strong skeleton and health internal organs prior to building muscle mass. Sex: Female Dogs4Sale. Background: I was born in the wild somewhere around NSW or Victorian border. OUR DINGOES Careful selection over many years has ensured a genetically diverse, pure dingo gene pool collection at the Sanctuary. I also have a little cowlick of hair behind my head which gives me a cute little mohawk. About: Hi! She is very eager to please, especially if there are treats involved! Companion: Winkye

Site by Global Web Pack. Age: Adult Type of Dingo: Alpine It became an internationally known breed in the 1920s after setting new egg-laying records. They have a finer stature, lack the double coat the other dingo types, and are generally ginger and creamy white in colour. Companion: Beri Although, I can be quite cheeky when you provide me with new things like beds and coats for Ibis. Although we may look like kelpies, Black and Tan dingoes are pure and the kelpie colouration may have come from them. I was just trying to be playful with the kids but then I was hurt so they took me to the sanctuary instead. Ro has been learning basic training and manners from our volunteers and her practise walking on lead has been going very well. Kirima knows his name and does come when he is called... if there is nothing more interesting going on! Type of Dingo: K’gari (Fraser Island) Dajackie Mini Foxies Proud members of MFCA. Other Info: I have a unique colour pattern that sets me apart from the other dingoes at the sanctuary! Once he feels comfortable and secure in his home, Kirima loves everything with his entire heart. Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2007. Colour: Ginger A cute dingo puppy. Background: Cooma was born at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre. But, my favourite thing at the sanctuary is my sweet partner, Cooma. Background: I was born in the Kimberley’s in Western Australia and came to the sanctuary as a rescue when I was just 10 weeks old. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Now I have a wolf-like head and am one of the largest dingoes at the Sanctuary! She is a sweetheart with her trusted humans and loves to play rough with her dingo friends. All are very friendly and af. Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2017, Background: I was born at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre. Companion: Tangle The Cock resplendent in the copper and red finery of his hackles and back is the epitome of the farmyard rooster. Colour: Sable Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2020. About: Hi, I am Aussie! Purebred heritage stock breeds “true”. Partner: Clyde A hunter shot my parents and then wanted to keep me as a pet. Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2018. Yera will need a home that is willing to devote time to his training and confidence as he grows. Colour: Black and Tan out the relevant information regarding dingo ownership via their Courage loves food so dinner time is definitely his favourite time of day. By nature this breed is docile but active. Age: Adult This beautiful little lady is a wild born orphan who came into care with us just in time. Australian dingoes mate in autumn and, around 60 days later, a litter of dingo puppies is born. Sex: Female Sex: Male They were both in awful condition and needed help fast. Burt came into care with his brother Ernie. Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2018. About: Despite my unique colouring, my DNA results show that I’m a pure dingo just like Wandi who was also found in the wild! Sex: Male About: Initially I may come across as a little aloof and I definitely don’t like to be put on a lead, but when you least expect it I will be there, right beside your leg just staring up at you. I am named Bandit because when I was a cub, I had a very ‘Zorro’-esque mask marking on my face, though the only things I steal are people’s hearts. Other Info: The volunteers say I am very cheeky little dingo and is seen as a bit of a trickster and is full of beans! About: They say you can’t help but love me! However, this in no way impairs their natural instincts nor “domesticates” the species, and we remain vigilant against any forms of natural weakness, which would be naturally selected against in the wild.


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