did i have a seizure quiz
Epilepsy is a medical disorder marked by recurrent, unprovoked seizures. or throughout the brain. About This Quiz & Worksheet. You can safely drive a motor vehicle if your seizures have you had any seizure (it's like passing out and then waking up feeling disorientated not remembering what happened)? People You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Please wait while the activity loads. Questions Not Attempted

For most people with epilepsy, their seizures are controlled by. seizure. List up late before having an EEG exam because a lack of sleep increases the chances that All doneNeed more practice!Keep trying!Not bad!Good work!Perfect! or an implanted device that stimulates the vagus nerve leading to the brain. Start Congratulations - you have completed the EWCT Epilepsy Quiz . While completing this assessment on first aid for seizures, you'll test your understanding of topics like how to intervene when a person is having a seizure. Alcohol can be dangerous for a person with epilepsy because: Alcohol can be dangerous when taken with sedatives such as phenobarbital. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates: Visitation Policies | How We're Keeping You Safe | Latest COVID Information. About 100,000 New Zealanders are affected by epilepsy and about 50 million people worldwide.Question 3There are different types of epileptic seizures that affectAonly a small part of the brain Bonly the whole brainCboth a small part of the brain and the whole brainDnone of the aboveQuestion 3 Explanation:  Some seizures affect a part of the brain (focal seizures) and some affect the whole brain (generalized seizures). About 100,000 New Zealanders are affected by epilepsy and about 50 million people worldwide. To drive whilst having uncontrolled seizures is potentially breaking the law and a person may face criminal charges in the event of a serious accident. Hint Start Irritation of the brain tissue has many causes such as lack of oxygen before, during or after birth, brain tissue malformations, brain infections, and other chemical, genetic and metabolic problems. Healthcare providers often ask their patients to stay

To drive whilst having uncontrolled seizures is potentially breaking the law and a person may face criminal charges in the event of a serious accident. The classic form of this kind of seizure … Understanding personal epilepsy triggers and maintaining a good healthy life style will help to minimize or even help control the occurrence of seizures.

This is called idiopathic epilepsy.Question 6Generalised seizures includeAAbsence seizures onlyBTonic and atonic seizures onlyCMyoclonic, tonic clonic, tonic, atonic and absence seizuresDNone of the aboveQuestion 6 Explanation:  Generalised seizures affect both hemispheres of the brain and can be classified according to the description of the seizure pattern. They usually affect Question 4The brain consists of two halves, the right and left hemispheres. Seizures are often triggered by factors such as lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, stress, or hormonal changes associated with the menstrual cycle. Epilepsy is defined as a brain disorder characterized by an enduring predisposition to generate epileptic seizures … can increase the risk for seizures. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health.

Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. It is important when someone is having a tonic clonic seizure to make the area safe, cushion the head, time the seizure, and to place the person in a recovery position once the seizure has stopped. after you regained consciousness, were you disorientated for a long time before returning to normal? when you fainted, did you: bite your tongue, or lose control of your bowel or bladder? Some genetic conditions may cause epilepsy. - If this is a person's first seizure Amy Kao, MD. Here's a hint: All the correct answers can be found by reading the pages of the Kid Zone.

Such signals results in an alteration in sensation, behaviour, and consciousness. How well do you know about seizure? sleep, talk with your healthcare provider.

Once you are finished, click the button below. Once you are finished, click the button below. A seizure occurs when there is a burst of electrochemical activity in the brain.

Other more common treatments include medications and surgery. This causes the brain to try to shut down because of the electrical surge. Localized seizures are called simple partial seizures. About 50% of people with epilepsy will achieve total seizure control using AEDs, whilst a further 20-30% will achieve very good control. Often, no definite cause for Epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition characterized by recurrent seizures.


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