delta ii explosion
I like this new series Scott.. Keep ’em coming!

I saw a documentary on this failure once where one of the engineers described making an insurance claim about is totally destroyed car. That first shot of the propellant falling from the sky reminds me of some of the explosions in the original Thunderbirds TV show, Nice firework. In its 155 flights, the Delta II had only one complete failure and one partial failure, a 99 percent success rate that makes it one of the most reliable launch vehicles ever. 7 seconds after launch their license expired.

Bernard recounted that his insurance adjuster was initially skeptical when he reported the cause of damage as a collision with a rocket.

We better test them so that doesn’t happen.”

Thanks for beaming me up again! As we all know cause they had an Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly! It got heavier and heavier and became the delta; the tanks have been stretched, a second stage was added. The GPS IIR-1 was a total loss as the Delta II exploded 13 seconds after launch. I love seeing your comments under other yourubers videos, I special like the ones about the toaster and star citizen. In the years since then, Delta IIs have launched NASA probes to Mars, Mercury, the moon, and asteroids, as well as 48 global positioning system navigation satellites through 2009 and commercial satellites for companies including Iridium and Globalstar. Rockets fail because they don’t work well after exploding. Delta II with shark's teeth A Delta II rocket sporting the shark’s teeth livery, prior to the launch of a GPS satellite in 2007.

I tend to watch mostly at night so it’s quite nice to not have my retina fried away by an unexpected bright point in the video. I worked on the upgrade of Delta RS-27 engine to Delta II back in ’87. I was fortunate to work with a number of great engineers at Aerospace as well as many from the prime and subcontractors; we were all unified in our goal of achieving mission success.”. Keep the great videos coming Scott. You’re so reliably good, u may not even know. Great idea for series of videos.

Looking forward to more!

Vehicle Configurations. Funny story; Once at Vandenberg  one of the solid boosters was out of storage and sitting outside to get some testing.

I don’t want to see rockets explode, but it is fascinating to watch and learn about. The Delta II rocket was carrying an Air Force navigational satellite when it exploded 12 seconds after takeoff from Cape Canaveral, Fla. The RIFCA had better luck than Bernard’s truck. [humor]. I was 10 years old and I still remember the noise and the incredible explosion that rocked the building I was in… we were getting ready to board the big red boat and they said if that boat wasnt between us and the explosion, all the glass in this glass wall facing the ship would have shattered!!!

, I like the name of this new series, ahahahah. Loving this new series Scott!

Any chance of getting ‘lucky’? Delta 2 Explosion Plume Analysis Report A Delta II rocket exploded seconds after liftoff from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) on 17 January 1997.


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