defanged cobra for sale

Diese Einstellung können Sie jederzeit wieder ändern. Note: the thumbnail image above of Mike’s E.R.A.

Harness up and hold on: this is a performance machine extraordinaire! Gone way down south(west) to a splendid new stable in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Tucson,Arizona. Note: the thumbnail image above of Bill’s Hurricane Cobra is hotlinked to his Showcase page… so you can see his Cobra in all its glory! Spare full set of rolling stock negotiable with purchase/ avail.

Definitely the right place to advertise to find serious buyers!! Zugleich weise ich mein Kreditinstitut an, die von Ihnen auf mein Konto gezogenen Lastschriften einzulösen.

Littleton, Colorado 26Oct, Backdraft Racing 427 Cobra, BDR1920. Many thanks for your guidance on our photos and our description.

Thank you for your expertise in marketing these Cobras, and my thanks to your recommended photographer, Ben Verleger, for the great photos he took for my ad! Powertrain: Ford Racing 347cid /410 hp engine built by Speedfanatix and clad in polished SS (stainless steel).

40th Anniversary Series car, painted in Anniversary Blue. Many thanks for your sage advice and for your spot-on Photography Tips.

Roush SR427R [427 cid/536 hp], Roush heads, Holley 870 cfm carb, MSD 6AL ignition. Connecticut 29May, Superformance MkIII 427SC Cobra, SPO2281. By the way, it‘ll be staying here in Pennsylvania, somewhere west of Philly. Grand Prix White/LeMans Blue stripes.

Thanks, Greg Nash. So nice to see it go to someone with a a passion for these cars that rivals mine. It's always far more cost effective to buy feeder insects in bulk, which often saves up to 70% off pet store prices.

Mit Classic Trader ist ihr Fahrzeug schon so gut wie verkauft.Wir unterstützen Sie auf dem Weg dahin. Many thanks for your expert guidance in selling our Cobra.

Note: the thumbnail image above of this Cobra is hotlinked to this Cobra’s Showcase page… so you can see their Backdraft Racing reptile in all its Grigio Telestro glory! recent testimonials (scroll down), 3 November 2020: You can mark my titanium Superformance serpent SOLD!

Inserieren Sie beliebig viele Fahrzeuge und präsentieren Sie Ihr Unternehmen und Ihre Dienstleistungen auf Classic Trader. Suffolk County, L.I., New York 8Oct, Hi-Tech Motorsports 427 Cobra. 10 September 2020: Please mark my nice red Cobra SOLD! Our reptile and amphibian feeder insects and lizards include a guarantee of live arrival.

Our reptile and amphibian feeder insects and lizards include a guarantee of live arrival. You’ll encounter no downside surprises with this road reptile. Note: the thumbnail image above of Ken’s Cobra is hotlinked to his Showcase page… so you can marvel over his mastery at photographing his ERA Cobra! 29 January, 2020: Good news!! metro Toledo, Ohio. Portland, Oregon 5July, Backdraft Racing Roadster RT4B, BDR#1932. Die 289er Cobra wurde schließlich mit einem 4,7-Liter V8 ausgerüstet. Tim Mikulecky. Josh Epstein. 10/16/2019: I’m happily reporting that my 1967 Indigo Blue Pearl Shell Valley Cobra and its enclosed trailer is SOLD! Best, Mike Winters.

Gone to a new home and a new owner over in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ford Dark Blue. 24 May, 2020: Dear CobraCountry: Please mark my Royal Blue Superformance Cobra SOLD! online at absolute rock-bottom prices, which means we make these fascinating animals available to you affordably as pets, or even to start your own reptile breeding project.

Note: the thumbnail image above of Marty’s Cobra is hotlinked to his Showcase page… so you can see his blue E.R.A. James Yale. Here’s a Tip: if you type into CobraCountry’s Sidewinder search engine, you’ll instantly get a hotlink to a Road & Track tribute article to Ken by James Crow that we posted about 15 years ago on CobraCountry titled “Ken Miles: an appreciation.” Read it and appreciate. Kerrville, Texas 2Nov, Backdraft 427SC Cobra RT4, BDR2092.

John Tenn. San Jose, California 7Oct, Backdraft 427SC Roadster, BDR#1755. It’s going to a very knowledgeable SOHC buyer out in Missouri.

When you buy amphibians from us, you can rest assured they are fully guaranteed to arrive alive and in great condition.

It's always far more cost effective to buy feeder insects in bulk, which often saves up to 70% off pet store prices.

Carpet Pythons. The best of the best of everything!

Bill Cadley Sichern Sie Fahrzeuge auf Ihrer persönlichen Merkliste. Semper Fi!

Cobra SOLD! Reduzieren Sie bitte Ihre Suchkriterien. Sie haben Fragen oder Anmerkungen. Dave Sorenson. I hope some day our paths cross so I can thank you personally for all you’ve done. It’s going to a new stable in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

So if you attempted to contact us during that time and were unable to do so, that’s the reason.

and it’s now scheduled to head 2,300 miles west to a lucky new owner in the heart of Big Sky Country (Bozeman, Montana). Roush SR427R/427 cid stroker Windsor powerplant. Guardsman Blue/white. Many thanks to your site and to your Cobra marketing expertise! Jerry Goddard, Redondo Beach, California.

Health issues force me to have to part with this beauty. Top-notch Keith Craft 408 cid stroker engine. Rosso Red/white stripes. David Kee Ford toploader, Jag IRS, Wilton Wool, Connolly leather, PS wheels, Kumho rubber. Nach wie vor wurde die AC Cobra in England gebaut, jedoch in den USA lackiert und mit den Motoren ausgestattet.

Holley carb, RPM Stage II heads, Comp Cams, Manton, Canton, MSD, Melling. 8/15/19: Dear Cobra Country: You can mark that magnificent Abu Dhabi Blue Backdraft Roadster (BDR#625) SOLD! This drivin’ machine is all dressed up to be the centerpiece of any fine motorcar lineup. This is the definitive open road driving machine with menace factor extraordinaire! Many thanks to your renowned ‘global reach’ to Cobra enthusiasts! 17 July 2020: Dear Curt: Mark it SOLD! Connecticut 30Aug, Backdraft Racing 427 Roadster, BDR#268 Prism Red, Bronzemist stripes. 427SC Cobra.

Note: the thumbnail image above of Mike’s Superformance Cobra is hotlinked to his Showcase page… so you can see for yourself the fine motophotos that snagged his buyer’s attention!

Note: the thumbnail image above of Dick’s Cobra is hotlinked to his Showcase page… so you can see his Speedway Blue Cobra the way it looks “in person”!

Craft Performance 427 cid V8.

Cobra is hotlinked to its Showcase page… so you can see this Midnight Blue E.R.A.

Das nicht mehr zeitgemäße Fahrzeug wurde nach Empfehlung des amerikanischen Rennfahrers Carroll Shelby mit einem stärkeren 4,3-Liter V8-Motor von Ford ausgerüstet.

Bill Cole. Hageni’s Pit Viper $ 349.99. Shelby Navy Blue.

drivin’ machine the way it looks “in person”!

Gone to a quite lucky new owner way out in Suffolk County on Long Island. Yellow Orange Squamigera Bush Viper $ 349.99. Keep up the good work! Note: the thumbnail image above of Greg’s Shell Valley Cobra is hotlinked to his Showcase page… so you can see for yourself his extraordinary motophoto prowess! A driving machine for the ages, with just a touch of ‘patina’ to render it convincingly original. 31 October 2020: After only four days on CobraCountry, you can mark our gorgeous Indigo Blue Cobra SOLD! Note: the thumbnail image above of Doug’s Superformance Cobra is hotlinked to his Showcase page… so you can see for yourself his beauty for yourself! Indigo Blue/Arctic White stripes.

We have some False Water Cobras for sale at rock-bottom pricing.

Our live. Go to the “About Us” dropdown menu and go to our “Mission Statement.” Read those four paragraphs. Im Jahr 1965 erschien dann die 427er AC Cobra mit einem 7-Liter V8 und sagenhaften 425 PS.

some snakes in certain pet store have to be defanged!!!!

Der Vorläufer der AC Cobra war der berühmte Rennwagen AC Ace. Many thanks to your renowned ‘global coverage’ of the Cobra market!

PPG Midnight Blue/white stripes. Many thanks for all the assets your site brings to help a Cobra owner to properly market and sell his Cobra… your reach to Shelby Cobra enthusiasts is awesome. 1 decade ago. Runs and tracks superbly.

When you buy a cobra from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.

Powertrain: Ford Racing 392cid Windsor, GT40 heads, Edelbrock,, Holley, MSD, McLeod, Tremec TKO600, BMW E36 IRS. That photo-finish was choreographed in the final laps by Henry Ford II, an intervention that inadvertently robbed Ken Miles of being awarded the win (instead, due to his forward starting position, he was relegated to 2nd Place). Beth Westcott. A standout serpent in every respect. Add to …

That’ll get you started down the fast track to market your Cobra effectively—and beginning while the Cobra marketplace is running strong. Die Shelby AC Cobra wird seit 1995 von Shelby American wieder gebaut.

Dave’s extra effort in capturing those fine photos paid dividends: today (20 April 2020) Dave informed us that his li’l red reptile sold to a lucky new owner and a new stable across the pond… in Europe! Powertrain: 347 cid Ford Racing stroker small-block, outfitted with: Boss 4-bolt main block, forged crank, pistons & rods, MSD, TKO 5-speed gearbox, BMW IRS, AutoMeter gauges.

Arias, Eagle, LA Billet, Crower cam, Holley 850, Spal, Baer, Shelby/Dana 44, Hurst. It wenet to a new home way down in “The Grand Strand” [sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina].

A stunner in any congregation of Shelby serpents. James Yale. Inglese Weber ensemble, chromed pentroofs, Ford toploader gearbox, Brembo, Wilton Wool.

Premium Black Magic paint finish with ‘Gray Ghost’ stripes. No sales tax in NV! Er hielt nicht nur die Karosserie am Leben, sondern produzierte in den 80er Jahren die Cobra wieder als AC Mark IV.


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