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He tried to love somebody who didn’t love him back. He was a terrible student, flunked out numerous times and was put on warning numerous times, but finally graduated largely because of the work he’d put into his featurette, A Toast to Our Brothers, a movie he shot with his Delta Chi fraternity brothers. There’s an interesting little story in Time magazine about this. Well before Teenagers failed at the box office, the two went their separate ways, in part due to and causing Tom's mental breakdown. He had a lot of memorabilia; scripts, notes, photographs of Tom. Patrons get an ad-free experience and full access to our archives. David Oliver was born on January 31, 1962 in Concord, California, USA.

person About David.

Raving in the March 1973 Creem, the eminent rock critic spun an absurd tale of Graeff’s having to apologize over making the movie at all or maybe it was some PR hype he’d swallowed out of a Romilar bottle. He is known for his work on Teenagers from Outer Space (1959), The Orange Coast College Story (1954) and Island Sunrise (1956). The ad is a long, elaborate explanation of how this came to happen. “It appears as if he was given electroshock treatments in some county hospital that’s since been torn down.” Tom was released to his parents and brought back to California in 1964. I started doing my own research after that, got ahold of Brian Grant, who played Thor, Ursala Hansen, who was Brian’s ex-wife and became good friends with her, visiting her several times. “He changed the titled a number of times over the years before the movie was bought by Warner Bros.,” Jim allowed. Meanwhile, rebellious Derek (“David Love” a.k.a. As a young man, shortening his name to Chuck Roberts, he attended Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. I just started racking up. The Noble Experiment came after, a woolly fantasy concerning a magic “GetAlong” formula that sweetens humanity’s nature. I read the article in Scarlet Street. Finally, they called the police, who threatened him with arrest if he came back. I miss him. I watched that movie whenever it came up, buying copies on first VHS, then DVD. Active Member Since Jan 2, 2013. “Tom never had a paying job and nobody knew how he made his money, but he could sell anything to anybody and always lived well. They snuck out of the theater. David Love was born on August 10, 1934 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Charles Robert Kaltenthaler. Mr Love, who moved to the Island in 1968, was married to Jean for more than 40 years and they had one daughter, Joanna, and three grandchildren. Tom retaliated with an open letter to A-list director Robert Wise in the Hollywood Reporter, which angered Haber, who raked up the old scandal about Tom trying to change his name to Jesus Christ years before. View their obituary at Legacy.com View the profiles of people named David Love. I hope you have found peace. I just hope you know that your last name was perfect for you and I am forever... Not certain why, but we lost a light of truth and love. “He was not very astute business-wise, but he was very good at getting what he needed for free, having actors work and not pay them. He really thought that it said something. One of the first things I found out was that Tom and David Love/Chuck Roberts were lovers! Jim sighed when I finished, as one would over the antics of an endearingly silly brother. You will be missed. Tom was interviewed by Times gossip columnist Joyce Haber, who ridiculed his pretension. He’d tried being Tom Graeff, filmmaker, I noted feeling hollow, and look where that got him. He had an unhappy facility for falling in love with unavailable straight men and, in fact, became obsessed with one, following him to San Diego before being spurned. Nobody knows what happened to Chuck Roberts, but he vanished sometime after Teenagers. David Love was born Charles Robert Kaltenthaler in 1934. I discovered things about Tom that nobody knew! David Oliver was born on January 31, 1962 in Concord, California, USA. He was asking about various methods. He wanted to do things, to be somebody, and I think he suddenly realized filmmaking wasn’t going to do it and he needed to be something much bigger than a film-maker in order to change the world. The Project is a staggeringly detailed, warmly sympathetic attempt to reconstruct Tom Graeff’s life as curated by Tushinski, a documentary filmmaker.

“He was such a character. “Here was a guy who made films on his own, almost singlehandedly, and never gave up. Movie- and TV-based Theme Park Attractions, Emmy Nominees for Outstanding Drama Series from the '90s, If It's Tuesday, It Still Must Be Belgium, My Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades. The 37-year-old's unpretentious charm and quick wit stole the spotlight, and naturally, fans are wanting to know more about the actor — specifically, whether he's single or taken. He ended up on a dead-end street. I'd just seen you a couple of weeks before. (c) 2005-2013. “Teenagers has become a cult because of its complete earnestness and because of David Love. He wound up working with low-budget sci-fi maven David L. Hewitt on Wizard of Mars (1965) as editor. The not knowing is really hard, not that it changes anything. The Warner Bros. logo is missing from most prints of Teenagers, which opens with a steely-eyed reporter posing at an observatory telescope comparing the earth to a speck of food floating in a ravenous ocean to some scholarly fellow who grunts sympathetically through a verminous-looking beard. Chuck’s leaving probably caused a lot of heartache for Tom and this was on top of the failure of the movie, so, around about Thanksgiving, Tom began hearing voices, seeing things, receiving messages from God. He was handsome and chiseled, a would-be sci-fi auteur whose biggest contribution was, according to one trusted critic, “silly, ponderous and trite.” He’s been called the gay Ed Wood, but that misses the point of a real, if misapplied, talent. David Oliver, Actor: A Year in the Life. David LOVE passed away. Along his perilous journey he's pursued by the relentless Thor and falls in love with headstrong Earth girl Betty. It was opposed by a Christian organization that was horrified at the suggestion. Meanwhile, at “every commercial break, the Dialing for Dollars host would snicker and practically apologize about ‘this, uh, movie we got today. Film critic Andy Klein remembered Teenagers as one more quasi-freakish B-grade sci-fi entry hurled into the drive-in circuit to cash in on the success of I Was a Teenaged Werewolf. Other Works Meanwhile, rebellious Derek (“David Love” a.k.a. Bryan Grant gave Tom $5000 for he and his wife to play roles in the movie and eventually sued to get the money back. Your kindness and skill got me all the way to happy. He was a very organized, very meticulous person.

What is it about this man that exerts such fascination? I think at that point there was nothing left for him. You were the best there is and I'm so grateful. David Love, actor in Teenagers from Outer Space; David Love, guitarist for the band Iron Butterfly; David Love, voice actor in The House of Yes; This disambiguation page lists articles about people with the same name. His family hasn't seen or heard from him since 1962. Did you know Tom Graeff? Let’s get back to that, I halted him, pursuing my own agenda for a moment. Carl Hiaasen’s ‘Dance Of The Reptiles’: Like His Novels But A Little Less Fictiony, Happy Wonker Book Club: Uncle Sam’s First Nazis. Like so many others, I was shocked and saddened to learn of your passing. He’d also send tracts he’d written on Pendle Hill stationary to notable Quakers, who wrote back telling of receiving weird communications. Voice123, The World's 1st Voice Over Marketplace.

“He applied to take classes at Pendle Hill, a Quaker school in Pennsylvania, was accepted, attended 1962-63 and caused nothing but problems. When the editors at the Times found out about it, they flipped and pulled it from any further copies so it’s not in any archives.”, I asked Jim why Tom was like this. Graeff himself plays, what else, the reporter. more_vert. Jim outlines a disintegration that at ten years must have seemed eternal. Along his perilous journey he's pursued by the relentless Thor and falls in love with headstrong Earth girl Betty. date_range. “Someone who knew him in Los Angeles came down to see him and was shocked at how Tom was living,” remembered Jim, filling in on the last months of his subject’s life.

“He’s in the movie as a car park attendant who gets killed by the alien. Enter your email to sign up for project updates! ", Battle Beyond the Stars (1980), a recap (part 1 of 6), 3 lame Batman villains rescued from obscurity by awesome retcons. Tom Graeff managed to helm only one feature film from immaterial idea to final cut to general release. I wish I would've told you how much you helped me.

It was premiered at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach in 1955 and was not a success. “Instead, he made a long-playing record of a lecture he’d given about how man is truly bisexual and touted it as a cure for sexual problems.


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