dark golden retriever
2006 zogen wir (Mein Mann, Katze und Hunde) in die wunderschöne Schleiregion im Herzen Schleswig-Holsteins. It is such a standout that many people who don’t know much about dogs can identify a Golden Retriever on sight. Kaya von Geniese und Geronimo hier 3 Monate eine DARK GOLDEN Schönheit. Wir halten nur wenige dieser wundervollen Tiere, da wir sie als Familienmitglieder betrachten.

For example, the cream Golden Retriever tends to be slimmer and sleeker in appearance. Their coat is shiny and has a dark, rich hue that is very attractive. The Golden Retriever dog’s signature golden coat can also display a range of shades. However, this is a very popular coat color among pet owners. Sie verzauberte uns von Anfang an durch ihr Wesen und ihre Ausstrahlung und mit ihr zusammen wuchs der Wunsch den Schritt in die eigene Zucht zu wagen. Like a smartphone? They do shed.

Just like a typical golden retriever, they’re also lively, sharp, faithful and trustworthy. But how can you tell just by looking at the puppy? The dark Golden retriever is more compact and lean, with a thicker skin than other colors of Goldens. This will make you more prepared before you bring your dark retriever friend home.

She is a pup from one of Lucy's previous litters. But they’ll also loosen up and rest when indoors. From very light to dark golden!

It makes them happy when their trainer is pleased.

Although the feathering (longer fur on the limbs and tail) may be a shade lighter than the full body coat. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs?

Wasser ist natürlich sein Element und er bekommt ALLES mit!

Of course, you will bathe them as needed and use a brush and doggie comb to keep tangles from matting their coat and keep shedding to a minimum. 1988 lernte ich bei amerikanischen Freunden die Rasse Golden Retriever kennen.

Petvblog.com strives to provide instructive and inspirational resources for all Pet lovers, including house pet feeding, professional pet training, the solutions pet physiological and psychological problems; then make you succeed and enjoy every day in your life. Sie sind so Lieb, MEIN DREAM TRIO, Alles weitere unter Wurfplanung......STÖBERN sie mal auf den Seiten, Meine beiden "Mädels"!!! We’re not quite sure how this working dog with this specific set of traits was bred. Location. IVY LOU is a new addition to our breeding program this season. A clean, freshly brushed shiny coat makes your dark Golden a beautiful-looking dog and is truly a sight to behold. Skrollan 11 Jahre, Geniese 4 Jahre  und  Jay-Tjorven, 2,5 Jahr. Piper & Tucker Litter 2-17-16. They’re extremely obedient as they belong to a working dog background. You would find them befriending just anyone, be it strangers or other pups in the neighborhood. A NATURAL DOG FOOD: BLUE dry dog food is made with the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals.

Dann wurde ich aber zum 3.

Apply. Sie hat tolles Fell, Gjuma von Skrollan und Darkso hier 20 Monate, der hellste der Bande, mit einem schönen, dunklem Gold. Their personality is a wide-open book, easily readable by their body language and the look on their face.

Sie ist auch Dark-Golden und sieht aus wie MAMA.

1990 gründeten wir unsere Familie, es kamen zwei wunderbare Töchter zur Welt. This makes them capable of getting a good grasp of their whereabouts. Yep, just like us, your best pal enjoys being a couch potato sometimes. Wir freuen uns über Ihr … However, they’re still a Golden and have similar traits to any other color of Golden retriever.

They can easily stay warm even in extreme winters due to their double-layered coat.

Gräfin Paula von Skrollan und Darsko hier 18 Monate, eine Schönheit, das weiss Sie auch !!

Picture 3 is of the father, and picture 4 is of the mother; they're quite red dogs. Be sure not to forget to clip your dark Golden’s nails if they are too long, or have them clipped by a dog groomer. Like every other dog, you can play fetch with them.

1995 wuchs der Wunsch einen Goldie in die Familie zu holen erstmals. Er ist ein sportlicher Typ mit viel Schmusepotential, Emilia-Camille von Skrollan und Festus hier 1 Jahr alt, Prinzessin Elyla( Tochter von Skrollan und Festus 3 Jahre) mit ihrem neuen Familienmitglied MAYLA EIN DREAMTEAM. Wir besuchen unsere Welpen regelmäßig und haben regen Kontakt zu den Besitzern. And this fun photo gallery features pictures of Golden Retrievers with many different colors across the breed color spectrum. Grace ( von Skrolly und Darkso) hier 2,5 Jahre im Ulaub im Harz, sie ist nun Seilbahnfest. So, whether you live in the city or the countryside, they can adjust to your home easily.

However, this breed has a leaner and more compact body shape. Goldens are very loyal, and need a whole lot of time to run around and play. Contains one (1) 30 lb. Im April 2017 zog die kleine Dark Golden Retriever . Filou ( Sohn von Skrolly und Darsko) hier 2 jahre alt, Fame ( Tochter von Skrollan und Darsko) hier 18 Monate, mit besten bewertungen Zuchttauglich geschrieben. Right now, the Golden Retriever cream color spectrum is particularly popular. First of all, some people believe that the dark-colored Golden retriever is the result of cross-breeding an Irish setter and a Tweed water spaniel. If you happen to be a runner or enjoy hiking, a dark golden retriever would make a good travel buddy. From white to light cream to dark golden brown to even red gold! kleines Paradies umgeben von Wanderwegen, Flüssen,Wiesen und Feldern, ideal für unsere Hunde. Here come`s ERNA, vomn Skrolly und Darsko, hier 1,5 Jahre, war mit abstand die hellste aus dem Wurf. These contribute to the ongoing distinction between American and English Cream Golden Retriever dogs. Famous( Sohn von Skrollan und Darsko) hie 18 Monate. If you ignore them, it can put them in a bad temper. Comfy and easy to clean, this dog bed deluxe called a “doggie La-Z-Boy” is like no other. The white Golden Retriever is just as healthy as a Golden Retriever displaying any other coat color. She's my baby and I definitely spoil her.

Sie wird die Linie im Rheingau fortsetzen (siehe unter Links), Diese schöne Winter-Collage haben uns Famous ( Sohn von Skollan und Darsko) Besitzer gebastelt, Fletcher von Skrollan und Darsko hier 6 Monate alt, Elliott( Sohn von Skrollan und unserem Festus) hier 2 Jahre, er ist HD-ED- frei und als Deckrüde zugelassen.

Of all the Golden Retriever colors, dark gold is one of the most striking. Our standard is one of the highest and rigorous that can be found, either on working aptitudes, desire to please, temperament and trainability.


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