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Stephan Budianksy, “Air Power: The Men, Machines, and Ideas that Revolutionized War from Kitty Hawk to Iraq." American Experience. Get new content delivered directly to your inbox. LeMay called the peaceful resolution of the crisis "the greatest defeat in our history". 1999).

In September 1928, LeMay was approached by the Ohio National Guard and asked to accept a state commission, also as a second lieutenant, which LeMay accepted.

Moreover, appointments to this grade during periods other than war would carry the unavoidable connotation of downgrading of those officers so honored in World War II.

In 1949, LeMay was first to propose that a nuclear war be conducted by delivering the nuclear arsenal in a single overwhelming blow, going as far as "killing a nation". United States Strategic Bombing Survey. In his highly controversial and factually disputed[26][27] memoir War's End, Major General Charles Sweeney related an alleged 1944 incident that may have been the basis for the "It wouldn't dare" comment.[28]. These and other even more defiantly bellicose statements by LeMay alarmed many voters and lent credence to charges by his and Wallace's opponents that the campaign was headed not only by a white supremacist but also by an extremist who eagerly looked forward to a nuclear war (a charge which, for once in a political campaign, was not an exaggeration).

With very limited income, his family moved around the country as his father looked for work, going as far as Montana and California. When Wallace announced his selection in October 1968, LeMay opined that he, unlike many Americans, clearly did not fear using nuclear weapons.

[18] After ordering a mock bombing exercise on Dayton, Ohio, LeMay was shocked to learn that most of the strategic bombers assigned to the mission missed their targets by one mile or more.

His record of achievements there got him transferred to the Pacific Theater in 1944, where he was promoted to major general and given XXI Bomber Command.

LeMay was in charge of the B-29 bomber operations against Japan, and his strategies resulted in the massive bombing campaign--which LeMay nicknamed "fire jobs"--against more than 60 Japanese cities, including Tokyo.

"Mission with LeMay: My Story". Linebacker II was followed by renewed negotiations that led to the Paris Peace Agreement, appearing to support the claim. LeMay's tenure was the longest over an American military command in nearly 100 years. By his senior year, LeMay was listed on the ROTC rolls as a "cadet lieutenant colonel".

[citation needed] Consequently LeMay, while being fully aware of Wallace's segregationist platform, decided to throw his support to Wallace and eventually became Wallace's running mate. Furthermore, bombs dropped from the B-29s at high altitude (20,000+ feet) were often blown off of their trajectories by a consistently powerful jet stream over the Japanese home islands, which dramatically reduced the effectiveness of the high-altitude raids. [6][7] Japanese cities were largely constructed of combustible materials such as wood and paper.

He then was promoted to general in 1951 and held this rank until his retirement in 1965. He was elected to the Alfalfa Club in 1957 and served as a general officer for 21 years. Washington DC, July 1, 1946.

[24] In the first known published account of the story, Life Magazine reporter Ernest Havemann related that LeMay once took the co-pilot's seat of a SAC bomber to observe the mission, complete with lit cigar. One of the pilots was of higher rank: Lieutenant General Barney Giles.

He was also credited with reorganizing the Strategic Air Command (SAC) into an effective force that became capable of waging a nuclear war against the Soviet Union if that option became necessary. [20], Upon receiving his fourth star in 1951 at age 44, LeMay became the youngest four-star general in American history since Ulysses S. Grant and was the youngest four-star general in modern history as well as the longest serving in that rank. He issued an order.

At the time, budget constraints and successive nuclear war fighting strategies had left the armed forces in a state of flux. LeMay was born in Columbus, Ohio, on November 15, 1906. LeMay gradually became convinced that Nixon planned to pursue a conciliatory policy with the Soviets and accept nuclear parity rather than retain America's first-strike supremacy. For Haynes again, in May 1938 he navigated three B-17s over 610 miles (980 km) of the Atlantic Ocean to intercept the Italian liner Rex to illustrate the ability of land-based airpower to defend the American coasts.

Upon inspecting a SAC hangar full of US nuclear strategic bombers, LeMay found a single Air Force sentry on duty, armed only with a ham sandwich. On June 14, 1928, the summer before the start of his senior year, LeMay accepted a commission as a second lieutenant in the Field Artillery Reserve of the United States Army.

But he was extraordinarily belligerent, many thought brutal. Owing to his unrelenting opposition to the Johnson administration's Vietnam policy and what was widely perceived as his hostility to Secretary McNamara, LeMay was essentially forced into retirement in February 1965 and seemed headed for a political career. Conducted by granddaughter Dorothy Danaher White. As the firebombing campaign took effect, Japanese war planners were forced to expend significant resources to relocate vital war industries to remote caves and mountain bunkers, reducing production of war materiel.

"Gen. Curtis LeMay, an Architect of Strategic Air Power, Dies at 83". The new headquarters in Omaha, located only about 250 yards away from its predecessor, will hold its ribbon-cutting ceremony in October. General LeMay was informed by a senior staff member, Colonel William P. Fisher, that bomber pilots were turning back from these low altitude bombing runs due to heavy anti-aircraft fire from Japanese defense forces. |  [33] He was famous for being on the air on amateur bands while flying on board SAC bombers.

In 1961 he was promoted to Chief of Staff.His success on the battlefields of Europe and Japan, however, did not carry over to success on the battlefields of Washington. LeMay advocated a sustained strategic bombing campaign against North Vietnamese cities, harbors, ports, shipping, and other strategic targets. B00005VCVX. Because Japanese air defenses made daytime bombing below jet stream-affected altitudes too perilous, LeMay finally switched to low-altitude nighttime incendiary attacks on Japanese targets, a tactic senior commanders had been advocating for some time. Faced with the failure of its blockade, the Soviet Union relented and reopened land corridors to the West. During the 1968 campaign, LeMay became widely associated with the "Stone Age" comment, especially because he had suggested use of nuclear weapons as a strategy to quickly resolve a deeply protracted conventional war which eventually claimed over 50,000 American lives. "[42], General LeMay was also a sports car owner and enthusiast (he owned an Allard J2); as the "SAC era" began to wind down, LeMay loaned out facilities of SAC bases for use by the Sports Car Club of America,[43] as the era of early street races began to die out. [4] War brought rapid promotion and increased responsibility. My name is Curtis L. Sometimes I get in trouble. The airlift continued for 11 months—213,000 flights—that brought in 1.7 million tons of food and fuel to Berlin. [11], A "LeMay Bombing Leaflet" from the war, which warned Japanese civilians that "Unfortunately, bombs have no eyes. Even though I was greedy. On October 12, 1929, LeMay finished his flight training and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Army Air Corps Reserve. Curtis Emerson LeMay was born on November 15, 1906, in Colombus, Ohio, to Erving and Arizona LeMay.

Japan had intentionally decentralized 90 percent of its war-related production into small subcontractor workshops in civilian districts, making remaining Japanese war industry largely immune to conventional precision bombing with high explosives.[14].

Sweeney, Charles (Maj. Gen., ret. The Wallace-LeMay AIP ticket received 13.5 percent of the popular vote, higher than most third-party candidacies in the US, and carried five states for a total of 46 electoral votes. "Superfortress: The Story of the B-29 and American Air Power". Though LeMay is sometimes publicly credited with the success of the Berlin Airlift, it was, in fact, instigated by General Lucius D. Clay when General Clay called LeMay about the problem. ), Antonucci, James A., and Antonucci, Marion K.. National Archives and Records Administration, RG 200, Defense Programs and Operations, LeMay's Memo to President and JCS Views, Box 83.

Secret. So, in accordance with America's humanitarian policies, the American Air Force, which does not wish to injure innocent people, now gives you warning to evacuate the cities named and save your lives.

Curtis Lemay later enrolled at the Ohio State University where he graduated with a bachelor degree in civil engineering.

Each of the armed forces had gradually jettisoned realistic appraisals of future conflicts in favor of developing its own separate nuclear and nonnuclear capabilities.

LeMay received recognition for his work from thirteen countries, receiving twenty-two medals and decorations. [citation needed] Moving to California, he was approached by conservatives to challenge moderate Republican Thomas Kuchel for his seat in the United States Senate in 1968, but he declined. This limited campaign failed to destroy significant quantities of enemy war supplies or diminish enemy ambitions. The employment of these weapons in lower level conflict would be likely to escalate the situation, uncontrollably, to an intensity which could be vastly disproportionate to the original aggravation.


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