create amiibo without nfc tag
This will allow you to install applications from outside the Google Play store. Guess it isn't immediately obvious, but I replied to JDN07 with a link to the PDF I made with the cards, as well as what size and type of paper I printed it on at OfficeMax. That is it! That design is brilliant! Touch the WRITE TAG (AUTO) button and press your NTAG215 NFC tag to your Android device.

Choose “Select an amiibo”. It will look like this: Step 7: The N2 chip has now been read. Struggled a bit with the NFC tags using my Nexus 6P because I didn't know where the antenna was. That is it!

Once you have downloaded the keys in your device, open the TagMo app, tap the alert at the bottom of the screen and tap on the “Import” section at the top, like so: In order to read the information from your Amiibo, you will need to use 2 buttons on the app: “SCAN TAG” and “SAVE TAG”, like so: Repeat the same process as many times as you need to back up all the Amiibo you would like to use on the go. I got a small box to keep all my cards but not I'm scared that if I keep them together for too long they will not work?

I found new ntag215 stickers on Amazon that come with all ntag215, updated the link in my post to it. Here is how it is used step by step.Step #1: Download and install the USB drivers from under the line “PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL USB DRIVERS”, Step #2: Next Download the Windows or Mac “N2 Manager” application for the operating system you are using and install, Step #3: Connect the N2 Elite USB reader to your computer. WARNING: I do not recommend using the lock/unlock buttons at all. Mine came with 11 ntag215 stickers and got to my house in about 2 days Only NTAG215 works, 213,216 and other common stickers DO NOT WORK. While we cannot share them here, just google them and you will be ready to go in a couple of minutes! Step #4: Run the N2 Manager program.

I do not have an android phone. They can also easily be put into a safe to protect against fire or theft. The Switch is praised for its portability but whenever she comes over she brings the Switch but carrying all the accessory was a big pain. The tags featured above are tough plastic that can be written on with a sharpie to label which amiibo is backed up on it. The best software I have found for writing amiibo backups to NTAG215 chips is called TagMo. Awesome. The Android application for the N2 Elite is much better than the Windows/Mac software currently released. You can also restore this backup to your amiibo at any time. I used Magic Set Editor to make these. Thanks.

Go ahead and click “Manage Banks”.

They also can easily be attached to anything.

If you don’t have a NFC capable Android phone you definitely will want to get the USB reader/writer combo otherwise you will have no way to load your amiibos. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Chat and discussion about Amiibo spoofing, Press J to jump to the feed.

Hey, can you explain how to write amiibo on Windows 10? Tags *MUST* be NTAG215! It will look something like this: Step #9: As you can see we can see our different slots we have to load our amiibo backups into. any chance you'd upload a couple of those images for others to use? To solve this she found a very compact and protective carrying case that made it very easy to take the Switch around safely. My photoshop skills are... lacking ;-(. I just got some stickers and wrote my first tag. Do not attempt to unlock them. Download the latest TagMo.apk file. Is that even possible? If you go to N2’s web site they have a download for the Mac software. Also these are a really good deal that I found and tested/work.

If you don’t get the message and still cannot install the app, please navigate to “Settings > Security > Unknown Sources”. I am looking for a third option, i.e. Can you upload a set of all the cards you've made?? Click the “Scan Tag” button and hold your amiibo against the back of the phone. However this portability has a tiny little issue… how can you use your collection of Amiibo if they are at home and you are, let’s say, on a plane? Your amiibo backup will immediately be uploaded into that slot.

NFC capable Android phone – The Samsung Galaxy S8 was used for this article.

All I know is that someone much smarter than me figured out these keys and shared them which allow us to back up our amiibos to other tags. Check Google to see if your Android phone supports NFC. Just make sure you get NTAG215 tags (this is the only format compatible with the Amiibo) and you get enough to back up your whole Amiibo collection! Your email address will not be published. Scroll down to the security section and enable “Unknown Sources”. Printed out pics on photo paper and cut them to size (designed the back myself in ps and made the circle part just for sticking the sticker!).

Notice that my Wolf Link amiibo showed up in the N2 Manager as the Smash Brothers Link icon. Before continuing with the last step, you will need the NTAG215 tags mentioned in the prerequisites section above. Getting the required NTAG215 tags. Set it to the amount of amiibos you have so that when you press the button it cycles through correctly.

This tags may come in the form of stickers, cards, … you name it! This tags may come in the form of stickers, cards, … you name it!

They will be called “locked-secret.bin” and “unfixed-info.bin”.

Tags *MUST* be NTAG215!

Not 213, not 216, only NTAG215 will work. My girlfriend and I are huge fans of the Nintendo Switch and especially The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. writing Amiibo NTAG215s on a Mac.

So to do this you need at least one NTAG215 NFC tag, and CXJ RFID factory is a site where you can buy one of these from. This software is not available in the Google Play store at this time but it is still very easy to install.

Step 3: Go to your applications and open TagMo. Required fields are marked *, Bitcoin: 35gSg4Pa5dRUQwwKN7AHwNaAJx5D3RnWog Ethereum: 0xD6D289bD17e150c64209862C505e0D69D0365420, Notice: Product links on this site are Amazon Affiliate links. Arduino library for the NFC shield; Amiibo dump in bin format; Encryption/decryption key for the dump editing; Getting the NFC tag UID. First, you will need to download the TagMo app on your phone, you can do it from GitHub.

Step 4: The N2 Elite application will open and is already ready to scan in your amiibo.

If everything looks good you can continue to back up the rest of your amiibo collection using the same steps. You have now learned how to backup your amiibo onto the N2 Elite chip. Navigate to your saved amiibo from Step 5. NFC writing capability - generally this means only Android phones with NFC, but apparently it is possible to buy an NFC reader/writer for PC but it is more complicated. The latest TagMo is located on GitHub at


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