continental prop strike ad
This later causes a total bolt failure and a dynamic disassembly in flight, which may or may not be correctly, attributed as to the real cause of the bolt failure.

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Say the engine is turning only 1000 rpm, barely above an idle. 0000003323 00000 n "You naturally think of the crankshaft and things that are directly connected to the engine, but you don't think of other accessories.

At least thats our goal. AC 43.13-1B has a great deal to say about what should be done in the manner of inspections and actions, and all the statements are preceded by the word must such as following the manufacturer directives as the priority action, with emphasis on the importance of a teardown when the event meets the criteria. Bending loads alone are not the only destructive element, and nondestructive testing of the entire crank and associated structures is the only reasonable way to check it out. Consider the accessories. (j) The preceding definitions include situations where an aircraft is stationary and the landing gear collapses causing one or more blades to be substantially bent, or where a hangar door (or other object) strikes the propeller blade.

Never allow an insurance adjuster to dictate the inspection requirements after an incident.

You have to. In many instances prop strikes will fall into the major repair category, which necessitates repair station or manufacturer repair of the prop (if needed). But it's getting harder This can cause major internal engine damage without visible prop damage. The rationale for this hub retirement criteria revolves around the fact that forces great enough to bend blades beyond their respective repair limits represent loads that are in excess of those that the hubs were designed to withstand, while providing sufficient structural safety margins.". Many insurance companies will not pay for any inspection requirements unless damage from the incident is found during that inspection. Lycoming engines that specifically mentions prop strikes and mandates some degree of tear down, but not necessarily a full tear down, and only if it is a prop strike as opposed to a sudden stoppage. Textron Lycoming must take the position that in the case of a sudden stoppage, propeller/rotor strike or loss of propeller/ rotor blade or tip, the safest procedure is to remove and disassemble the engine and completely inspect the reciprocating and rotating parts including crankshaft gear and dowel parts. We see flyweights and connecting hardware, in some designs, brutalized quite frequently by sudden stoppage. 0000002875 00000 n

There may be other additional requirements mandated by insurance policies or engine manufacturer and/or overhauler warranty. ... not a propeller strike, must comply with AD 91-14-22 and Service Bulletin 475B at a minimum.

TCM-powered aircraft operating under Part 135 of the FARs that have to comply with all manufacturers service bulletins would have to comply with Service Bulletin 96-11B, dealing with prop strikes, dated July 2008, requiring total disassembly and inspection after any incident that requires removal of the propeller for repairs or if the engine physically lost any rpms during the incident.

To be undiplomatic, dialing in a crank after a prop strike or sudden stoppage as has been defined by both the manufacturers and the FAA is essentially a fools errand-at least as possible decision making criteria on the serviceability of the crank. endstream endobj 19 0 obj<> endobj 20 0 obj<> endobj 21 0 obj<>/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 22 0 obj<> endobj 23 0 obj<> endobj 24 0 obj<> endobj 25 0 obj[/ICCBased 39 0 R] endobj 26 0 obj[/Indexed 25 0 R 255 40 0 R] endobj 27 0 obj<> endobj 28 0 obj<> endobj 29 0 obj<> endobj 30 0 obj<> endobj 31 0 obj<>stream (2) Any incident during engine operation in which the propeller impacts a solid object that causes a drop in revolutions per minute (RPM) and also requires structural repair of the propeller (incidents requiring only paint touch-up are not included). Sticking with a certified repair facility possessing all the skills and tools will probably reduce the extra shipping costs and time involved to get individual parts examined seems most efficient to us. Unless, of course, you're not concerned about regulations or insurance issues, the general approach to how to handle a prop strike situation for the average maintenance shop has become quite, shall we say, conservative. The argument goes would you rather be paying for an in flight engine failure 100 hours from now. These are the requirements as we see them. 0000003565 00000 n 0000018430 00000 n

More than the prop and crankshaft

Note the recurring theme of the loss of rpm or sudden stoppage of the engine runs as a key criteria for an internal inspection among the makers as well as the FAA. There is another FAA document with additional specifics for many Lycoming engines, and this is found in AD 2004-10-14, which defines and differentiates a prop strike and sudden prop stoppage and references Lycoming SB 475C, Jan 2003 as the supporting manufacturer document for the inspection and applicable engines. 0000015761 00000 n And again, Chapter 8 of AC 43.13-1B is a good place to start gathering unbiased information.

The previous estimate was for a 63% decline. The Lycoming information is more complicated and equivocating than the TCM directives in our opinion, as well explain.

Moreover, the crank is not the only critical element in a prop-strike incident.

We know of no ADs on TCM engines in this area to muddy the waters, so its the owners decision unless they are operating other than under Part 91, such as Part 135 where compliance with service directives is typically mandatory.

Propeller inspections are fairly clear cut — damage on the blades is typically quite apparent, and the existence of damage beyond field repair limits dictates that the unit is disassembled and given a searching internal inspection, and in some cases, complete overhaul. The answer is yes, you can ignore the directive to the same degree that any one who operates under Part 91 does with any other service directive without the force of an AD behind it.

One of the issues that is particularly hard to quantify if you elect not to tear an engine down, post strike and choose to disregard the fairly specific diagnostic procedures that the engine makers put out is do you have the FAA legal option of ignoring the service directives? DeJoris explains, "Take for example the prop governor drive — the rotating mass in the prop governor, mainly the flyweight assembly can really be problem if suddenly stopped. :�L0��G�&�jr��o�">ӝ~>��W-���>U>�!>&�}�/eR[/� P�t��|�L~@r���s���r�� ��!MR�%>�j"��r�����L�@��5���)W��h>[ݯ���l~m4�G u��� ���:X����[������g@��^^����. O-435, and TIO-541 series engines being exempt. A propeller strike (according to this Lycoming bulletin) is defined as follows:(It has all the same definitions found in AD 2004-10-14 that we printed in italics but has additional information): Circumstances which surround accidents are many and varied; therefore, the circumstances of the accident can not, in our opinion, be used to predict the extent of the damage to the engine or assure its future reliability. After finding out the answer to these questions, its time to discuss with your insurance company what it will pay for and what it wont, before its a big surprise after the inspection is done. 0000026585 00000 n However, they have the caveat that the inspecting mechanic may override that position and return the engine to service without disassembly and inspection if he or she feels that it is the prudent and responsible thing to do.

as a result of sudden stoppage.

", DeJoris adds, "As a result, there is no real relationship today between the extent of damage of the prop and the type of inspection that has to be done to the engine.


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