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2.2013 lab-inquiry: FA11 By investigating... How do you design a simple system that reacts to a user by expressing an emotion?

त्यामुळं त्याकडे दुर्लक्ष करतात. What would be an interesting way to present information of a toilet? This is Community Sensing project in collaboration with Nancy Kwan for People Knowing. Also, anything you post on internet about... Arcade Display Collaborator: Stephanie Cedeño Design challenge: Find a retail space and find meaning Edward Snowden's exposure... Sensor Extensions is the first exploration of a larger project Sensor Salon It’s a story i... MDP | LAB - Spring 2014 - Concept Year - Lab Project 2 Writing Theme: EARLY HISTORY MIXES OF ART/DESIGN + FICTION or NARRATIVE... Why Are You Here? We Are Graffiti

My work is primarily focused on provoking dialogues about specific issues women are forced to navigate. This website visualizes consumer complaints filed with the Consumer Financial... How can interactivity help express and understand strategies for dismantling racism? The goal for this project is to create a drawing that is a carefully conceived and developed... "I miss you" We'll use it to improve the Knowledge Base. Living in a future where ubiquitous time travel has damaged the normal passage of time, humans continue to use hidden,... Sensogram is a fictional website that critiques Instagram’s promise of "share experiences.” Are experiences only visual? IIn this studio class I collaborated with California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). Course: FA14, Lab Projects, Lab 2016 How can we improve this page?

Eagle Cad PCB Brief explores the use of conversation prompts for children with disabilities in Kampala to initiate a more equitable dialog with their international... MDP | LAB - Spring 2014 - Concept Year - Lab Project 2 FINAL VERSION: Today's librarians are much more than shushhhing book filers of years gone by. The website can be accessed here; below are some screen caps for reference, showing style and navigation: MDP | LAB - Fall 2013 - Concept Year - Labcore A / Structure Collect information, payments, and signatures with custom online forms. Instructor: Phil van Allen | Ben Hooker | Wendy March (Intel) I learned the importance of animatics during Ko's motion design class. OK. Go Back.

In collaboration with Jessica Lee, Sang In... What is the role of design in the reading and writing of electronic text? This was a group project with whole class members. Backgrounds: 2. Training a Car to Dream comprises a series of machine learning apparatuses for training... Project: Refresh -- Social Media VR fitness management tool Launch Sessions was comprised of a series of short design workshops over three weeks.

During my initial field engagement in Mexico City I was interested in the role beauty and cosmetics play in Mexican culture and how I could create tools... PROJECT2___ QUALITYTIME Godiva Reisenbichler Back in... Rather than undergoing a continuous increase in immigrant levels as is commonly perceived, the United States experienced a sharp spike in immigration flows over... How do graphical interfaces shape what we are able to see? Through the using experience, I felt like I'm trained by... No power can hold another nation, and especially a nation of 400 Million souls in subjection, nobody could have conquered you, and even if it had happened, nobody... त्यांचा विचार आहे की त्यांच्या रक्ताचे So the first step in system drawing is to find ... Brief The goal of this project was to understand and practice the relationship between form and information. This AI responds... chill-rnn takes char-rnn (a language training model for recurrent neural networks) as a starting point to examine what leisure—and consequently, work—is for mac... Ostranenie (Defamiliarization) Form as Cause (Supervised by Prof. Frank Zebner, Prof. Dr. Markus Holzbach) Mass production enables low-cost products with high quality. Instructor: Anne Burdick | Elise Co | Tim Durfee Form Prototyping: Posenet Artificial intelligence is changing the way we operate. Let us know if you need further assistance. Now you can add your own custom form to your Cargo site.


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