consulting vs investment banking reddit

You just need to find a good fit, but I would say consultant/ex-bankers are always welcomed in corp fin in general as they bring a good skill set to the team.

Were you associate or ba.

Moreover, unlike in consulting, bankers are staffed on several deals or pitches at the same time ... so you could be working on 3 things at a time. Finally, could anyone comment on how satisfied they were upon moving to middle market PE?

A cynical person might say that the primary qualification to be a good investment banker is to have the right friends. Used to be hotter but still a good career if you are with one of the top firms. This is an important question for prospective applicants (in particular, undergrad/MBA students) looking for summer internships and full-time jobs alike. In pragmatic terms, keep in mind what Cal Newport has to say: that passion is overrated. I'm at an investment banking internship this year, working 100 hours/week (though honestly much of it is filled with nothing). No, good work is reverse engineering the MDs thumb-suck valuation based on what sort of fees he wants. In addition – our perspective is that consulting firms (similar to point #2) facilitate more interactions between alumni and current employees as well as future networking between alumni, than investment banks. About to start college this fall. I know that many consultants strive to move into IB/PE (some of which I have met personally), but has anyone transitioned in the opposite direction? so you can reward or punish any content you deem worthy right away. bump - let's update this post a bit.

PE/hedge funds use banking analysts pools as feeders into their own firms. They can average 14-16 hours/day but it can get FAR WORSE. I really appreciate the learning opportunities and experiences I am getting but am having some questions/doubts about next steps in my career path that I was hoping this forum could help with. Would you say that the exit opportunities (after big 4) for myself, going from MC>CF are more limited then someone who started as an analyst in CF at the big 4 as they have more experience? People move from Big 4 to IB / PE regularly - before anybody has a heart attack, I mean a small number of bright guys - look at some boutique IB / PE firms that have bios and you can get an idea. Both industries are great platforms to build a foundation for later success in business, but both are also tough jobs compared to normal 9-5s; make your decision based on what you think you can handle and what you think will motivate you. I still think that finance is extremely important and even essential to understand when running a company (hence I do not at all intend to complain about my current job in this post), but recently I have been thinking that Consulting may actually be the more appropriate next step when taking into account my personal interests. Banking is not only overrated. I also think learning to code grants you hard skills, whereas finance only teaches you Excel and critical thinking. 2) Microsoft Excel – less exposure than investment banking. Hey everyone, I am currently a first year analyst at an M&A group of my bank. Anecdotes aren’t that informative but I found myself in banking by accident and have done ok without “the right friends”. I would be very interested in going into ibanking or something else in corporate finance a few years down the line, and I was wondering if its realistic to do so, and what are some possible steps to take, or routes to pursue. Getting to that point however takes let's say 5 more hours of work, which means best case scenario you're out at 2am (includes dinner at the desk - Seamless with a shitty GBP 15 allowance). by big42corpfin. That's usually reserved for senior partners. Money gets better at higher levels or if you get to run money (has to be your own book, otherwise you're just an analyst) for a hedge fund and are successful at it which is not as easy as it sounds. My money is on business major and CS minor if you're really wanting to play in the big leagues. Also appreciated that consulting valued my non-consulting internships and saw them as my strengths rather my weaknesses.

There likely was at the time but that is no longer true - I am amazed at the number of peers that I have making 400k+ per year.

It feels strange studying material that’s been relatively consistent over the past 10 years while I could be studying the material in which the future will consist of. From first hand experience. That's not a straightforward question, and depends on which firms you include, which jobs within those firms you include, whether you are looking at entry level vs. senior or maybe lifetime earnings. See you on the other side! This attitude permeates all interactions. Even if you are not good now, you have to work to get better. So Good They Can't Ignore You was as helpful for me as Seven Habits and other classics.

Perhaps what I'm asking for is just complete wishful thinking? Consulting is focused on you OWNING a piece of the entire project, setting your own deliverables and timeline, and executing against that framework. Investment judgment (I assume you're aiming to become an investor, because sell-side finance is hurting a lot right now) is not granted in a classroom, and instead you should try your hand at reading public company filings and developing investment theses to see if this work is something you actually enjoy, as opposed to business class problem sets.

On the other hand, the engineering/computer science program is pretty mediocre. I was wondering if anyone else here has faced a similar issue. Look at the higher earners in these fields; which of those is more suited to your personality? Trusted by over 1,000 aspiring private equity professionals just like you. or Want to Unlock by signing in with your social account? Like in a) there is generally a well-defined career path. Investment Banking Interview Case Samples, 7 tips for picking up women and landing the job you want, Want to be a Trader? An example of a hard truth is the importance of networking- that project allocation is partially based on your relationships. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Variety of industries keeps life interesting. Do you have wealthy friends? can be done you just need a good story. (Originally Posted: 04/27/2011). As the title says, what's the difference between them? Money is more with investment banking. Tell me a joke related to investment banking?

You can definitely land a spot in CF.

His running theory is that passion is developed through competence, where often that isn't the case and it doesn't work so well that way: The problem [with following your passion] is that we don’t have much evidence that this is how passion works. “I know investment bankers make more money. Transition should be easy, In reply to Strategy manager at my F500 by Macronmania.

Which activity can you spend more time on, do you lose yourself doing? But had I done something like start a painting company or plumbing, I could have easily made the same or better and faster.

Good money. Not a bad idea to do a technical major and minor in Econ or business. All Rights Reserved. If you're really fucking good you can get a job and make excellent money without having to follow the "correct" path and check all the boxes.

You generally don’t. “Follow your passion” assumes: a) you have preexisting passion, and b) if you match this passion to your job, then you’ll enjoy that job. 4) Project/workflow planning and execution – this is subtle but important. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you can, do PE. It’s genwrally 9-9 or 9-10 plus ~4.5h S/S, If you downvote, specify if you’ve observed differently or if you’re just upset that the hours in reality aren’t as different as you’d think between say MBB and BB IB (nobody consistently works 120h a week). Much of the time at investment banks, you are given incremental work – eg, add these updated numbers to the model, bind these presentations, insert a graph on chart 11. 1) Microsoft Powerpoint – you will (and have to) become a master at this, and will eventually have the ability to produce presentations quickly, concisely, and meaningfully. I think the latter is well described above (brutal hours, good money if you make it to MD or above). I think you still need to be angling for a move to valuations/modelling if you want to go IB before MBA. b) Sales and trading (some people lump this under I-banking): Very different from above and has different jobs with it. Go into investment banking, then move into a private equity or hedge fund after your second year. Wow, a question here I actually feel qualified to answer.

As a result, I’m stuck between choosing tech or high finance as a career. The money is nice, but I'd want to kill myself within a month. It's a great environment for extroverts, but I've seen it chew up introverts. For those that chose to move into PE, do you know if there are PE funds that take active roles in consulting their portfolio companies? u will pop in CDs and draw 2x2 charts. Your switching costs are at a lifetime global minimum and rest assured that both fields lend themselves well to FIRE, so now is the time to take classes in both and embrace your education. 3rd+ Year Analyst in Investment Banking - Industry/Coverage">, Intern in Investment Banking - Generalist">. anyone have any comments? I will say thread dont want to be in the door 5 mins and be shouting about how you want to move. This helps you develop the ability to be “standalone” in consulting lingo. You have to read the room/client and really stay on your feet because you're representing your entire firm and your firm's phat relationship with the client. Consultants – depending on firm – travel anywhere from 25-75% of their time. -the different paths your “hiring class” takes and the knowledge and opportunities you share with each other Chose Evercore over GS & MS for Full Time - Did I make the right choice? Not generally up-or-out, so also lots of eternal 'senior devs'.

I understand I won't be a fit for everything and my best chance would be to come in as a Senior analyst. There's a reason consultants would rather do even ibanking (i got a few calling me this week asking me who left so they can apply to my ibank).

I recently got my MBA and know a lot of people in each of these industries. From first hand experience. Then the Director, same thing with him/her and finally the MD. However, I'm not going to be dilusional and tell myself that everything is going to be perfectly green on the other side and that life will become perfect. Was it a good step for you? My knowledge of tech is mostly second hand. WSO Free Modeling Series - Now Open Through November 30, 2020. I was having people get annoyed at me for yawning when I was on 2 hours sleep a night for the 10th day in a row, and my analyst had the VP scream at him for making one typo on a document when the guy was on the same amount of sleep, pale with black rings around his eyes and clearly about to pass out! hey manbearpig, go back to talking about ur audi on ur 120k salary. In particular: What's the different role that a consulting firm vs a IB will perform?


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