confession korean movie ending

Yoku, the teacher, was to go to help him get free but she sends another teacher, a male teacher, to meet Naoki. "Good Friends") is a 2014 South Korean neo-noir film starring Ji Sung, Ju Ji-hoon and Lee Kwang-soo. The class attacks her and makes her kiss Shuya. She realizes that if she goes to the authorities, Shuya will get away scratch-free because the juvenile law would protect him from any harsh punishment – just as in the case of the Lunacy Girl. Primal Fear’s legacy mainly ties to Norton’s standout performance and the twist ending. Did Superstore Reveal Why Jonah And Amy Can Stay Together Without America Ferrera? [5], "JU Ji-hoon, JI Sung and LEE Kwang-soo Team Up for New Film", "Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, and Lee Kwang Soo Cast in Movie, "Lee Kwang-soo to Display Deep Bromance with Ji Sung, Ju Ji-hoon", "Lee Kwang Soo Wipes Off the Smile on His Face for, "Herald Interview: Funnyman gets serious", "The 51st Daejong Film Awards Nominations Announced",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 June 2020, at 16:32. She tries to talk to Naoki and his mother too.

Little does Shuya know is that mothers, in general, don’t get impressed when their kids turn out to be psychotic killers who are avenged through the transmission of AIDS. Confession centers around 3 childhood friends who have different lifestyles. "Confession" differs from a true thriller, ("Antique") manages to depict the different facets of his character very well. She decides to take revenge. Mizuki says she knew that Yuko was possibly lying and she only did that to scare the two boys. Shuya goes to meet his mother after this. Shuya takes his zappy invention and juices it up to give a higher electric jolt. This No copyright infringement intended. you constantly wonder how they are about to deal with their feelings of guilt.

Yuko takes the bomb, heads to meet Shuya’s mother who is back from her honeymoon. Primal Fear is currently available to stream on Starz. BUT, his news of winning gets overshadowed by a lunatic girl who poisons her whole family using some chemical compounds. ‘The last shot of the movie is me standing with my shoulders sagging, punched in the face. ) When Choi Do Hyun was a boy, he had a heart disease. The two then begin a relationship. Shuya has a website and posts some interesting science stuff in it, only to get 0 readers. Yuko remains a single mother and lives with Manami. Naoki sneaks into an arcade during school hours and is arrested as he’s under the age limit. Not only does Shuya enter the contraption into the fair, he wins! The film's ending probably may seem a bit artificial A staff meeting is held the next day because of Naoki. Next to the good acting achievements She has an L (not to be confused with L from Death Note) tattooed to her wrist and strongly feels that her one half is the Lunacy Girl. I mean, the trailer was good too, but the actual film gives you so much more; I highly appreciate that the trailer didn’t reveal too much, but gave just the right amount of info to keep the viewers intrigued. She’s just normal crazy compared to the other loons in school. Even more complex is In-cheol's

After that, the friends have a falling out and their relationships with each other are forever changed. Ksi Ares Lyrics Az, He may be commiting insurance frauds, but he is no badass criminal without a conscience. Never mind. She returned to screens in 2017 with 'House of the Disappeared' and finally starred in her first Korean drama in 19 years, 'Ms. Pa Turnpike Traffic Accident Yesterday, Student A (which is Shuya) and Student B (which is Naoki). The children of the class do freak about the mixing of the HIV+ blood in their milk but somehow none of their parents or the other teachers get to know this. Well he’s a little crazy too because he goes around writing “DIE, DIE” on the school bathroom walls. Obviously Naoki’s mother loses her last globule of sanity after hearing this confession. He then goes online and leaves a rather large confession of his plan and everything he has done. Everything this psycho kid thinks of is about how his mother would finally get the news and would get impressed. Is there no law and order type thing in this town?). He schemes to make friends with the big loser – Naoki. He realizes that the world is more interested in the bizarre. She resorts to beating up Shuya in her own frustration. Yoko and Masayoshi decide to keep their relationship a secret so that their daughter doesn’t get ostracized for having an HIV+ dad. There is no true villain and so you are forced to deal with topics like guilt and

He’s nothing more than a little baby who’s been crying for his mother who left him. This is why Vail takes such an emotional hit when Aaron reveals his true self to be the Roy character. Who Wrote I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal, All she knows is that it has something to do with Yuko. Werther gets the class to write “come back” notes to get Naoki back. While Naoki sits there frozen in fear, Shuya makes a run to the bathroom in disgust. Naoki is not smart, he’s a lonely kid and wants some friends in life. I am so glad I saw this movie as part of the City to City programme by TIFF. He has now killed his own mother, blown her to smithereens with his bomb. One day Hyun-tae's mother agrees to sign an insurance contract with In-cheol. His only goal in life, an obsession even, is to prove his worthiness to his mother. Confession (Korean: 좋은 친구들; RR: Joeun Chingudeul; lit. [1][2][3][4], Hyun-tae, In-chul and Min-soo have been best friends since childhood.

Naoki is pissed off to see some other teacher to show up.

She now realizes her revenge on Shuya has to be focused on the relationship with his mother. Shuya’s mom, played by Ikuyo Kuroda, is a researcher / scientist.

Vitamin B Images, He schemes to make friends with the big loser – Naoki. The actions of the characters in the movie have little or no consequences as you would expect in a regular school / society. Once Shuya is born, his mom realizes that she isn’t cut out for this parenting bullshit. Red Handed Podcast Contact, He works for an insurance company and is involved in some cases of insurance fraud


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