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Despite the trunks of jewelry and diamonds he has, Chris Del Gatto’s family is his greatest treasure. It was really at that point when I recognized that everybody used to talk about how good it was when they were able to buy something that was “fresh,” something that had been sitting in a box for 10 or 20 years and they either bought it directly from that private because they were referred to that private, or they bought it from a retail jewelry store representing that private, which was, at that time, more often the way it happened. But he first made everybody sit up and take notice of him through his company, Circa, which he co-founded in April 2001. We’ve won tournaments in Palm Beach and in the Hamptons last summer, in Bridgehampton, CIRCA partnered with Ralph Lauren, so the team was Circa-Ralph Lauren Black Watch, and we got to the finals in two of our tournaments. Since I sold my business, I was able to start buying and selling estate jewelry. Also Read: Interesting Facts About Tyler Blevins’ Wife. Chris launched Circa in 2001, and under his leadership, it became the first luxury brand on the BUY SIDE of the jewelry industry. In addition to her role as VP at DELGATTO, Mara Opperman acts as a personal shopping liaison and Retail Advisor for the I Do Now I Don’t Marketplace; consulting with engaged-to-be couples, or anyone looking to purchase something fabulous at prices that are well below retail. Clients can go into that store, drop off the item or items and receive a CIRCA receipt. FACT CHECK: Fisher-Price to Sell “Peaceful Protest” Playset.

In addition to her role as VP at DELGATTO, Mara Opperman acts as a personal shopping liaison and Retail Advisor for the I Do Now I Don’t Marketplace; consulting with engaged-to-be couples, or anyone looking to purchase something fabulous at prices that are well below retail. A veteran of the diamond trade, the polo playing Founder, Chairman and CEO of CIRCA is showing his knack for branding and customer service is as great as for stones. Del Gatto says that it was through his first business venture that he realized that while he could see the big picture, he would have to learn to be more patient.

In 2001 while serving as of MRH Estate & Fine Jewelry, Chris discovered a void in the marketplace for a global supply chain of second hand (recycled) jewelry or diamonds. Chris Del Gatto: Absolutely. The apartment is at once cozy, polished, and sparkling reflecting the couple’s stylish choices. Chris left the company in November of 2012 to create a portfolio of luxury brands, as well as taking what he’d previously built to new levels.

The client should be comfortable. ET: Do you ever see CIRCA actually coming out with your own line of jewelry? R. Andres Lucas began his career at ETG, a hedge fund, as a quantitative trader in 1996.

During this time I was getting experience in the estate jewelry business. If it’s two percent, it’s still a big number. The newest businesses that have really been, in a sense, helped by the situation in the economy are the wholesale divisions. So the experience should be a good one because it’s often an emotional process for people to sell something that they’ve had maybe for many years, or is representative of a spouse who’s no longer with them or a past relationship. So I studied to become a gemologist and worked as an appraiser in the diamond district here in New York on 47th Street for about a year. People started coming to him to take his advice on diamonds. Allow our ultra-luxe destination guides and exclusive itineraries to inspire your next vacation. The DELGATTO Diamond Fund is the largest non-bank lender to the diamond and jewelry industry. We’ll probably have another one or two offices in the Far East and in the Middle East. 2,153 Followers, 1,198 Following, 306 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Chris Del Gatto (@chrisdgatto) Chris Del Gatto: 1996-97. The third way is we have a network of some of the most high-end independent retail jewelers in the United States that work in conjunction with us, and they’re called “CIRCA Purchasing Agents.” These are truly the best retail jewelry stores in their given areas. He became a diamond cutter at age 18. ET: Why don’t we start by talking a little bit about your background, how you got into this business and a little bit about your own personal history? Obviously I had a very good diamond education, so that was never a problem, but buying estate jewelry was a learning experience. Chris launched Circa in 2001, and under his leadership, it became the first luxury brand on the BUY SIDE of the jewelry industry. Even in the best of times, all of those companies have excess inventory, and why should they write-down that inventory or take losses on that inventory if they could transfer it into advertising credits, which we have the ability to do for them.

I sold my interest in that firm when I was about 22 or 23 years old, because I saw the diamond market changing dramatically, and I thought a lot of the mid-market players would be squeezed out of the pipeline of supply, which is what happened. So our marketing from the beginning was very upscale and sophisticated, and very open and transparent, with the idea that it’s not right to have this non-performing asset sitting in a box. But that’s way off in the future. ET: Just from seeing the advertising, certainly it appears that you’re trying to position CIRCA as a luxury brand. This intense yellow is just under 40.00 carats. I apprenticed with an old-line diamond manufacturing firm on 47th Street, ultimately working myself up to becoming a partner in that firm, and I helped grow the firm to the point where we were about four or five times the size as when we started. In 2015, Josh teamed up with Circa Founder, Chris Del Gatto to merge I Do Now I Don’t with Chris’s latest endeavor DELGATTO. Mara became Vice President when I Do Now I Don’t. The CIRCA team plays in Palm Beach over the winter as well. So recognizing that there was 50 billion dollars a year of retail jewelry sold in North America alone, what percentage of that is sold back to the trade that same year, for whatever reason? Relationships break up, remorse, they don’t like the item, fashion changes, the tastes change, monetary reasons—it’s got to be a big number. People often wonder which jewelry Chris Del Gatto favors among all the different types he deals with. Del Gatto started the company DELGATTO in May 2015 after its merger with a company called I Do Now I Don’t. Here are some details from Chris Del Gatto’s wiki. Eventually we may look at building our own internet retail platform, because there’s nobody who owns as much branded product as we do at the prices that we own it, and why wouldn’t we want to go somewhat vertical for a lot of that product, especially in the age of all these 24-hour and 36-hour internet sites that use us to supply them? ET: So now let’s assume somebody reads this and they’re interested in selling some estate jewelry. when he tried to sell his ex-fiancées engagement ring and was offered 30% of what he initially paid for the piece. In 2011 he sold majority to private equity. How does it work? 2015: Managing Director of De Bosscher Consulting, , Strategic & Financial Consultancy for the Diamond Industry, Managing Director. From there the process is the same, in that the buyer will call you, make an offer, and, if the offer is accepted, we overnight a check back to that store for the client to pick up. Then about two years after that we changed the name to CIRCA, just because Sell Jewelry was a little bit, we found, down-market for the service that we provided. Why wouldn’t we want equity in something like that? He went all over the world to places like St. Moritz (Switzerland), Geneva, and London at the age of 22 and 23 years to learn the business. . @delgattojewelry we LOVE buying big diamonds! She frequently opines on style, value, as well as eco-friendly luxury. They carry Rolex and Patek Philippe and David Yurman and all the better names in jewelry, and they act as our agent. There was never a proper company or a brand doing this and only this; it was always looked at as distasteful. Del Gatto completed a one-year course in gemology in 1988 and graduated from the Gemological Institute of America.

Where Is Carlos Carrascosa Now? We are also the only national and international name brand in the jewelry buying business,” he added. The company offered its clients an elegant service through which they could sell their old or unwanted diamonds and jewelry.

ET: So you’re buying all this jewelry; who do you sell it to? It then dawned on him that there was a business potential in secondhand jewelry and watches.


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